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The Russian version of “Chernobyl” is ready to go out into the world

Chernobyl, the big surprise Few expected that a series that tells us something that we all already know more than enough could catch us so much. Chernobyl, created by Craig Mazin and directed by Johan Renck, has meant one of the best premieres that are remembered on the HBO platform, forming a [...]

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Make Alexa your best co-driver and squeeze the Amazon Echo Auto

The best use of Echo Auto We have already seen what is the Echo Auto not only is it a very inexpensive device that add that point of intelligence that voice assistants offer to your car with a very simple installation. So much so that basically you only need a cable or [...]

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite, review: perhaps the best in the M10 family

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite, video analysis characteristicsXiaomi Mi 10 Lite ProcessorSnapdragon 765G with 5G connectivity screen6.57 "AMOLED Resolution2400 x 1080 pixels with HDR10 + support RAM and Storage6GB + 64GB6GB + 128GB8GB + 256GB (available depending on markets) Battery4,160 mAh + 20W fast charge system SecurityOn-screen fingerprint readerFacial recognitionPattern and [...]

Report a comment, profile or publication on Instagram

Inappropriate behaviors on Instagram, what are they? When we talk about reporting inappropriate behavior on social networks, there can always be a question about what content falls exactly under this category. There are some quite obvious and obvious that do not need explanation, however others may be subject to doubt or discussion [...]

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Which Smart TV system does your TV use: options by brand

A matter of options and resources When a television manufacturer decides to opt for one or the other Smart TV platform, in part it all comes down to a simple matter of resources and options. Why developing a proprietary system is not easy. What's more, not even some of the big brands [...]

Instagram prepares this new interface to devour Stories

An index for stories Surely your Instagram home page is full of illuminated circles notifying that there are stories pending to review. Your contacts are addicted to short and temporary stories, so it's normal to find dozens of notifications waiting to be read. Considering this avalanche of information, it is sometimes quite [...]

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And the end came: the best and worst of the 3rd season of Dark

Dark arrived a few days ago with its third season on Netflix, thus putting the finishing touch on one of the best proposals in the platform's catalog. It was a intense journey, very intense, and tremendously chaotic, but everything finds meaning now, after 26 broadcast episodes. It is time for let's review [...]

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The books that show the magic of Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli's books Studio Ghibli films have the ability to conquer young and old. The way the stories are structured, the quality of their animation and many other details have allowed him to make a difference and serve as a source of inspiration for many other creators. However, knowing all those small [...]

August seems to be the month chosen for Xbox Series S

It won't be in June Considering that we have already closed June, it is not necessary to be a fortune teller to discover that Microsoft has preferred to spend the month when it comes to showing news related to the games of the new console. This may not have surprised us too [...]

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It’s that easy to use Alexa to control your home when you’re not

Alexa and home automation control outside the home When you are considering creating a connected home, it is important to stop and assess which of the platforms you are most interested in. If you also intend to actively use any of the three most popular voice assistants today, even more so. Right [...]

This is all that comes this week to Netflix, HBO and Amazon

Releases of the week on Netflix Netflix spent the last cartridge of the month of June with the premiere of the final season of Dark, that took place this past Saturday on the platform. That is why the news in the service starts from Wednesday, the first day of the month, without [...]

Get ready: quick guide to watch the 3rd season of Dark

Dark Season Summaries The first and most important thing to start watching the third season of Dark is to have the freshest possible previous deliveries. Reading it (and writing it) would be very dense and heavy, so nothing like using audiovisual support to make memory in a matter of a few minutes [...]

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Facebook wants to prevent you from sharing old news

Facebook and old news Today, many users continue to use Facebook as a means of information, both personal and general and above all to be aware of current affairs. That way, they not only review the photos of the last vacations of their family and friends, the birthday party celebrated or the [...]

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Mi Robot-Vacuum Mop Pro Review: the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner that’s worth it!

The Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pro from Xiaomi is on sale in UK, in the official Mi Store, for 349 € and is worth the investment! EBox tested Xiaomi's best vacuum cleaner, this being the written review of the product.Then we explore the features of Xiaomi's automatic vacuum cleaner, the included accessories, [...]

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Amazon creates team to combat smuggling of counterfeit goods

One of Amazon's most constant problems is selling counterfeit products on its platform, from suitcases, clothing to technology. To combat this situation, the company will join with the authorities to create a specific team to combat the sale of counterfeit products or their smuggling.The division is called Counterfeit Crimes Unit and is [...]

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Boot Camp will not be available on Mac with ARM

Install Windows on Mac? Not on new computers Today we have been able to know through the last John Gruber's Talk Show, that the next generation of Mac computers with ARM-based processors will not offer the ability to run a second alternative operating system as is currently the case with Windows and [...]

The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is very close: this is what we know

My TV Stick, the next from Xiaomi The Chinese firm already has solutions such as the Mi Box S or the Mi Box 4K in its catalog, however, now it seems to go straight for the Amazon Fire TV Stick. And it is that a device of similar characteristics has been seen [...]

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Dark: the summary you must see before beginning the 3rd season

Dark, the great German revelation We have already told you more than once: Dark It has been one of the great surprises in the Netflix catalog. The series, which started as little promotion and reached the platform without making much noise, went through a discreet first season in which little by little [...]

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What are virtual reality 6-DoF viewers?

A matter of movement If you have tried any model of virtual reality viewer, you will have seen how the device allows you to move around the room to make you feel that you are within that world that the device's screens are drawing in front of your eyes. Or maybe not. [...]

Discount: iPhone 11 (256 GB) with a discount of more than 160 euros

iPhone 11, the smartphone that everyone likes When Apple introduced the iPhone 11, it showed that it could be able to combine the best of Apple in a single product at a more competitive price. Those who want something much more professional and top, have of course at their fingertips the iPhone [...]

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