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Kodi Website Domain Seized By Copyright Police Fake Or Real?

kodi shut down!

Update 01/04/2017 22:17 IT’S ALL OVER

Well done Kodi.TV! After a long day, it’s finally all over. We know for 100% that the domain seized notice was fake. It was all part of a very carefully planned unveiling of the new look site. Kodi.tv is back up and running and looking a million dollars.

Why would Kodi place the domain seized banner on their own site? to attract people’s attention, to Increase people’s awareness and to also get people to visit the site to see if it’s back up and running. By doing a stunt like this, it sent shockwaves through the Kodi community. Youtubers, bloggers, reviewers, all had something to say about it. Now Kodi.TV will reap the rewards that they deserve.

Update 01/04/2017 15:19pm

After doing a little digging, it looks like this could very well be a well-planned April fool’s joke. Why do we say this?

What this shows us is that kodi.TV still control or the images displayed. If the site was under control of ICE the images would be hosted on an external server, not hosted on Kodi.TV. What they have done is relatively easy. When a site is down for maintenance they can display any image they want for all pages and posts. So, it’s highly likely they have put the site into maintenance mode and replaced the image on the site.

Temporary Kodi downloads:


Today the Kodi.tv website has been displaying a Kodi Domain seized page on the home page. Now this is either one of 3 things

  • Kodi TV has been taken down by Homeland Security Investigations. Who have the power to take down a website that’s infringing the 18 U.S.C 981 law. Under the guidelines ICE have the power to is take over or confiscate property including a domain. If a domain is in breach of 18 U.S.C the United States can take it.
  • Kodi TV has been hacked, it’s possible that Kodi.TV has been hacked. When a website has been hacked it’s possible for the hackers to replace content with their own. So, this takes down notice could be fake. Once a hacker takes over a site they can do whatever they like. In other cases, the attackers just destroy a site, or take it offline.
  • The final option is Kodi TV is pulling an elaborate April fools joke. Let’s say they wanted to do a publicity stunt on April fool’s, how would they get people talking about Kodi? Well a domain seized landing page would get people’s attention.

Has Kodi been shut down?

At the time of writing this is what we can confirm.

  1. Kodi.TV website is displaying Domain Seized
  2. You can still download kodi from the Google Play store for Android devices
  3. Kodi official twitter page are saying  “we are looking into it”
  4. Official Kodi downloads are not working
  5. The Kodi forum is also displaying a domain seized notice


Will Kodi still work if Kodi shut down?

The simple answer is yes. Kodi is a media player, it’s the 3rd party addons that are causing a major issue. Let’s say the closed down the kodi website for good. The developers that create the 3rd party addons would still create new ones. By closing the Kodi.TV site it’s not going to tackle the main issue they have. Kodi MC is not reliant on the kodi tv website so even if they take it down the only effect it will have is the RSS feed will no longer display. Any addons that are needed from the Kodi TV repo will be moved to someone else’s repo. It’s a difficult situation for the US Government.

Finale thoughts

From my experience, this is a little bit more than an April fool’s joke. If this is a stunt, then fair play to them. The amount of publicity they will receive from this stunt is phenomenal. It could also be a good way to highlight the issues surrounding Fully loaded Box sellers. And their way of showing this is what could happen if it carries on. Hopefully, by the time I wake up this will all be a joke or maybe it could be something more. Stay tuned to find out what really happened. As soon as we know we will update this post.
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2017 EU law is Kodi legal |is Selling Kodi Boxes illegal | what is kodi

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2017 EU law is Kodi legal |is Selling Kodi Boxes illegal | what is kodi

We look at the law on kodi as it stands 2017 Is kodi legal, Kodi Streaming legal, Selling Pirate Boxes illegal and also what is kodi?


There has always a bit of a grey area when people talk about Kodi and what’s legal and what’s not illegal, today we are going to try to clear a few things up.

In this post we are going to look at is Kodi legal? Is streaming legal? Can you sell a Kodi box fully loaded? Kodi TV box sellers arrested!


2017 EU law is Kodi legal |is Selling Kodi Boxes illegal? fully loaded kodi is a no-no, Kodi TV box sellers arrested but Yes Kodi is legal

What is kodi?

