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MEO follows the example of Vodafone and NOWO on Android TV. But there is a problem

After several years of waiting, MEO finally launched its app for the Android TV platform at the end of July. After having already bet on the Apple platform, this operator now turns to a platform with even more customers. But there is a catch.If you have an Android TV Box Nvidia Shield or a [...]

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Xiaomi does it again: this is its transparent OLED Smart TV

A transparent OLED We have been seeing prototype models and conceptual designs by hand for many years from a large number of manufacturers (Samsung and LG know a lot about this), but it seems that the first to dare to launch something minimally commercial is Xiaomi. First look at the #MiTVLUX Transparent Edition. Want [...]

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Xiaomi presents its most futuristic television ever

Xiaomi celebrates ten years and could not pass up the occasion blank. For this, the company held today an event in which it brought us several news that deserve to be highlighted. After smartphones, it is now time to look at your new television.The Xiaomi Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition is not just [...]

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New Smart TV? Basic settings to improve your experience

Initial setup for your Smart TV First things first, you have to do the initial setup of the TV so that everything is correct from the beginning. Among these settings you will find several important elements of which we now tell you everything you need to know. WiFi or LAN connection At the beginning, [...]

Android TV gets new features that will be very useful

Android TV is present in more and more homes, as evidenced by the 80% growth that the platform registered in the last year. This is also an added responsibility for Google in trying to satisfy the needs of its users.A new step to improve the experience of using Android TV has now been taken [...]

Toshiba says goodbye to the laptop market!

After being one of the most relevant computer brands on the market, Toshiba officially announced its departure. The brand has been negotiating with other companies since 2018, completing a deal with Sharp that same year and changing its name to Dynabook.On July 30, Sharp collected the rest of Dynabook's shares, thus completing the purchase [...]

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Centralize your gadgets and get ready for PS5 with these AV receivers

What is an AV receiver? A AV receiver or AV amplifier is a device that centralizes all the audio and video signals in your living room to control what you are going to see on the television or projector and offer the best possible sound with the help of external speakers. Its main function [...]

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It’s a good time for this Samsung Smart TV 4K at 45%

Samsung 4K UHD RU8005, a very good option Among so many televisions and the current varied offer it is difficult to find the best 4K Smart TV on the market. That is why you will surely appreciate that we make it easy for you, very easy, directly recommending the purchase of this Samsung RU8005. [...]

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The Sony A8 is the best OLED on the market and now I don’t want another Smart TV in my house

Sony A8, video analysis Why is this Sony A8 the perfect TV? You just have to take a look at this model to see that we are facing a Smart TV special. As usual, Sony has put a lot of care in the design of its product, and that is that the [...]

The Last of Us series will expand what is seen in video games

A long-awaited adaptation Discover that The last of us was going to make the leap to the small screen has undoubtedly been one of the big news in recent months. In case you don't know, the video game for PS4 is one of the most interesting proposals of the last decade, with a great [...]

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Android TV: choose the best Smart TV with the Google system

What are the advantages of Android TV? Having the Google operating system on our smart TV instead of opting for other variations like Tizen, from Samsung, or webOS, from LG, it can bring us certain advantages. The first, and most obvious, is that Android TV usually update more frequently than the rest of operating [...]

Drive like a pro with the new Logitech G923 steering wheel

The best racing games with steering wheel Racing simulators are a type of game that is much more enjoyable when done alongside a specifically designed steering wheel. That is something that any fan will share with us and will even go further saying that, to finish off the task, there is nothing better than [...]

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Xiaomi adds a smart dryer to its home catalog

Mijia Internet Heat Pump Dryer, the new from Xiaomi The Xiaomi home products catalog (almost) knows no end and this new dryer only confirms it. The firm has launched the new Mijia Internet Heat Pump Dryer, a household appliance large dimensions that incorporates smart functions to be controlled from our mobile phone. The model [...]

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Hisense presented a perfect monitor for video game lovers!

Hisense continues to impress with its offering of Smart TVs and computer monitors. Now, during its presence at the International Display Expo, the manufacturer has presented its latest addition to the monitor portfolio, the Hardcore Gaming Monitor line.As its name implies, this new product family was designed exclusively with the popular gaming segment in [...]

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Jamie Foxx surrenders to the charms of the Tesla Model 3 Performance! (video)

With the increasing popularity of Tesla and its electric cars, it's no wonder that celebrities start making videos driving them. This was the case of actor Jamie Foxx, who drove a Tesla Model 3 Performance in a very hilarious video.Early on, Jamie Foxx gaped at the start of the Tesla Model 3 Performance, borrowed [...]

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Homeland, the great story of Aramburu coming soon to HBO

Homeland, a sweeping literary success The novel of Homeland It was launched in 2016, making it a real success from the start. Written by Fernando Aramburu and translated into no less than 10 languages, the book was supported from the start by a good number of favorable reviews, both by experts and by readers, [...]

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This concept of Apple Glasses will wish you to have some! (video)

The Apple Glasses rumors are not new. Everything indicates, even because we have already had patents indicating that Apple is working on the technology, will present some Augmented Reality glasses.We still have no concrete idea of ​​what the glasses will look like, however, in the past, Tim Cook said that the technology will pass [...]

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You can now listen to Spotify music on Chromecast from your computer

Spotify and Chromecast from Mac? Something so simple and straightforward has been asking for supplications for a very long time. Thus we can see it in the official forums of Spotify, where the users asked for the possibility of sending the music to a Chromecast from their computer. And it was something that did [...]

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August is coming warm with free PS Plus games

Free August Games for PS4 This time there are two games coming to the service, and the first one is one that you were probably looking forward to playing ... again. We are talking about the remastering of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a title that came in the form of paid DLC [...]

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Vodafone, MEO, NOS and NOWO. What is the best operator with fixed internet and TV?

We are in the middle of the year and it's time to understand how your fixed internet and TV service is doing. MEO, Vodafone, NOS and NOWO have been improving the service with each passing day, however, there can only be one winner in this survey.We want to know your opinion. Looking at the [...]

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