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Apple worried about possible low demand for iPhone 12 5G

Everything indicates that Apple will launch its first iPhone compatible with 5G networks this year. This is expected to be another version of the upcoming iPhone 12, however, there are already fears of a possible low demand for the model.According to what advances Reuters, the start of production of this model may be delayed [...]

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Xiaomi Redmi 9 will arrive with 4 rear cameras and an unbelievable price!

After hearing about Xiaomi's new mid-range and top-of-the-range offers, its subsidiary is reportedly preparing to launch a new budget smartphone. According to information published by leaker Sudhanshu Ambhoreno Twitter, this smartphone will be the Xiaomi Redmi 9.If this information is confirmed, this will be a serious candidate for the best smartphone budget award of [...]

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Facebook Live will let you turn streams into Podcasts and more!

At a time when a large part of society is following quarantine orders implemented thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the volume of traffic generated by the various social networks and messaging platforms is reaching values ​​never seen before.Therefore, Facebook is preparing new features that will be implemented soon in its streaming service. The objective [...]

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Lara Croft Go is free for your mobile, from the best puzzle games

Puzzles with the most popular heroine During these days of confinement we are taking advantage to enjoy all those activities to which normally we can not dedicate the time that we would like during normal days. An example is video games. So, not being able to go out, why not take advantage of the [...]

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro discontinued? Everything indicates that yes!

This was not expected. It seems that Xiaomi left out the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro. At least its Asian version CC9 Pro. In other words, the brand removed the smartphone from its website and, apparently, discontinued the device. A few months after it was released.This is because, according to Xiaomi, it is time [...]

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This is the OnePlus 8! Smartphone specifications and design revealed

The OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro are expected to be revealed soon. Although this is not the best time for the launch of new equipment, everything indicates that OnePlus will not postpone the launch of its new smartphones much longer.This year we should have 3 new smartphones. In addition to the OnePlus 8, [...]

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OnePlus increases the warranty of smartphones due to the COVID-19

OnePlus, like Huawei, OPPO and Realme, was another company that decided to increase the warranty time for smartphones that terminal in this pandemic period of the COVID-19.Therefore, all smartphones that end the warranty between March 1 and March 31, will have an extension until May 31.Returns time also increasesBut it was not only and [...]

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Apple patent refers to long-awaited technology for Macbook and iMac

The new Apple patent promises an integration of the well-known Face ID, facial recognition of the iPhone, implemented in the Macbook and iMac.It is no longer the first time that it is said that Apple could bring the technology to its computers, however, today we have images of a patent that guarantees us that [...]

These books are not from Amazon, but they are also free (for a limited time)

Free books from the Planeta publisher In these difficult times we are living, many companies are leaning on the shoulders, facilitating access to their products at a cheaper cost or directly leaving them at cost 0. We have already put you on notice of the collection of free books that you could read and [...]

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Samsung Galaxy M11: knows the specifications of the cheap South Korean

The Samsung Galaxy M11 is just around the corner and will be the cheapest smartphone the company has for us in 2020. Once its design is known, it is time for us to know what its hardware will be.This Galaxy M11 will not be a smartphone for anyone who wants power, nor a sublime [...]

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Using the Stream Deck as a home automation control is a great idea

How to control anything with the Stream Deck If you like all the gadgets, you surely know the Stream Decks by elgato. These devices offer control based on different buttons with an interesting feature: integrate a small LCD screen which can be customized. Thanks to that you can place an icon / image that [...]

Huawei Honor 30 will be entitled to a camera similar to the Huawei P40

The Honor 30 will be one of the new tops of the Huawei sub-brand range and with the approach of its presentation, more information will emerge. This time, we have the confirmation that this model will have a camera like the big tops of the market.The renowned @OnLeaks revealed, in his profile on Twiiter, [...]

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One of the best Android games is temporarily free on the Google Play Store

Monument Valley 2 is one of the most interesting games that you can install on your Android smartphone through the Google Play Store. The only problem is that his price is 5.49 €. Yet, is currently free in a promotion that ends in 7 days.To install you just need to go to the Android [...]

Kingston has an accessory to turn your mobile into a portable console

Turning the smartphone into a portable console If you like video games you will know that the number of hours that some users can spend playing on their mobile devices has grown in recent years. And no, we are not just talking about casual games on the way to work, classes or in those [...]

Curious and essential accessories for the DJI Mavic Mini

Must-have accessories for the DJI Mavic Mini When we analyzed the DJI Mavic Mini one thing became clear to us: it is a perfect drone for the vast majority. In addition, its price is so good that there are few excuses not to get one. The only one, the flight limitations that [...]

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The deals of the day come with Xiaomi Mi TV Box S, games, bulbs and 4K TVs

The best deals of the day on Amazon Friday is presented with interesting news in what discounts it means. We have a couple of TVs with 4K support with quite significant discounts (we are talking about models from Samsung and LG), some games at irresistible prices and even a phone (the Galaxy A40) that [...]

Xiaomi launches new electric scooter with 70km of autonomy and on-board computer!

Xiaomi continues to expand its product portfolio among the most diverse segments, asserting itself more and more as a reference brand also in the world of "electric vehicles". After winning thousands of users with its electric scooters, the manufacturer has now launched a new electric scooter.As usual with the launch of new gadgets, the [...]

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Google Play Store receives visual novelty that will help you choose reliable Apps!

The Google Play Store has more than 3 million applications, which are spread across all categories you can imagine. However, this sea of ​​applications can quickly become a nightmare for users, featuring a lot of poor quality content and often putting users at risk.In order to facilitate the selection of applications by users, the [...]

The new Polaroid Now recovers the original essence and also the brand

New Polaroid with autofocus If you like the world of photography, surely you know the Polaroid brand. One of those classic brands and easy to recognize thanks to what they achieved with the design of their cameras, although in this case it also played in their favor that possibility that they offered to instantly [...]

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Huawei CEO guarantees that the COVID-19 pandemic will not affect the Huawei P40

Huawei has finally unveiled its new tops. This year, the Chinese company opted for the launch of three smartphones with fantastic specifications and build quality. But will they reach the market on the promised dates?According to Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei's mobile division, the COVID-19 pandemic will not affect the availability of the new [...]

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