Kodi is a Media centre and is one of the most powerful pieces of entertainment software around. Kodi lets users stream a range of content – whether it’s from the web or local devices. This includes movies, TV, sports, TV shows and games. Kodi formally known as XBMC  is an application that runs on most TV boxes and can provide limitless entertainment. Kodi also allows the use of 3rd party add-ons allowing you to access content through the internet. Kodi will also allow you to play any media file you have on a local drive. Kodi can be installed on the following platforms: Windows, Android, Mac O SX, linux, Apple IOS and also the Raspberry Pi. The software kodi is ultimately a media player. Just like a CD player or Video player, except Kodi plays digital media.

Is Kodi legal? Yes Kodi is legal!

Kodi is one of the most powerful pieces of entertainment software around and lets users stream a range of content – whether it’s from the web or local devices. But with so much on offer – including movies, sports and games – it’s understandable to ask: “Is Kodi legal?”  The simple answer is yes.

Kodi is a piece of streaming software designed to display content on a range of devices, and that means it’s perfectly legal. If you have a DVD player or a PC only because it can play any media file it does not make it illegal. Kodi is digital media centre software that you can install on many different platforms.

Ebox Air mini Projector

Is Streaming legal? Yes Streaming is legal in the EU!

If we take a look at the law on streaming as it stands 2016 you can stream content from an online source as long as you don’t download and save the media.

When you stream content with Kodi its not downloading and saving the media onto your device but streaming it through Kodi. No media is ever saved to the device, so all your doing is viewing content already online. You are not downloading, you are not distributing, you are not copying media.

At the time of writing, no EU resident has been prosecuted for watching an internet stream. In 2015, the UK government has provided £3.1m to educate residents on how to access content. The IPO also works with the European Commission to find better ways to make content available to purchase and view across borders which may help to reduce ‘pirate’ content and geo-blocking.

On 5 June 2014, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that the existing EU copyright exemptions for temporary copies applies to viewing and streaming online. Viewing or streaming, the court says, is different to making a copy and would be exempt from copyright laws, but the copies “must be temporary, that they must be transient or incidental in nature and that they must constitute an integral and essential part of a technological process.” CASE LAW, SOURCE

Is Selling fully loaded Kodi Boxes illegal?  you can not!

Selling fully loaded Kodi boxes with Kodi addons or apps like showboxmobdro, is illegal in the EU. It is illegal to modify set-top boxes to receive digital TV subscription channels for free.

Selling devices which bypass subscription services, to access pay-to-view TV, including movies and sports is against the law.

So by installing Kodi addons or apps that allow others to be able to watch content out of the box without any prior configuration before you sell them is a no-no. You can not walk into Tesco and buy a box that allows you to watch free Sky TV or the latest blockbuster release. Check out our post on what apps we install on our TV boxes. Kodi addons and apps should be left to the end user to install. It’s not like there are not websites that show you how to install Kodi addons.

What is kodi

Kodi TV box sellers arrested!

Over the last 12 months we have seen a crackdown on people who sell fully loaded Android TV boxes.

The days of being able to buy Android TV boxes blatantly loaded and advertised as offering pirated satellite and cable content may be coming to an end.

Traders that have been offering Android boxes complete with apps that enable free viewing of TV shows, movies, and live sports events found themselves in hot water after raids by UK authorities. Trading Standards, police and Sky TV.  (these include sellers that add kodi fully loaded)

If you buy a TV box that’s fully loaded from a seller offering free content there is a good chance he will be getting a call from the serious crime squad. They will not be around to support you if your device breaks or is faulty.

 EBox T8 V smart TV box

You can read a few cases of Android TV box sellers getting arrested and shut down HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE.


If we look back to July 2011 when three men were jailed a total of 15 years for selling modified Virgin set top boxes.

This group of people modified Virgin set top boxes to watch free TV,  yes decrypting satellite transmissions is different to streaming with Kodi. The truth is if you sell a box that you can plug in and start watching free TV without any prior configuration then your doing the same thing.

TV box

Selling devices which bypass subscription services, to access pay-to-view TV, including movies and sports is illegal.


We hope we have cleared up a few questions regarding is Kodi legal.

If you on the look out for a new Android TV box then don’t go looking for a fully loaded device,  you are only going to get your fingers burnt in the long run.

EntertainmentBox have been trading for over 3 years and have built up quite a following. We will do what ever is necessary to keep trading and offering excellent customer service without breaking the law.


You can be assured that we as a seller and what we sell is 100% legal and as our customers will tell you, our customer service is second to none.


2016 EU law is Kodi legal, is Selling Kodi Boxes illegal.


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