Tekken director reveals Kazuya’s bizarre misconception about Pokemon Kirby

Published: 2022-11-23T18:56:43

Updated: 2022-11-23T18:56:52

TKatsuhiro Harada Some interesting facts have been revealed about Pokemon’s place in Tekken’s universe, such as Kazuya’s strange belief that Kirby It is actually quite possible. Pokemon.

Pokemon It does indeed exist. Tekken The universe as described by Katsuhiro HaradaHe explained to us that some fighters from its world had interesting views on pocket monsters.

Kazuya Crossed over Nintendo He made an appearance at consoles Super Smash Bros Ultimatefinally, let him fight it out against the likes Pikachu, Mario, Zelda’s LinkYou can even get it! Sephiroth Starting at Final Fantasy.

HoweverIt turns out that the Tekken The belief antagonist Kirby It is actually a PokemonAs revealed by the Tekken Director himself

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Kazuya’s favorite “Pokemon” is Kirby” Tekken Director

In A post about Twitter, Harada Was asked which Pokemon Would be Kazuya’s favorite, leading the director to respond with some interesting lore drops about Tekken.

“Heihachi’s favorite is Pikachu,” he revealed, adding that this was because they shared a slightly similar silhouette.

HoweverWhen it was to Kazuya Mishima, Harada He said that he had a soft spot in his heart for Kirby Note how all characters are misled into believing that the pinkball is actually an actual thing. Pokemon.

“Kazuya Don't misunderstand Kirby As a form of Pokemon,” he said. When questioned further, he added that the series’ antagonist is just “misunderstood.”

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Whether We will one day be able to see it. Pokemon Oder Kirby crossover into Tekken Although it is not yet clear if the guest fighter will make an appearance, it would certainly be something to look forward to. Kazuya Catch the fish! Kirby With the help of a Pokeball.


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