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Podcast 279: Samsung Galaxy Note 20, new Pixel 4a and more

It's time for another EBox podcast. This week's topics are not hot and important. Google launched a new smartphone, Samsung also gave us new products.The Podcast starts today at 21.30h (Lisbon) in our new YouTube channel for the Podcast. As usual, we will have Daniel Pinto as a guest. If you haven't subscribed to [...]

Huawei’s next folding smartphone will follow in Samsung’s footsteps

Huawei was one of the first brands to launch a foldable smartphone for the market. Although the Huawei Mate X was not the most popular smartphone of the brand, due to its price, it created a positive impact on the market.Although the manufacturer is not in the best position due to the problem with [...]

It’s a good time for this Samsung Smart TV 4K at 45%

Samsung 4K UHD RU8005, a very good option Among so many televisions and the current varied offer it is difficult to find the best 4K Smart TV on the market. That is why you will surely appreciate that we make it easy for you, very easy, directly recommending the purchase of this Samsung RU8005. [...]

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Serious security flaw in Snapdragon processors discovered!

Cybersecurity company Checkpoint did extensive research on Snapdragon processors and found a security hole in one of the chip components. The component is the DSP (Digital Signal Processor), essentially the "black box" of smartphones.Anyone who can exploit this security hole will have access to more than 400 lines of vulnerable code, according to Checkpoint. [...]

Huawei will make drastic decision regarding their smartphones! Understand what’s going on

Huawei's business CEO Richard Yu said the company would stop producing its own processors, the Kirin. This decision was made following the restrictions that the United States placed on TSMC, Huawei's largest supplier of components for processors.This is a decision that will change the company's future completely. Huawei has spent the last few years [...]

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Huawei smartphones will change for the better! You see

Huawei smartphones are quality when it comes to hardware. The devices have a quality design, fantastic cameras and top-notch performance (when that's the case).Still, there is a detail that all nerds would have liked to see on Huawei smartphones. A detail that a "normal" user does not think is a problem.Qualcomm processors on Huawei [...]

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Qualcomm asks the United States for permission to sell technology to Huawei

According to the Wall Street Journal, Qualcomm prepared a presentation with the intention of requesting permission from the United States to sell processors to Huawei. This order follows the limitations imposed on the component trade by TSMC, a key supplier to Huawei.In the documents, Qualcomm argues that this decision will not prevent Huawei from [...]

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This could be Huawei’s next smartwatch / smartband with HarmonyOS

Huawei has been working more and more on its smartwatches and smartbands. With the impediment of installing Google services on their smartphones, wearables are giving manufacturers important sales to remain relevant.The new patent of the brand shows us how it will be one of Huawei's next smartwatches (or smartband). We have a simple, small [...]

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 finally seen in the first hands-on video

Samsung will lift the veil over the Galaxy Z Fold 2 at last Wednesday's presentation. Unfortunately for fans, the details surrounding their new folding were not many, with the promise that more would be revealed on September 1.A few days after the revelation, here comes the first video hands-on of the new Samsung Galaxy [...]

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These are the most powerful Android smartphone processors at the moment

When choosing a new Android smartphone we always have to look at a detail that many have no idea that is important. I speak, obviously, of the processor that is inside the equipment.The phone can even have 6GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. If the processor is not of quality, it is [...]

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Looking forward to the Pixel Watch launch? New news rekindles hope

Perhaps the most mythical product from Google is the possible Pixel Watch. We heard about the possibility of Google launching its own smartwatch a few years ago, but so far this has not yet materialized.The hope of seeing this much desired product being revealed arises again, thanks to a report published by ETNews. According [...]

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Microsoft Surface Duo: the foldable appears in official images!

The Microsoft Surface Duo is the company's future bet on smartphones, with a cartoon format. The equipment is foldable, although it does not have a folding screen. There is a hinge that physically separates the two screens, opening the door to various multitasking possibilities.The famous leaker Evan Blass shared some images with official renders [...]

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Huawei Mate X2: next foldable will follow in the footsteps of Samsung

Huawei was the first to introduce a foldable smartphone, the Huawei Mate X. This device, like its successor, folds out, meaning that the screen remains exposed even when folded, which raises several questions regarding its resistance .For the next folding model, it looks like Huawei will take a different approach. According to what was [...]

Download the wallpapers of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 here

After months of rumors and leaks, behold, Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The phone arrived with the "normal" version and an "ultra" and slightly more premium version. So, before the smartphone starts to hit stores, it's time to download your wallpapers. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 wallpapers are elegant and pull the [...]

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Huawei Mate 40 will be the last with Kirin processor. And now?

Huawei has not had an easy life after the US blacklisted it. After all the impediments to software, the latest order signed by Donald Trump still makes it difficult for the company to access new processors.This difficulty was recently acknowledged by a Huawei executive. Yu Chengdong reveals that the company will stop producing its [...]

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Spain only thinks about Xiaomi! Samsung and Huawei continue to sink

Xiaomi has been growing incredibly in Europe. Spain was one of the first countries that the brand attacked strongly and now we see the results of this investment.According to Canalys, Xiaomi is the owner of the Spanish market. In fact, the brand's growth continues to be impressive and exceeded by OPPO with its recent [...]

Xiaomi will follow the steps of Samsung in the name of its next smartphone

Xiaomi is about to complete 10 years of existence and with this new equipment will arrive on the market. One of them the much talked about Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus.However, it appears that Xiaomi will follow in Samsung's footsteps on behalf of its smartphones. This is because the new information states that the [...]

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It is confirmed! OnePlus smartphones will bring expected feature to OxygenOS 11

OnePlus just gave the official shock. OnePlus smartphones that will receive OxygenOS 11 will also have AlwaysOn Display. The feature that gives you the possibility to always have the screen on with minimal information.This functionality is not exactly new in the segment, however, it is one of the most desired of OnePlus users who [...]

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Do you have a high-end smartphone from Samsung? You will love the latest news!

Samsung, finally, will appreciate even more users who spend a lot of money on their high-end smartphones. Very quickly in the presentation of the new Note 20, Samsung said that it will guarantee 3 major updates for the top of the range.However, not all high-end smartphones from Samsung will be so lucky. That is, [...]

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Android TV: choose the best Smart TV with the Google system

What are the advantages of Android TV? Having the Google operating system on our smart TV instead of opting for other variations like Tizen, from Samsung, or webOS, from LG, it can bring us certain advantages. The first, and most obvious, is that Android TV usually update more frequently than the rest of operating [...]