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Calibrate your monitor and get the most out of it

What is screen calibration Screen calibration is the process that allows adjust brightness, contrast and color values ​​to optimal levels. Thanks to this you make sure you get the most out of your monitor no matter what activity you are going to do: watch series and movies, play video games and work professionally in [...]

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The 7 best PC steering wheels for speed fans in 2020

PC steering wheels elevate the gaming experience in competition simulators and racing titles. For fans of Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo we recommend the best steering wheel gaming, complete with pedals and manual gearbox.The selection takes into account the price, characteristics and type of steering wheel for PC. We opted for the best brands [...]

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Play wirelessly with all of these console and mobile controls

Bluetooth or wired controls? If you are considering buying a game controller, you are asking yourself this question. The truth, there is no definitive answer to this since it depends on your own tastes. But, next, we tell you some advantages and disadvantages of each of them: Wired controls: Wired gamepads are intended for [...]

Facebok Messenger receives official application for Windows 10 and macOS. Know how to install

Facebook Messenger is one of the most used online communication platforms ever and now even more with the social isolation that is required. To make life easier for its users, here comes the application for Windows 10 and macOS that everyone expected.With the Facebook Messenger application, it will no longer be necessary to have [...]

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The best PC controllers to buy in 2020

The mouse and keyboard are the controllers of choice for computers, but you can also use a PC controller and play your favorite titles. In fact, some games are more rewarding to play and master with today's PC controls.With this in mind, we selected the best PC game commands taking into account the connectivity, [...]

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Everything you should know about Steam Link

What is Steam Link Steam Link is an application that Steam launched a long time ago. His goal was and still is to allow extend the gaming experience beyond the computer. In other words, you can continue your game on a smartphone, tablet or television. How is that accomplished? Well, the application connects to [...]

QuakeCon 2020 canceled! Another event harmed by COVID-19

This year was the 25th edition of QuakeCon, the joint gaming convention with id Software and Bethesda, two of the biggest names associated with video games. As you might guess, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the event has been completely canceled."The last thing we have to do now is to join," Bethesda said [...]

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How to use the PS4 controller to play on the PC

The PlayStation 4 wireless controller can be used to play the PC more accurately and comfortably. You have here the simple and complete guide on how to pair the PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller on your Windows or Mac computer.Using a small utility for Windows, the DS4Windows, you can reuse the PS3 and PS4 controls [...]

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 3 will unlock your computer thanks to the update

Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 are preparing to receive a big news in the next update. These will now be able to unlock your computer. The only requirement is that it has Windows 10.For now this is a feature only available in India. But it should be a matter of time before [...]

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Huawei P40 Pro contains American components despite ban

According to the Financial Times, the Huawei P40 Pro may not have fully respected the ban by the United States. This situation makes Huawei forbidden to buy and use American technology in its equipment, except with a special license such as Microsoft and Windows 10, for example.However, the Financial Times published a report after [...]

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The 10 best PC webcams in 2020

aTo improve image quality during a video call, streaming games, or teleworking, a good quality webcam is essential for your setup, or home office. Here you will find the best webcams today!The main criteria were the characteristics of each computer camera, the maximum resolution and the price / quality ratio. In addition to the [...]

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Game controls and gamepads to play multiplayer on Nintendo Switch

How many controllers can be connected to a Nintendo Switch? Reddit Original Image The total number of controllers you can connect to a Nintendo Switch will depend on the type and game you are going to play. Officially, the console allows you to connect a total of 8 controls, although certain aspects will have [...]

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Podcast (special) with Tiago Ramos! Reasons why Apple conquers us! (And many more subjects)

A few days ago we were with Tiago Ramos in one of his YouTube Lives. The young and talented UK's Youtuber, is animating the quarantine of people with videos and Lives that technological lovers will like.In this special podcast we talk about many topics, from EBox to our personal lives. However, the biggest discussion [...]

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Apple patent refers to long-awaited technology for Macbook and iMac

The new Apple patent promises an integration of the well-known Face ID, facial recognition of the iPhone, implemented in the Macbook and iMac.It is no longer the first time that it is said that Apple could bring the technology to its computers, however, today we have images of a patent that guarantees us that [...]

The 20 best PC microphones in 2020

The computer's built-in microphone rarely delivers an acceptable minimum of quality. So there are PC microphones that improve voice quality for telecommuting, Skype calls, stream games, or podcasts.We select the best computer microphones, with USB or XLR connection, for casual users, or more professionals for content production. The list is organized from the cheapest [...]

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Predator: Hunting Grounds has demo available for PC and PlayStation 4

Predator: Hunting Grounds is a multiplayer shooter inspired by classic sci-fi and horror movies. The game has a release date set for April 24th but starting today you can try it out.Published by Sony, it will maintain a period of testing the game over the weekend, days 27, 28 and 29. In Europe, the [...]

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Dell laptops now support screen streaming on Android and iOS

For Android users (or iPhone and Mac), casting the screen is nothing new. This function is very useful for consumption of content on televisions, monitors or to increase productivity. In the case of iPhones, the function is now supported on Windows PC. Too bad they are only from Dell.Through the Dell Mobile Connect app, [...]

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Child of Light: Platformer is free for a limited time!

Child of Light is a platform game from Ubisoft. The game was launched in 2014, but contains a very contemporary look, with a very artistic visual aspect, where everything seems to have come out of a watercolor. The game can be free for a limited time: until March 28 for PC.Ubisoft is offering the [...]

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Apple increases production of Magic Keyboard keyboards despite pandemic

Despite the slowdown in technology production due to COVID-19, Apple does not appear to be having too many problems. According to DigiTimes, the company is increasing the production of its keyboards for Macbooks and also the Magic Keyboard peripheral, the Bluetooth keyboard.This increase in production was caused by the introduction of the new 16-inch [...]

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Bad news: Konami wants you to forget about Silent Hill

Around with Silent Hill, Kojima and Sony In recent hours, it had been speculated that Sony is not very happy with the figures accumulated by Death stranding, the last work of Hideo Kojima that arrived exclusively on PS4 and that will land on PC in the coming months. Whether for the approach or the [...]

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