Technology Has No Vacation – Samsung Study Reveals Smartphone Addiction

Technology Has No Vacation - Samsung Study Reveals Smartphone Addiction
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The smartphone is increasingly our chamber of choice – Credit: LG

We use our smartphone more than any other device. Even during holidays, the smartphone is our confidant, our favorite camera, our link to the online world. We can no longer do without it and this dependence on technology has now been demonstrated in a study by Samsung.

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Gone are the days when people go into offline and go on vacation. According to the study “Technology without Vacations”, promoted by Samsung, which analyzed how the technology impacts the holidays of the UK’s.

Vacations are synonymous with selfies, smartphone and sunset's

The results speak for themselves with 89% of respondents choosing their smartphone as the technology device most used during the holidays. The camera was pointed by 8% of the sample, followed by the computer (2%) and tablet (1%). An incredible disparity between smartphone and well … everything else!

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We could not drop the smartphone

During holidays, the smartphone is mostly used to view and take photos (92%), view social networks (89%) and view emails (69%). Note that we increasingly use the smartphone to capture the best moments of our lives and social networks are the "perfect" vehicle to expose it.

Study reveals the impact of technology

When asked what type of content / apps respondents use on their smartphone while on vacation, “maps” was the most commonly mentioned app (85%).

It was followed by travel guides (39%) and hotel reservations (38%). It should be noted that 19% of the sample used in this study was already available to pay for these contents.

The study, in addition to the UK’s relationship with technology during the holidays, also sought to understand how technology influences the choice of destination for the most anticipated days of the year.

In addition to price and rest, 56% of respondents admit that the choice of destination is very / somewhat influenced by publications viewed on social networks, the highest value in the age group between 19 and 34 years.

Study reveals that we do Upload almost everything thanks to the smartphone

This Samsung study, dubbed “Technology without vacation”, also reveals that we are facing the upload generation, constantly connected, living experiences influenced by the content you can share.

22% of respondents mentioned that their motivation in choosing the holiday destination is that the location allows good photos to be shared on social networks. Almost 90% of respondents say that photos shared on social networks are taken through smartphone

17 is the average number of pictures taken per week with the smartphone and more than half of the sample admitted that at the time of taking photographs, they prefer to take several to select the best one later. While 51% of respondents expect to have an internet connection, 31% publish the photo as soon as it is taken.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Study Technology, Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S8

In terms of frequency of use of social networks: 94% of respondents say they access Facebook almost every day and 76% access Instagram almost every day.

Technology – Instagram and Facebook, always present thanks to the Smartphone

According to Claudia Rodrigues, communication director of Samsung UK “In recent years there have been clear changes in the way technology devices are being used and how this use alters consumer behavior, even during holidays ".

"There is a paradigm shift, especially among younger people, in the factors that are considered when choosing a holiday destination. Whether or not places are conducive to good photos for sharing on social networks is already a factor of decision in choosing the destination, "he adds.

"This finding breaks with the pattern where site pricing and the type of activities associated with it were the only factors to weigh in this choice. In addition, it is also interesting to note that almost 20% of respondents show willingness to pay for applications. which he considers useful for the holidays. ”also says Claudia Rodrigues.

The Conclusions of this Samsung Study

  • 89% of respondents point to the smartphone as the most used technological device during the holidays
  • 56% admit that destination choice is heavily influenced by social media posts
  • Upload Generation: 22% of respondents mentioned that their motivation in choosing the holiday destination is that the location allows good photos to be shared on social networks.
  • Almost 90% of respondents share photos directly from the smartphone;

The study was promoted by Samsung and developed by Netsonda, from July 18 to 25, to 800 respondents through online interviews. Of the sample, 55% of respondents are female and 45% male.

The sample age is between 15 and 55 years old, with a geographical distribution from north to south of mainland UK.

The aim of the study was to understand, in general, how the UK’s use technology during the holidays and, in particular, the importance attached to photography and social networks.

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How do you interpret these findings from the study? Are we that dependent on technology and our smartphone?

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