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The new Chromecast is definitely a pocket-sized Android TV

It has happened again. Someone has bought a new generation device before it is officially announced. And no, this is not a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X, but the new chromecast, the small multimedia device that Google should announce very soon and that, surprisingly, someone already has one working at home. Small [...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 prepares to copy functionality from iPad Pro

One of the new features introduced in last year's iPad Pro was the Sidecar. This feature allows the Apple tablet to be used as a secondary display on the Mac to increase your productivity.Although already a year behind schedule, Samsung is about to copy that functionality. So, soon, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 can [...]

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Apple announces the 8th generation iPad with a 10.2 inch screen

The cheapest iPad just got better, more powerful and with new functions! It was by the hand of Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, that we were introduced to the news of the company's line of tablets. Now, we have the eighth generation iPad with competitive prices.Also called the iPad 8, the new iPad is [...]

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“Time Flies”: what to expect from the Apple event

Apple often surprises the world with the announcement of new iPhone at the traditional September event. In 2020, however, we will not have new iOS smartphones, but several new features with smart watches, tablets and the iOS operating system."The time flies". This is the motto of the September event that immediately brings us to [...]

Alexa improves its integration with connected printers

How to connect a printer with Alexa Have a printer with the ability to connect to the local network or WiFi from home there is nothing out of the ordinary. Most manufacturers of this type of device have been offering this feature for years in practically their entire range, from very simple models to [...]

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Samsung: these are the possible smartphones to receive Android 11

Samsung has a huge portfolio of smartphones. Therefore, it will not be easy for the brand to bring us the Android 11 update for all devices at the same time. Still, if all goes well, these will be all phones receiving the update.Android 11 is here and the news is some. We have new [...]

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Huawei Matebook X Pro Review: quality comes at a price!

Huawei has been asserting itself in the portable computer market in a very aggressive way, since last year with the launch of the first Matebook. In the high-end segment, Huawei launched Matebook X Pro, a productivity notebook that will satisfy the needs of most users.Strengths of Matebook X ProState-of-the-art performanceBuild quality premium Satisfactory soundWeaknesses [...]

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Apple already has a start date for mass production of the iPhone 12

Apple will celebrate the traditional September event on the 15th, doing so with a keynote to be broadcast online on your channels. Tim Cook and other executive panels will be on the "stage", but we do not have the new iPhone 12.As Nikkei Asian Review now advances, Apple has managed to mitigate what would [...]

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Huawei and Porto Editora come together to strengthen education in Basic and Secondary Education

Huawei UK and Porto Editora want to help Basic and Secondary Education students to face the challenges of the next academic year 2020/2021, which due to the Covid-19 pandemic created new technological needs both at school and professional level. To this end, Huawei and Porto Editora prepare an educational offer adapted to each student, [...]

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TCL surprises with good tablets up to 300 and new screen technology

TCL has just presented two new Series 10 tablets, the 10 Tab Max and the 10 Tab Mid at the IFA in Berlin. Both products are focused on productivity, have a way that promises to reduce eye fatigue and a "zone for kids".Announced during the presentation of the Chinese manufacturer at the technological event, [...]

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Top 10 Laptops for Students (2020)

We are in September which means that a new school year begins, probably the most unusual we can remember in a long time. In today's post we are going to take a look at some of the best student laptops, paying special attention to the value for money of these computers. Likewise, we are [...]

Google launches a new mode for Android tablets dedicated to children

Lately, Google has been focusing a little more on the children who use its services. An example of this was the launch of Youtube Kids or the Kids tab on the Play Store with content dedicated to the little ones.Today the American company launches Kids Space, a new area available for compatible Android tablets. [...]

Apple iPad: new rumor shows design change hard to believe

Recently, images of the alleged iPad Air 4 have been revealed, which is due to undergo a design renovation. This is because the rumors point to a lower margin for the iPad Pro, and a USB-C port for charging.Now 91Mobiles has revealed design schemes for an alleged next 8th generation iPad (the cheapest model). [...]

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Poll: laptop or desktop?

Computers are part of most of our daily lives. Whether to work, play, or consume content, it is an important piece of technology, as are smartphones, tablets or smart watches. So, we ask you the question? What do you prefer to use, desktop or portable?Click on the image or here to vote in our [...]

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Huawei EMUI 11 and HarmonyOS: mysteries will be revealed soon!

According to Huawei's official website, the brand's next programmer conference will take place on September 12, where the brand will reveal the latest software developments. Huawei Mobile Services will be a theme, as will EMUI 11 and the mysterious HarmonyOS.The company's CEO, Richard Yu and other brand executives will be at the event. It [...]

Xiaomi has the definitive front camera ready

The camera under the Xiaomi screen From the notch of the iPhone, an important "stain" on the screen that covers the front camera and the rest of the sensors that make up Touch ID, to the drop-type notch of many Android terminals or solutions that through the use of various mechanisms allow to carry [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is the new Android tablet that you have to know. Europe price revealed!

Samsung presented during its most recent Unpacked event the new line of top-of-the-range Galaxy Tab S7 tablets, which bring not only incredible specifications, but also a price inaccessible to many users. Since then, many rumors have circulated that the brand is preparing to launch a much more affordable option.After its existence was confirmed through [...]

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Apple iPadOS 14: Beta version shows “hidden” novelty that will improve productivity

Apple yesterday released version 6 of the public Beta of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. However, a feature on iPadOS 14 may have gone unnoticed by most users. It is the possibility to use the Siri assistant and interact with apps at the same time.The feature was captured and shared on Reddit, which you [...]

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Matebook 14, P40 Pro + and Huawei Share technology: the pillars of the Huawei ecosystem

Huawei introduced new solutions for working on the move with the Matebook line of portable computers, among which we highlight the Matebook D14 as an economical option and Matebook 14 (2020) and Matebook X Pro as ultrabooks top.Combining modern design with cutting-edge features, durable construction and reasonable prices, we have powerful work machines, inside [...]

Google Chrome will receive a novelty for the tabs long requested!

Google just announced a set of new features for Chrome. Among the revelations, the one that will be most appreciated by users will be the possibility of grouping tabs.This feature has been in development for some time and now Google finally admits its existence. For now still in beta, it won't be long before [...]

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