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They discover several secret trailers of Westworld 3 that still do not clarify anything

The launch of the third season of Westworld It comes accompanied by a new website that supposedly refers to one of the companies that appear in the series. The company in question, Incite, It could be an organization with bad intentions within the plot of the new season, however, at the moment the only [...]

Mozilla launches VPN service for your smartphone or computer

Mozilla is mostly known for the Firefox browser, but has now launched a new service that will spark a lot of interest. This is a VPN that you can use on Android, Windows or Chormebook.A VPN can be a key ally if you want to remain anonymous when surfing the internet. In addition to [...]

The 15 best free Android apps in 2020

To those looking for the best Android apps, we present the selection that will help you get more out of your phone. They are productivity applications, communication tools, photography and entertainment that you can install from the Play Store.The selection was made based on the users' evaluation, classification tables and personal experience, with applications [...]

Facebook is (again) on the European Union’s “radar”. Understand why

According to the Wall Street Journal, the European Union is again investigating Facebook, this time for its use of the VPN Onavo. Acquired in 2013, Facebook promoted Onavo as an additional security tool to protect your information.However, in 2019, Facebook announced that it would end Onavo. This decision was made due to controversies associated [...]

ALERT: 24 Apps that you have to delete IMMEDIATELY and that were on the Google Play Store

Another week and more malicious apps that were on the Google Play Store and were downloaded millions of times. To be more concrete, 382 million downloads was the total counted.As you would expect, these applications pose a tremendous risk to the user. In this aspect, we don't have any malware that could affect the [...]

Operators determined to end IPTV Pirate services! See what users are getting!

Premium operators and channels are the main victims of pirated IPTV pirated services. It is no longer today that we see a struggle by the UK's State, by the operators and those same channels trying to end this piracy once and for all. Something that doesn't seem easy to do.Now, some users of IPTV [...]

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Russia blocks ProtonMail and ProtonVPN, security rather than privacy or vice versa?

Russia blocks ProtonMail and ProtonVPN Not long ago, one of the most striking news about privacy and security was what affected Apple. The company stopped its project to encrypt all iCloud backups at the request of the FBI. And it is that applying a point-to-point encryption system would prevent security services from accessing the [...]

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Do you really need a password manager?

Password manager, what are they? Password managers are applications capable of storing and organizing all your keys of access to different services. To do this, and to facilitate your work, these keys are stored securely in what is known as a vault and protected by encryption. To access you will use a unique password. [...]

Russia claims to have successfully tested its internet version

As the BBC advances, the Russian Ministry of Communications today announced successful testing of an alternative to the internet, called Runet. This alternative will supposedly work as an intranet works within a company. That being so, the Russian government can simply filter out all content made available to its citizens. Countries such as China, [...]

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How to find out the WiFi password of wireless networks in 2019

Here are several cool ways to find out your wireless password from your mobile phone, online, and PC or Mac in 2019. It's not about discovering your neighbor's WiFi password, it's about using passwords shared by users.Through apps like Instabridge, a WiFi Map and the WiFi Magic, we have three tools to gain access [...]

Free VPN: The 8 Best Solutions in 2019

The best free VPN running in 2019 for safe surfing, gaming, work, viewing Netflix or accessing blocked content. Various services, some free and unlimited for PC, Android and iOS mobile. We now consider and highlight your key highlights so you can find the best VPN depending on your usage. TunnelBear - the best free [...]

Apple gives in to pressure from China and removes app from rally info

Following the political demonstrations in Hong Kong, Apple has made some questionable decisions regarding technology. One was to remove the HKmap app from the App Store after Chinese media criticized its existence.The application showed the hottest points of the manifestations and their consequent activity. However, the app also showed police activity, leading China to [...]

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WARNING: Eliminate these 24 malware-filled apps that were in the Play Store.

Cyber ​​security company CSIS has found a very popular group of applications in the Google Play store. Unfortunately, these apps are filled with malicious software called Joker, designed to make fraudulent subscriptions. Here's the list of apps to avoid at all costs.Apps where malware Joker has been detectedAdvocate WallpaperAge faceAltar MessageAntivirus Security - Security [...]

The 8 most used browsers in the world

They are the most popular and most used browsers in the world in this Top 8. We still have the best suggestions for those looking for a new browser in 2019 based on speed, security and availability for computers and mobile devices.By browser is meant the program that allows us to surf the Internet [...]

PUBG Mobile Lite released in India and one step closer to Europe

PUBG Mobile remains the most popular Battle Royale for smartphones, where even Fortnite can't steal your top spot. However, it is not available to all users, as you need to have a smartphone capable enough to play with quality.For users who can't afford a high-end (or mid-high-end) smartphone, Tencent has developed PUBG Mobile Lite. [...]

Your Chromecast and Android TV just got better without you knowing it!

Finally Google and Amazon made a truce! Chromecast and Android TV are starting to get Amazon Prime Video today. The Netflix-like service that was not available in Google products so far.In contrast, Google makes the official YouTube app available for Fire TV. That is, it seems that both companies have found a solution to [...]

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OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T receive Android Pie. Discover the news

OnePlus has begun promoting the Android Pie incremental update on their devices launched in 2016. Several users of OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T have begun to receive the operating system update, which will arrive all over the next few days.The big news of this OxygenOS update is the enhancement of the latest version of [...]

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Apple admits that iPhones are 'stupidly' expensive!

It's no secret that, in the public eye, Apple devices are more expensive than they should be. It has become commonplace to pay the "apple fee". However, joking aside, the Cupertino company has been having some problems for pricing different markets. If you follow EBox, you know perfectly well that Apple has been selling [...]

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro May Bring On-Screen Biometric Sensor

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro will be the most powerful version of the much talked about Redmi Note 7 unveiled a few days ago. The first mobile phone of the Redmi sub brand brought us a device with a price adjusted to what it offers. However, some believe that it will be more [...]

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Facebook pays teens to install a spying VPN

Facebook still has to talk for the bad reasons. A Facebook VPN application has been identified that pays (literally) users to give them permission to be spied on. The app installs on the iPhone or Android and is called "Facebook Research" and paid users an average of $ 20 a month plus an amount [...]