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Warning Fake T95u pro tv box cheap TV box Cloned T8 Pro android box


Today are updating this post with new info on the Cloned T95u pro TV box. This fake T95u pro TV box was released before we actually released our T8 V. Sunvell copied our T8 V4 design then quickly released it with the the new Amlogic s912 as the T95u Pro. Sunvell used a cheep low performance internal motherboard with a low grade WiFi chip. Then copied the same design as the T8 V4 with the hope of flooding the market before the T8 V could finally be released. Today we are going to show you the results of the tests we carried out on both the T8 V and the clone T95u Pro.

WARNING! Don’t buy the clone T95u Pro TV box

Not all Smart TV Boxes are made equal. The T8 V Smart TV Box is the gold standard of home Smart TV Boxes. But there are those who wish to deceive consumers by offering a cheap imitation, like the T95U Pro. To clear up any confusion, and to demonstrate the lack of performance the T95U Pro provides, we will demonstrate on screen the difference between the cheap imitator, the T95U Pro, and the Gold Standard of entertainment today, the T8 V Smart TV Box.

Let’s do a quick unboxing to see exactly what you get with each device.

Immediately, you can see the size difference between the two. The T8 V has a much larger housing to contain the raw horsepower  it has under the hood.

The overall shape is very similar, again in a copycat attempt at deceiving you. But you can see the bottom on our T8V comes off so you can install your own internal harddrive to be able expand the storage as you see fit. The T95U Pro… doesn’t.


The back of both devices again shows everything the T95U Pro lacks: an OTG port, a micro-USB port, or a RCA connection. This severely limits the connectability of the T95U, especially when compared side-by-side like this against the T8V. The sides of the devices again shows how the T95U has only a single USB port, and a micro-SD card, where our T8V Smart TV Box has TWO USB ports, and a larger standard SD card.

Inside of our T8V packaging comes a high quality remote, an HDMI cable, and a quality power connection cable. But what does the T95U come with? A very cheaply made power cable, a remote that’s very poorly designed and put together, and a very low quality HDMI cable. If I show you the remotes side by side, you can see how many functions our remote has in comparison to the T95U. As many flaws, and the overall lack of quality the T95U might have, what really matters for you is performance.

Let’s put both devices on the TV, and see exactly how much better the T8V is.

Great! Immediately I’m running into a MAJOR problem with the T95U, the poorly designed power connection is forcing me to hold the power connector into the back of the T95U JUSSSTTT RIGHT so that it will operate properly. You can see the power light turning on and off just by simply moving it around. This is not a good start, but pretty much what’s expected of a low quality imitation like the T95U Pro. I finally got the T95U Pro to stay connected and powered on, let’s see if it stays on long enough to finish this review.

I will be testing this device using AnTuTu benchmarking, to give you an accurate and unbiased analysis of the speed and performance of this cheaply designed device. The final score after a sped up 6 minute testing session: 35,709.

For anyone not familiar with AnTuTu benchmark testing, this is a surprisingly low score for what is specced at a much higher level. Here are the details the test found. It is operating on Android 6.0 OS, and has an 8-core processor, but it’s shocking how under-performing this device really is.

Poor results from such a high specification device

Now let’s do an internet connectivity speed test. I ran the test 3 times, twice with wifi, and once with ethernet, so you can get a full spectrum analysis of the T95U Pro’s connectivity speed. The WiFi speed is around 19 mega bytes per second, and with ethernet, around 62 mega bytes per second, the upload speed was similar around 17 mega bytes per second across all three tests.

Ethernet and wifi test T95u pro

Ethernet and wifi test T95u pro


The T95U Pro set a very low bar, let’s see exactly how much better our T8 V Smart TV Box truly is.

The T8 V Smart TV Box is undergoing the exact same AnTuTu benchmarking test, and once the test is complete you can see the final score of 41,331; almost 6,000 points, or 20% higher than the cheap imitation T95U Pro test we just ran. That means 20% faster performance for you, no lag, no buffering, no loading, simply media entertainment on your television from the only real Smart TV Box, the T8 V.

Now let’s run the internet connectivity speed test. Again you see the T8V Smart TV Box beats the T95U Pro imitation, with a more than 40% higher WiFi connection speed at 27 mega bytes per second. The upload speed was at a steady 17 mega bytes per second, and the download on a Ethernet connection was 62 mega bytes per second.

As is often the case with technology, you get what you pay for. Cheap imitation devices like the T95U Pro might seem like a good idea, spend less and still get a device to play your media, but at what cost does frustration and disappointment come into play? If you want to enjoy your media experience to the highest degree, with no worry of low performance or low quality, get the powerhouse of smart TV boxes, get the T8 V smart TV Box. If you’re in the market for a new entertainment box, buy the Gold Standard, buy the T8 V Smart TV Box.

Warning Fake T8 S Android box cheap TV box Cloned T8 Pro

WARNING DONT GET FOOLED INTO BUYING A FAKE CLONED T8 TV BOX fake T8 S Android box cheap Cloned T8 PRO are on the market.

Warning fake T8 S Android box and cheap Cloned T8 PRO TV boxes are finding their way onto the market. The T8s And T8 Pro are very low quality TV boxes.

The Android T8 TV box  is one of the most popular TV boxes in the UK. It has attracted the attention of many ‘clone manufacturers’ who build unauthorized counterfeit copies of our TV boxes. These are then offered for sale on the internet, usually via web-sites of various Chinese resellers, or on e-Bay. As of early 2015 the fake T8 S and T8 PRO boxes are all Cheap attempts to copy the look our TV boxes, as yet they have not been able to copy the hardware only the look of our units.
The pricing for fake goods is usually half the price of their real counterparts, as the manufacturers usually avoid quality control and use cheaper, unsafe components.

fake T8S Android box cheap Cloned T8 PROfake T8S Android box cheap Cloned T8 PRO

fake T95u pro Android box cheap Cloned T8 PRO don't buy cheap tv box








fake T8S Android box cheap Cloned T8 PRO

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Advertisements for ‘cheap’ T8 tv boxes  which are actually fakes on internet auction sites. Online market places or via social media sites, is commonplace. These advertisements are convincing and so, in many cases, are the goods, in branding, appearance, packaging and functionality.

The prices vary from roughly what you’d expect to buying from anywhere apart from reputable, authorised sources, however, can be fraught with danger and result in a variety of issues from unreliable goods which do not work or fall apart – to those which actually threaten your life pay for authentic items, making them even more believable, to ‘bargain-basement’.

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fake T8S Android box cheap Cloned T8 PRO

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