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The 10 best smartwatch of 2020

Those looking for an accessory capable of recording and tracking physical activities, have the best smartwatches for sport and general use, with smart accessories to buy and have on their wrist. Then you'll find the best smartwatch for you!You have clocks with different operating systems and different functions, suitable for the most varied users. [...]

Bond, James Bond and all the actors who brought him to life

All the actors who played James Bond Interpret to James Bond, the popular secret agent of MI6 (British intelligent service), is a privilege and also a great responsibility. Not so much at the beginning, but today the actor who accepts the challenge has to be very sure that he wants to put on the [...]

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On HBO? Netflix? Where to watch the series that swept the Emmy 2020

The Emmy, the great television awards There are many awards in the world of TV, but probably none are as prestigious as the Emmys. Delivered for the first time in 1949, these awards are actually part of the Primetime category, which is responsible for rewarding the best American television proposals in terms of series, [...]

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Iluv SyrenPro: the complete review

Iluv SyrenPro: the promise The iLuv SyrenPro is a Bluetooth speaker for less than 200 euros supposed to deliver 360-degree sound indoors, but also on the go thanks to its integrated battery. Resistant to UV rays and water splashes, we can even say that it is cut for adventure. We reviewed it as part [...]

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Jabra Elite 85t are official: the detail that Bluetooth headsets lacked

They are called Jabra Elite 85t and, at first glance, they do not bring big exterior changes compared to the Bluetooth headsets that precede them (Elite 75t). The great detail that makes them truly interesting is the fact that they arrive with active noise cancellation.They have a chip that allows you to control the [...]

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Rowenta Explorer 60 review: XS robot vacuum cleaner with XL price

The Rowenta Explorer 60 is on sale in UK for € 475 and it's not worth the investment. It is possible to find this robot vacuum cleaner cheaper, close to 300 euros, still a high price for an essentially mediocre product.We explore the functions of the automatic vacuum cleaner, accessories, navigation, control app, autonomy, [...]

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Twitter: controversy over the algorithm favoring white people

At a time when the "#BlackLivesMatter" movement is stronger than ever, Twitter is involved in a new controversy due to its algorithm to value, in some way, white people in comparison to dark people.The publication was first published by a user called "Tony". The publication turned out to be so popular that it even [...]

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The Twitter algorithm is racist, or is your data?

Are AIs racist? As we already told you, Twitter has long offered the ability to crop images intelligently. It is based on a series of patterns and data with which, thanks to this function, you should not worry about how the image will appear on the timeline of other users when they review what [...]

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GoPro Hero 9, is it worth it as a camera for vlogging?

GoPro Hero 9 is it good for vlogging? Using a GoPro camera as a vlogging camera is nothing new. For years the previous models have been used for all these types of uses. Hence, many accessories such as cages and a series of accessories emerged that improved the experience and results. And, in case [...]

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Lumix G100, review: the most versatile way to vlog

Panasonic Lumix G100, video analysis The Lumix G100 is a camera focused on vlogging. Ideal for all content creators looking for a device that offers quality, versatility and is also comfortable to always carry. Under that premise, the truth is that the Panasonic product performs quite well. Especially on the issue of [...]

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Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra: battery won’t be a problem, but it won’t be impressive

The Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra (or S21 Ultra) will only be unveiled officially next year. Still, it starts to be time to learn a little more about the new Samsung smartphones with rumors and leaks.Even though it's a little early to be sure, we started to get an idea of ​​what Samsung's new flagship [...]

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OnePlus Buds Z: new wireless earphones will be affordable for everyone

OnePlus prepares new earphones with the name of OnePlus Buds Z. It is not the first time that the subject has been talked about and it seems that this information has "legs to walk".The rumors started with XDA staff indicating that the name was seen in OnePlus smartphone software. Today Max J, a known [...]

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The Legend of Zelda in full: every game since 1986

Nintendo's most mythical story One of the most acclaimed and desired sagas by all "gamers" are the titles in the history of the warrior Link. A story in which we have accompanied him to save Zelda and the kingdom of Hyrule from many dangers. In this compilation we want to group all the published [...]

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Sony WF-SP800N Review – Bluetooth headsets perfect for sports and more

I am a proud owner of the Sony WH-1000XM3. These Bluetooth earphones from Sony are a real lifesaver in any scenario, thanks to their excellent noise cancellation. That's why when I test a Sony sound product, the bar is always very high.I was able to spend a few days with the recent Sony WF-SP800N [...]

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An iPhone 12 with Touch ID is possible and Apple proves it

No excuses to integrate Touch ID again Apple's latest keynote brought not only new Apple Watch Series 6 and SE, new 8th generation iPad and a redesigned iPad Air that is so close to the Pro range, but also the idea that having a Phone 12 with Touch ID not only is it possible [...]

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The 21 things you need to know about today’s Apple event

Today we had a party in Cupertino with a apple event in which new products have been announced. If you missed it or just want to re-review the key moments, you are in the right place. We have prepared for you a summary with the 21 key points that you should be clear about [...]

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Razer put sensitive data of up to 100,000 users at risk

Razer may have exposed the data of up to 100,000 users due to a configuration error on its servers. Sensitive data such as names and email addresses will be among the lot of information easily accessible.The case was exposed by security investigator Bob Diachencko, in a news item advanced by Ars Technica, pointing to [...]

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PS5 Digital Edition can surprise with price below 400 €

Sony is preparing for its official event where it is expected to confirm the price of the next generation console, but until then rumors continue to arise. Now, according to Bloomberg, the PS5 Digital Edition could turn out to be really cheap.The information appears in contrast to previous reports, now pointing to a value [...]

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The best FIFA 21 players according to position

The best ST and CF forwards in FIFA 21 To win you need a goal, so nothing better than having a killer from the area to not miss the opportunity to get ahead on the scoreboard. These are the highest rated forwards in FIFA 21 ordered by overall score: [92] Cristiano Ronaldo - Piemonte [...]

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Apple will allow the game via streaming, but in its own way

After numerous complaints from users and developers, especially those responsible for services such as xCloud, Stadia and GeForce Now, Apple announced changes in the rules of the App Store in order to allow the game via streaming. The problem is that, as always, it will be his style and that does not seem to [...]

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