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Become an expert of Luma Fusion, the best video editor for iPad

Learn to use Luma Fusion for iOS Those of us who are dedicated to video themes and use Final Cut Pro X follow waiting Dreaming of an iOS version. But we have to settle for iMovie and that option to then be able to export the project to the Mac to finish it in [...]

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Absences, delays and new video game launches in our weekly video summary

Video summary of the best video game news of the week The first bombing of the week was an open secret that was confirmed. Sony will not be in E3 for the second year in a row, and that means that PS5 will not be in the halls of the Los Angeles video [...]

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Facebook still can’t find a way to put ads on WhastApp without bothering you

WhatsApp advertising Yes, it is completely true. A vice president of the company confirmed that the idea of ​​introducing advertising in the states (in the same way that happens on Instagram) was within the service plans, however, as the Wall Street JournalIt seems that everything has stopped until further notice. Everything comes thanks to [...]

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Our suspicions about Watchmen have been fulfilled

There will be no second season of Watchmen Watchmen It has undoubtedly been one of the great surprises of 2019. Capturing the essence of a comic so transcendental in our culture and with as many followers in the world as Alan Moore's, and using it to create a new story that convinces is not, [...]

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Game sales increase 400% after being made available on a pirate site!

Contrary to popular belief, piracy is not always meant by negative outcomes. Proof of this is the game Danger Gazers, which saw its Steam sales grow 400% after the developer himself made it available on the popular torrent site The Pirate Bay.The game was only released on the Steam platform earlier this year (January [...]

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Top 10 Chinese Mobile Phones to Watch by 2020

Chinese mobile phones bring us quality at a very competitive price and if we want to buy new equipment, this list is a must to make a good purchase. Here you will find the best options for every budget.The main specifications and the points that differentiate each smartphone, with models available in physical stores [...]

Amazfit Stratos 3 Review: The Best Xiaomi Smartwatch for Sport!

Amazfit Stratos 3 is one of the best Xiaomi smartwatch, now available in UK, for sports and outdoor activities. It has GPS, internal memory for music and costs 199 €, but see if it is right for you in the full analysis.The smart watch does not go unnoticed on the wrist, being relatively large, [...]

Not being able to set alarms and timers in several Echo at the same time takes away years of life

Alarms and timers in more than one Amazon Echo It may have happened to you and you are wondering what exactly you are doing wrong. Well, it's not you, it's Alexa Amazon devices are capable of creating alarms and timers with a simple vocal command. If you don't want your fish to burn, just [...]

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Facebook will notify you when you join the social network by third parties

In an effort to give its users better privacy control, Facebook has created a new role regarding third party login. Therefore, whenever you log in to your Facebook account through a third party app, you will receive proper notification detailing the times and the shared content.The notification in question will be sent via email [...]

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AirPods Pro: Update “Ruins” Noise Canceling. You see

As Rtings advances, the new AirPods Pro received an update in December that began to cause some dissatisfaction among users. Upon review it was concluded that the upgrade affected the noise canceling capabilities of True Wireless headsets.Active noise cancellation is one of AirPods Pro's most talked about selling points. Overall, community and media feedback [...]

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In Super Nintendo World you will wear a smart bracelet to kill Bowser

Mario's world in real life After many months of work and construction, the new Super Nintendo World It's something like a real-world Super Mario world. The park will open in summer in Osaka, and in it, visitors will wear a smart bracelet with which to collect coins while visiting the park. In addition, there [...]

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Beware of excess Photoshop: Instagram could erase your photos

Why is Instagram hiding photoshoped photos? Instagram recently decided to try to deal with news and fake images (the calls «fake news«, One of the great evils Internet of recent times) with a new function that is responsible for pointing and alerting the user in your feed about photos that are not real. For [...]

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All EBox Awards winners! From best smartphones to best carrier!

Today all EBox Awards winners are revealed! The prizes you love so much are back. We have opened votes for the following categories: "Best Smartphone of the Year","Best Bet","Revelation Mark" Or until "Best Mobile Operator"The results were astonishing and will give you talk. Xiaomi and OnePlus were the big winners and NOS surprised everyone [...]

GoPro finally updates its Karma drone to fix connection problems

GoPro Karma: System Update 2.50.01 After the last update released on September 26, 2018, GoPro has been forced to launch a new system update to end a serious problem completely unexpectedly. The manufacturer is against the ropes because hundreds of users are unable to start your drone, and after many days of waiting, it [...]

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Apple starts a replacement program for the Smart Battery Case, is yours affected?

Apple Smart Battery Case Replacement Program In addition to the typical iPhone cases that we all know (leather, silicone, etc.), Apple also has another much more special model (and more expensive, of course) that fulfills a double function: it not only protects the phone from scratches or certain bumps; also gives a push in [...]

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OnePlus already has its screen ready with 120 Hz refresh for the OnePlus 8

One more step, OnePlus goes up to 120 Hz soda Pete Lau, CEBox of OnePlus, has confirmed the development of a new screen for its terminals that would reach the 120 Hz refresh. If the 90 Hz panel of the OnePlus 7 Pro already marked differences, now the company would take another step in [...]

It won’t be Bloom: Samsung’s next folding is the Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip That is the name that the famous filter Iceuniverse He has left on his Twitter account. This is a completely different reference to what we are used to seeing in the Samsung catalog, although possibly the Z nomenclature serves to classify a new generation of folding terminals. Galaxy Z Flip [...]

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Top 10 smartbands to buy by 2020

The smartband or fitness bracelet brings together several metrics helps us keep up with daily physical activity. Here we gather the best you can buy from the available models.We chose the best cheap smartband, the best fitness bracelet of 2020, or fitness band, as well as the best GPS smartband for price / quality, [...]

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Your Xiaomi scooter could have a problem with the mast hook. Is it affected?

Xiaomi scooter hook breaks It has been Xiaomi himself who has notified the detected error through social networks. Apparently, the scooters manufactured between September 2017 and October 2018 They have a piece of aluminum alloy that serves as a hook to tighten the clamping screw of the handlebar mast. Mind you, this error has [...]

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Huawei MatePod: Apple AirPods Pro Rivals Come

Huawei has been betting heavily on the wearables segment. The latest case is FreeBuds 3, a wireless headset unveiled during the presentation of the Mate 30 Pro, clearly focused on competing with Apple AirPods.Now, the Chinese manufacturer has registered the trademark “MatePod” at the European Union Intellectual Property Institute (EUIPO). By name, these seem [...]

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