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These are the 10 most powerful Android smartphones of the moment in the AnTuTu table

The AnTuTu benchmark is one of the ways that users can know the quality of their smartphone in a quantitative way. The application, which was removed from the Google Play Store without much explanation, remains the favorite application of many to assess the quality of my equipment.So, today we have the list [...]

Application to remove Chinese Apps is viral on Google Play Store with over 5M downloads

The application to remove Chinese Apps on the Android smartphone first reached the Google Play Store on May 17 and quickly went viral. Incidentally, the application went directly to the first place in the Free Apps table in the second largest market in the world, India.The application is simple and intuitive. It [...]

CAUTION: remove these popular Apps that are on the Google Play Store and have Spyware now!

Another week and more Apps on the Google Play Store with possible weaknesses for the user. The Apps in question were mentioned by the company "VPN PRO" that have spyware and unnecessary permissions for good use.In total, these applications have more than 100 million downloads. So, we can assume that some of [...]

Google Play Store: get to know these 9 new free games just arrived!

Today we have a list for you of games on the Google Play Store just arrived. As always they are free games, only with the possible purchases within the application. In addition, they are games with good feedback from the Android community.9 free games on the Google Play StoreDream League Soccer 2020If [...]

Google Play Store: 7 free offline games you have to try!

Today we have a favorable list for you. These are free games that can be played without an internet connection. They are completely offline games where you can enjoy anywhere. As always, they are tested games that have good ratings on the Google Play Store.7 free offline games on the Google Play [...]

Tik Tok take care! Zynn is the clone that offers users money

Given the success of Tik Tok, it’s no wonder the appearance of apps trying to emulate its success. Such is the case with Zynn, an application that is a clone of the popular short video app, but with a different twist: Zynn pays users to watch videos.Zynn uses a system that is [...]

League of Legends Wild Rift: see the first gameplay of the game for Android and iOS (video)

It was at the end of last year that Riot Games broke the news that made all League of Legends fans happy. This popular game will have a version for smartphones that will be known as League of Legends: Wild Rift.After several months without news about the game, the Riot Game released [...]

Apple is again accused of anti-competition practices! Know the details

As the Financial Times has advanced, Apple is on charges of anti-competition practices, again. This time, the charge is at Tile, a company that creates Bluetooth tracking devices. Tile claims that Apple favors its own localization app on iOS.More specifically, on iOS 13.5, Apple puts "off" as a default option on third-party [...]

Beware, this scam uses Fortnite to sneak you into a subscription

Download Fortnite on any Android? It is well known that Fortnite is available on almost all existing platforms in the world, however, not all phones and tablets can handle the game due to its minimum requirements. This impediment makes many users keep looking for ways to play the game on their phone, [...]

Google Play Store: update brings you exactly what you need before downloading a game!

The Google Play Store is full of apps and games. However, choosing the game to download is not always simple. For this reason, in many of our articles with lists of games we present some "gameplays" in order to show the potential of the game.The Google Play Store now plans to do [...]

Google Files: application hits incredible numbers in the Play Store and you (really) have to install it!

Google File, formerly known as "Files Go", reached impressive numbers on the Google Play Store with over 500 million downloads.The application is simple and basic, but important. With this application you can manage all your files on your smartphone. Therefore, you will never have "full memory" again if you are aware of [...]

You can now play Nintendo DS games on Android with this emulator

The Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android Citra It is a well-known open source emulator that has allowed Nintendo 3DS games to run for quite some time. But the interesting thing is that the group behind the program has developed an Android version that allows you to play Nintendo 3DS games on mobile [...]

Google Play Store: 9 free action games to install!

Today there is another list of favorable games to try on your Android smartphone or tablet. They are free, full of action and with positive ratings on the Play Store. Enjoy!9 free Android games on the Google Play StoreLast ArrowsAim and shoot for sure as it could be your last arrow. Embody [...]

Citra is the first Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android!

Console emulation has evolved well beyond PC programs. In the Google Play Store you can find several emulators from different consoles. The latest is Citra, the first stable and well-functioning Nintendo 3DS emulator.Until now, the only way to have a Nintendo 3DS emulator on Android was, ironically, through a PC operating system [...]

Krita comes to Android! The best free drawing app for your smartphone

Krita is an extremely popular open source design software. The program offers professional digital design tools as well as support for graphics tablets. Krita is now available for Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Chrome OS (Chromebooks).Try the Beta version of Krita on the Google Play StoreThe Android version has been [...]

Google Play Store: 7 free casual games for a full weekend!

Today we have another collection of games for you. These are casual games, free and with excellent ratings on the Play Store. If you are looking for free Android games, this is the ideal list for you.7 free games on the Google Play StoreDefuse the 3D BombThe objective is simple, use the [...]

Google will bring sleep monitoring to any Android smartphone. Do you know how

Google continues to improve its Digital Wellbeing app. And the next big steps seem to be monitoring your sleep and what you call “Night Notes”.In the most recent beta version (1.0.312292882) a feature has appeared in the application that aims to monitor your sleep habits. To this end, the user grants Digital [...]

Huawei without Google services? This is the ultimate solution!

Due to the US ban, Huawei was forced to bet on the AppGallery, its alternative to the Google Play Store. However, one of the biggest complaints regarding the Chinese manufacturer's store is the lack of popular apps, as well as those of Google itself such as YouTube and Gmail, among others.Here comes [...]

Android TV and Chromecast get new you will love

If you have a Smart TV with Android TV or a box with this operating system, you have just won a novelty that greatly improves the use of the Chromecast function. From now on, audio that is being streamed from Chromecast will also continue to be able to play in the background.Until [...]

Google application on Android and iOS is more uniform with this novelty

The Google application for Android and iOS has finally started to receive Dark Mode. The application has already received this news on some devices, however, Google says that the news will reach all users during the week.With this new feature, your Google search in the "Google application" will be dark mode if [...]