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Kenxinda W1 SmartWatch presented by Ebox

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KENXINDA W1 Smartwatch Kenxinda W1 SmartWatch is a super gadget. In our times we need gadgets that will do many things for us. Even watches need to be improved and to be something more than just time trackers. Kenxinda W1 is the gadget that provides you with all the things you need in your day [...]


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BLUETOOTH MOBILE PHONE SMARTWATCH SILVER, 32GB MICRO SD SLOT If you are are searching for a Bluetooth mobile phone smartwatch, this one might be the one that will satisfy you more. It comes in a great design with a silver stylish color. It is also suitable for casual and formal dressing, making it a [...]


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IMACWEAR SPARTA M7 SMART WATCH, ANDROID DUAL CORE WITH 3G IMacwear Sparta M7 smartwatch maybe is the best watch phone for you. This smartwatch is suitable for both sports and fitness fans and more business-minded people as well. Also, it has an IP67 Waterproof rating so you don't need to fear when water or [...]


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D5 ANDROID POWERED SMARTWATCH, BLUETOOTH, 3G SIM, GOOGLE PLAY, PEDOMETER, HEART RATE, GPS If you consider buying a smartwatch, then D5 Android powered Smartwatch is a great choice for you. It has a great stylish design appropriate for all and any buyers. You can connect to the Internet whenever you are and check your [...]

ImacWear Bluetooth Smart Watch

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IMACWEAR BLUETOOTH SMARTWATCH – SMS + PHONEBOOK SYNC, MAKES + ANSWERS CALLS, PEDOMETER, CALL RECORDS It is time to make some changes in your life and keep everything in order with this SmartWatch. Connect to your compatible mobile phone that uses Bluetooth version 3.0, which allows this bracelet sync to your phonebook as well as [...]