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Huawei EMUI 11 will implement innovative gestures. Know the details

The EMUI 11 will be the next version of the customization that Huawei puts on top of Android. Based on Android 10, this version will focus on developing the ecosystem that Huawei is trying to cement, for mobile phones, tablets and laptops.However, according to the Chinese website of Huawei, the EMUI 11 will bring [...]

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The 10 best price / quality tablets in 2020

The versatility and portability of tablets is undeniable, whether to read the news or to entertain children. With that in mind, EBox selected the best tablets based on the price / quality ratio you can buy.As technology experts we did a market assessment and found the best cheap and good tablet for different uses. [...]

Disney +: everything (absolutely everything) what you should know with your arrival in UK

Disney +, the new content service is here Disney + premiered in mid-November 2019 in just five countries. The United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and New Zealand were the markets chosen for the first foray of this new service that came directly from one of the largest factories in the world. Disney was [...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite: tablet design revealed in information leak

Through the famous leaker Evan Blass, we learned about the design of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, a more modest version of Samsung's high-end tablet. By posting on Twitter, Blass showed what the tablet will look like.Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 LiteWhen looking at the image, we can see a tablet with a [...]

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New smartphones Samsung and Xiaomi gain support for Netflix in HD and HDR. See if yours is on the list

There have been several news from Samsung in the mobile segment in recent times. The South Korean manufacturer presented the new Galaxy S20, but also its second foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip. For its part, Xiaomi also introduced the new Mi 10 in China.These and other devices have now received the desired support for [...]

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the 1997 classic comes to Android and iOS

From the 1997 classic to the mobile version Konami has released a new version of one of his most important games, Castlevania. To be more specific, the game is a version of that Castlevania: Symphony of the Night that was launched in 1997 for PlayStation, Sega Saturn and PSP (Sony portable console) consoles. Although [...]

Vulnerability in MediaTek processors affects multiple devices. Know if yours is on the list

As is being advanced in the XDA Developers forum, some MediaTek processors have a critical vulnerability. This is because it manages to gain root privileges on your smartphone.This means that by exploiting this vulnerability, it is possible to access all data on your equipment. This is possible because root privileges mean having full control [...]

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Security flaw in Wi-Fi affects several Android and iOS devices. Know if yours is on the list

Security company ESET has just published the discovery of a new flaw in the Wi-Fi chips of various devices. This was nicknamed KrØØk and affects both Android and iOS devices.This vulnerability affects the WPA2 protocol, one of the most widely used today. It is estimated to affect billions of users worldwide and is not [...]

Huawei Mate Xs: first impressions of the foldable that will give a talk

Huawei recently presented several devices, in an alternative event to MWC 2020. We had the opportunity at EBox to try some of them, namely the Matebook D 14, Matepad Pro 5G and the foldable Mate Xs. The highlight is certainly the brand new folding. Watch our first impressions video.Huawei Mate Xs was the center [...]

iPhone will receive a novelty inspired by the iPad thanks to iOS 14

IOS 14 will only be officially revealed in June, but some information about what we can expect is already starting to emerge. The latest news shows us that the iPhone will inherit the menu from multitasking of the iPad.The news arrives through the publication 91 Mobiles. This shared a video where we can see [...]

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Even without MWC Huawei will present its second foldable smartphone, Huawei Mate Xs

Manufacturers were surprised by the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress, one of the largest conferences in the world in the mobile sector. Therefore, Huawei, like others, saw their plans postponed.However, it seems that even this cancellation will not delay the brand's next foldable smartphone. Apparently, Huawei will reveal the Huawei Mate Xs as [...]

Samsung and LG are developing portable monitors for their smartphones

There is no doubt that smartphones are increasingly powerful and capable of performing numerous tasks. However, the size of your screens can sometimes be a limitation. This is something that Samsung and LG want to try to get around.According to what is being advanced, the two companies are developing portable monitors for use in [...]

Huawei is not scared by the coronavirus and has surprises for you at MWC

Mobile World Congress 2020 will take place later this month in Barcelona. The event has suffered several setbacks thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, with some of the major brands canceling their planned presence at this event.Names like Nvidia, LG or Sony have already confirmed that they will not be present. But after yesterday Xiaomi [...]

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These should be the Huawei smartphones that will receive Android 11 with EMUI 11

This is a list that you will like to see. The list reflects some of the Huawei smartphones that are likely to receive Android 11 with the new EMUI 11.Huawei may even be in an ungrateful situation with the problems of implementing Google services on its smartphones. However, the company has been struggling to [...]

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PIGWEED can be the name of a new operating system from Google

It is no secret that Google is working on a new operating system. The company has already mentioned Fuchsia officially and is believed to be a replacement for the Android system.However, today we have information of another name for a possible operating system. "Pigweed" is a strange name and would go unnoticed if it [...]

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Apple registers patent for its first “foldable”! But it won’t be an iPhone

With several Android smartphone manufacturers starting to bet on the new segment of foldable smartphones, much has been said about the possibility of Apple also betting on this segment.After many rumors, the first indication finally came that they are already studying this possibility. However, this patent refers to a tablet and not a smartphone. [...]

Windows 10 reaches the billion user mark

Well above macOS or Linux, Windows is the preferred operating system for most users, and it comes installed on the largest number of computers that are sold.After Windows 10 reached an impressive 900 million users in September, it took just five months to add another 100 million to that record.According to Microsoft's official website [...]

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Apple is the undisputed leader in the tablet market. Meet the top 5

At a time when the tablet market is far from the popularity of yesteryear, the latest report by IDC market analysts shows that Apple remains the owner and lady of this segment.As you can see from the table below, Apple goes against the grain and grew 15.2% in this sector in 2019 compared to [...]

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Xiaomi will again bet on a market that we all thought was forgotten!

In addition to being one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, Xiaomi continues to be the brand that is present in more market segments, launching gadgets for "all tastes" on a regular basis. Now, according to a new leak from the Chinese social network Weibo, everything indicates that it may return to [...]

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Podcast 265: Xiaomi Pocophone, iPad is 10 years old, smartwatches and their impact

Another EBox Podcast arrived. We were already longing to talk a little about the technological news. So this week we took a look at the new Xiaomi Pocophone, the world of tablets with 10 years of iPad and smartwatches.As always, you can watch the Podcast live on our YouTube channel for the Podcast (subscribe [...]