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Xiaomi will again bet on a market that we all thought was forgotten!

In addition to being one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, Xiaomi continues to be the brand that is present in more market segments, launching gadgets for "all tastes" on a regular basis. Now, according to a new leak from the Chinese social network Weibo, everything indicates that it may return to [...]

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Podcast 265: Xiaomi Pocophone, iPad is 10 years old, smartwatches and their impact

Another EBox Podcast arrived. We were already longing to talk a little about the technological news. So this week we took a look at the new Xiaomi Pocophone, the world of tablets with 10 years of iPad and smartwatches.As always, you can watch the Podcast live on our YouTube channel for the Podcast (subscribe [...]

Podcast 265: Xiaomi Pocophone, iPad is 10 years old, the future of smartwatches

It's time for another EBox Podcast! Today, the themes will be talked about. We look at Xiaomi's new sub-brand, Pocophone, and their smartphones. We will also talk about the 10 years of the iPad and the evolution of smartwatches.As usual, you can watch the Podcast live on the "Podcast EBox" channel on Youtube. To [...]

Review Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: the ultimate Android tablet!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 certainly came to “shake up” the tablet market and bring eyes to this segment again. This review will tell you why the Galaxy Tab S6 is probably the only Android tablet to consider when making a purchase. This can be purchased in large stores for a price of € 749.99, [...]

Wifi Mesh networks: improve the performance of your wireless connection

What are wifi mesh networks? The Wifi Mesh networks or meshed networks They are a type of technology that came from the professional environment. The reduction of costs and advances in consumer technology allowed these devices to reach any home and with them all its advantages. But, let's go in parts. A mesh or [...]

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How to know if your iPhone is under warranty using the serial number

Check the serial number In the same way that you need to know if Apple can offer you support, Apple itself needs to know what device you are going to deliver exactly. So for this we will need the serial number of the device that we are going to process. With this number, Apple [...]

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European Union may force Apple to abandon Lightning entry

The European Union is considering a bill that will require the choice of a standard input for all electronic devices. As read in the statement released by the sovereign body, this law will apply to smartphones, tablets, e-books and others.This bill could be voted on in the next plenary of the European Parliament. It [...]

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Google Stadia running on an e-ink tablet? It’s possible! (video)

The world of technology coupled with creativity has the power to show us interesting unique combinations. Such is the case of a Danish student who posted a YouTube video running Destiny 2 on an e-ink tablet from maker Onyx. See the video.Apart from the black and white color scheme and the low refresh rate, [...]

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MEO follows NOS path and launches tariff for eSIM

Since April last year, NOS has been allowing its customers to adhere to an eSIM tariff for smartwatches. This week MEO has followed the same path, and has already provided an option along the same lines.The tariff is called M IoT, and by € 2.99 / month, users will enjoy 200MB of mobile data. [...]

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LG will bring top of the range to MWC 2020! But it’s still running away from folding smartphones …

While it has struggled to excel in the smartphone market over the past few years, LG continues to bring several exciting devices to the market. The last one that deserves mention is the LG G8X ThinQ, thanks to its secondary screen.Now, according to Korea Herald, the manufacturer is making the latest preparations to introduce [...]

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Huawei MatePod: Apple AirPods Pro Rivals Come

Huawei has been betting heavily on the wearables segment. The latest case is FreeBuds 3, a wireless headset unveiled during the presentation of the Mate 30 Pro, clearly focused on competing with Apple AirPods.Now, the Chinese manufacturer has registered the trademark “MatePod” at the European Union Intellectual Property Institute (EUIPO). By name, these seem [...]

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It is official! Samsung introduced a truly futuristic keyboard

The CES 2020 fair only officially starts tomorrow, but the first announcements are already beginning to appear. One of the most promising news comes from Samsung and reveals a keyboard that looks more like a science fiction movie.SelfieType is a keyboard developed by Samsung that could be an important ally for those who type [...]

Google News discontinues digital magazine subscriptions

You may never have used it, but Google kept the Google News app a subscription service for digital magazines. These were PDF versions of the original magazine printouts, where the user could see it from his phone or desktop. This service was terminated by Google, according to an email sent to subscribers.Newsstand interface, the [...]

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Samsung claims to have dominated the 5G market in 2019. It understands

Samsung recently announced sales figures for 5G mobile phones in 2019. The Korean giant indicates that it has sold around 6.7 million units worldwide, thus "bragging" about Samsung's impact on the recent 5G mobile phone market.With this data, Samsung added that it currently holds 53.9% of the global market share for 5G mobile phones. [...]

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All these accessories for Kindle, Fire and Echo have a 20% discount: this is how you get it

Discounts on Kindle, Fire and Echo accessories If you were looking for one new case for your Kindle, for the Fire tablet or any accessory that complements the Echo smart speakers, that you know that Amazon has a good collection of them with an offer quite difficult to refuse. And it turns out that [...]

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Russia claims to have successfully tested its internet version

As the BBC advances, the Russian Ministry of Communications today announced successful testing of an alternative to the internet, called Runet. This alternative will supposedly work as an intranet works within a company. That being so, the Russian government can simply filter out all content made available to its citizens. Countries such as China, [...]

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Google Duo will get a new feature you won't want to miss!

Google Duo is still one of our favorite video calling apps, perfect for use on any Android smartphone, iPhone, as well as tablets (iPad included). In addition to providing a great user experience, Google continues to work hard to develop new features, making it even more interesting.Thanks to the review by the XDA Developers [...]

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Twitter for iPad will have the interface we always want

It's an old wish for any Twitter user on a tablet - and in this case on the iPad. Have an interface that takes full advantage of a larger screen, not just a stretched version of the smartphone app.Twitter has not officially announced the new design yet, but the update has already begun to [...]

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Facebook makes decisive buy to become reference in cloud gaming

Facebook is increasingly focusing on the development of its gaming section, and its main focus remains the streaming platform. Now new information reveals that the social networking giant has acquired PlayGiga, a Spanish startup that has an active cloud gaming service.Exactly the company's intentions with this acquisition are not yet known, but there is [...]

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Disney + threatens Netflix and already has nearly 10 million daily users!

Disney's streaming service arrived last month and, despite being available in a small number of markets, managed to raise 10 million subscriptions in just 24 hours. Now, roughly a month after its launch, it continues to see impressive growth that will continue to threaten Netflix's dominance.According to Apptopia's latest report, the Disney + app [...]

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