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Chinese Tesla clone has no shame in the face, even the site copied!

Tesla is by far the most popular electric car manufacturer, having started a real revolution in the automotive market. As such, it would be expected that many others would end up being inspired by Elon Musk's company.However, there is a Chinese manufacturer - Xpeng - that is taking the concept of "inspiration" [...]

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What if … Tom Holland becomes Hawkeye?

What if… from Marvel, one of its most special products The comic series What if ... Marvel is undoubtedly one of the most special within the publisher. The reason, of course, is that it helps us see an alternative reality to the one we continue in the superhero timeline, posing different stages [...]

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PlayStation 5: Sony marks new event, but it’s still not what we want!

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, today announced the holding of an online event dedicated to PlayStation 5 next week. This online presentation will take place on June 5, but it’s not yet that we’ll see the new Sony console.The announced event will be to show some of the games that [...]

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Starting in July, the latest PS4 games will work on PS5

Compatible games immediately One of the advantages and main attractions that Xbox Series X offers is that once it is put on sale it will be compatible with an almost endless list of games for Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This avoids complications for developers, who are not seen forced to [...]

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Motorola One Vision Plus will be another intermediary to take into account

Motorola has stood out in the intermediary market with very interesting smartphones. This is a branch that she does not want to neglect, even after having returned to the top of the range again. The Motorola One Vision Plus is proof of that.This smartphone recently passed the Geekbench platform, where it revealed [...]

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Official: PS5 games will be presented on June 4

Confirmed. The rumors pointed to day 3, but finally it will not be until June 4 when Sony gives us a new live presentation in which to meet and take a look "at the future of video games on PlayStation 5". As had been suspected, this event will serve to show some [...]

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Google launches application that will help you stay safe in times of pandemic

The Coivid-19 pandemic is a reality that we will have to live with for some time. Therefore, health authorities have recommended several security measures to prevent the spread of the disease. One is the distance of at least two meters between people.For those who may have more difficulties in calculating this distance, [...]

Zynn is like TikTok, but she pays you to watch videos

Zynn, the «Tik Tok» that you pay to use TikTok is a real phenomenon within the world of social networks. Its popularity has skyrocketed and that has translated into a great growth in the number of users. So it stands to reason that other networks, established or new, will copy some of [...]

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Oppo Reno 4 and Reno 4 Pro already have a scheduled presentation date. What to expect

The new line of smartphones Oppo Reno 4 has been the subject of leaks in recent weeks and this was already an indication that its presentation was coming soon. A suspicion that Oppo itself has just confirmed.The new Oppo Reno 4 and Reno 4 Pro will be officially unveiled on June 5th. [...]

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OnePlus 8 Pro, is it really worth it compared to OnePlus 8?

(Almost) two drops of water Although at first glance they seem traced, the truth is that the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro have subtle differences. And these, despite being small, are noticed and felt more than you might think with the naked eye. The Pro model is something higher, thicker and [...]

PlayStation 5: Sony is afraid of leaks as the console is almost ready!

As Bloomberg advances, PlayStation 5 has already entered the completion stages, as mass production in factories has already started. Therefore, the console is practically ready to sell. However, this phase represents a huge fear for Sony and the disclosure of secrets ahead of time.Industry analysts have indicated that Sony is expected to [...]

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Never seen them so cheap on Amazon: AirPods Pro to a minimum

AirPods Pro, Apple's most advanced wireless The headphones True wireless From Apple they became practically from their beginnings in identity of the brand. Its distinctive design has even inspired other brands to reproduce it and today the stick-type drawing is one of the most recognized in the industry. So much so that [...]

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OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro receive big news in cameras

The OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro started receiving OxygenOS 10.3.3. This version first arrives in India, and has as a great novelty the possibility of recording video in slow motion at 960fps with resolution at 720p.This is a novelty that certainly the users of these two tops launched in 2019 will [...]

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The best Animal Crossing alternatives you can play

What is Animal Crossing about? The famous Nintendo game has already accumulated a total of seven installments since it was first released in Japan in 2001 for the Nintendo 64. As a life simulator, Animal Crossing has managed to make players around the world fall in love thanks to its fun proposals [...]

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The 8 best drones for beginners in 2020

Drones are no longer just for professionals. There are cheap and good models, ideal for those just starting out and, thinking about it, we chose the best drones for beginners, authentic platforms for fun and learning.For those looking for a good and cheap drone with a good camera, the best for taking [...]

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Schedule your tweets on Twitter without the need for other applications

Twitter and tweet scheduling Users who make much more intensive use of Twitter have long known each and every one of the different Services as Buffer, HootSuite or Later they have become practically essential. Although they are not the only options, other third-party applications or Tweetdeck itself (owned by Twitter) also allow [...]

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite officially arrives in UK with price that you will like

After being presented in Europe in conjunction with the Mi 10, the Mi 10 Lite is now available for purchase in the Mi Store. This is the official Xiaomi online and physical store in UK.This is an equipment that stands out among the various mid-range on the market. It brings the brand [...]

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LEGO surpasses itself again with this incredible Lamborghini Sián

LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 LEGO has just expanded its amazing Technics range with another collector's item: an amazing Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, the supercar from the Italian firm, made up of thousands of pieces from the most famous block firm in the world. In case you don't know it, the [...]

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 receives version with NFC outside China. But it’s not for everyone

Almost a year after being introduced for the first time, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has just received a new version with NFC that works outside of China. Unfortunately, for now, it is not available to everyone, as it is only intended for the Russian market.This is a special version presented today, [...]

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Battlefront II accompanies Call of Duty on free PS Plus

Free Star Wars with PS Plus The June pack has turned out to be tremendously attractive, and at the same time exciting. The action of the second world war is joined by the incredible galactic world of Star Wars, since with the latest installment of StarWars Battlefront, we can put ourselves in [...]

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