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OnePlus Nord receives its second OxygenOS update!

OnePlus is doing an excellent job of updating the OnePlus Nord. This mid-range equipment received an update when the equipment had not yet reached users' hands. Now, the brand has released yet another update. This is OxygenOS 10.5.4.OxygenOS is the OnePlus version of Android, for the global market. For the Chinese market, OnePlus uses [...]

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HydrogenOS 11 is official! Discover OnePlus customization without Google services

HydrogenOS is essentially OxygenOS for the Chinese market, completely devoid of Google services. OnePlus announced in China HydrogenOS 11, based on Android 11. Although it is exclusive to China, it is worth seeing what this customization has to offer. Watch the video.This update will be available for all devices released after the OnePlus 5T. [...]

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OnePlus Nord gets even more irresistible with new update!

The OnePlus Nord was one of the smartphones that most talked about during the last months, presenting as one of the smartphones that offers a better price / quality ratio. After the brand started betting on the launch of real tops of the range (price included), its fans started asking them to return "to [...]

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Google Pixel 4a vs OnePlus Nord: see which of these midrange is the fastest? (video)

When we look at the mid-range market, there are two models in the spotlight today: Google Pixel 4a and OnePlus Nord. Both offer very interesting features for the price, however, they do not share the same processor.Will this difference be abysmal between them? To answer this question, the SpeedTest G channel launched a new [...]

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OnePlus Nord: see how to assemble the smartphone piece by piece (video)

OnePlus made one of its most important announcements when it introduced Nord. This equipment marks the company's return to the mid-range market, with elegant and powerful equipment, at a friendly price.Now that the OnePlus Nord has already started to be sold in some markets, behold, the company makes a marketing maneuver a little different [...]

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PUBG Mobile brings big surprise to the millions of fans! But for now it’s exclusive to OnePlus

With the vast majority of mid-range and high-end smartphones arriving with screens that support 90Hz or higher refresh rates, the gaming experience on mobile phones has improved exponentially. However, although smartphones support these refresh rates, it is up to the developers to optimize their games and add support for this option.Interestingly, one of today's [...]

It is confirmed! OnePlus smartphones will bring expected feature to OxygenOS 11

OnePlus just gave the official shock. OnePlus smartphones that will receive OxygenOS 11 will also have AlwaysOn Display. The feature that gives you the possibility to always have the screen on with minimal information.This functionality is not exactly new in the segment, however, it is one of the most desired of OnePlus users who [...]

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The 10 best Android phones with Dual SIM (2020)

Mobile phones with a slot to insert two SIM cards at the same time, or what is the same, devices with dual SIM, offer great flexibility. By being able to use two phone numbers from the same device This allows us to avoid having to always carry the company's telephone number with us in [...]

OnePlus is preparing a smartphone much cheaper than the OnePlus Nord!

This year OnePlus has finally managed to return to the spotlight, thanks to the launch of the new OnePlus Nord, which arrives with an incredible price / quality ratio. Since then, there has been talk of the possibility of the brand being able to launch two more smartphones in this new family by the [...]

OnePlus Nord is the choice of EBox readers!

A few days ago we did a survey asking: would you buy the OnePlus Nord or the Google Pixel 4A? At first glance, the choice seems easy but we have to give credit to the Pixel 4a's camera, as well as the Pure Android experience. However, it was not enough to convince the majority, [...]

These are the most powerful Android smartphones of July! Xiaomi back to not being Queen

The AnTuTu performance testing platform has already accustomed us to the recurring monthly report, which presents the ranking of the 10 most powerful Android smartphones today. For some time, the domain of Xiaomi was recurrent, but that has been changing thanks to a smartphone from OPPO.As happened last month, OPPO Find X2 Pro and [...]

The 10 best Xiaomi phones you’ll want to buy!

These are the best Xiaomi smartphones you can buy in 2020. We also include devices from the previous generation that are still great and at incredible prices. Here you have the best Xiaomi on the market for each type of user.We have all kinds of Xiaomi phones, from the most powerful to the best [...]

Bloatware on OnePlus Nord and 8 smartphones is annoying users!

Bloatware is the practice of including third party apps on smartphones. Although it is no longer as serious an occurrence as it was years ago, bloatware continues to irritate users. More recently, OnePlus Nord and OnePlus 8 have been tagged with Facebook bloatware.The subject gained some attention through leaker Max Weinbach, who shared his [...]

POCO is preparing yet another smartphone! This will fight the OnePlus Nord

Since POCO became an independent brand, it has launched a huge amount of smartphones. However, these have not excited the market and fans, as they are a copy of other models already launched by Redmi.Soon, another device from the Xiaomi sub-brand is already promised. Without giving details, a brand executive says only that this [...]

Survey: Google Pixel 4a or OnePlus Nord?

The Google Pixel 4a has been officially introduced and there are several users in the smartphone community making comparisons with the OnePlus Nord. Since both equipments are the bet of medium-high range of each company, it is normal for this type of comparison to be made.So we ask you the question: which of the [...]

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Vivo S7 is official and could have everything to be a real threat to OnePlus Nord!

After long weeks of rumors and leaks, Vivo S7 was finally officially presented during an event that took place in China. Although Vivo is not one of the most popular manufacturers in Europe, it is important that we start taking their new smartphones into consideration, as an expansion may happen soon.One of the most [...]

Google Pixel 4a is official! Possibly the best camera in a mid range

After several postponements, today Google officially introduced the Pixel 4a. Far from the pomp and circumstance that a presentation at Google I / O offers, the new mid-range of the American company no longer raises doubts.The new Google Pixel 4a comes to relaunch Google in a market that is increasingly fierce. The launches of [...]

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That’s the price of the new Google Pixel 4a! A competitor to OnePlus Nord?

Google Pixel 4a is about to be launched by Google. At a time when we have a OnePlus Nord on the market for just € 419, the new smartphone from Google will have to give us justifications for choosing this new phone.Although in UK we should not receive it officially, it will not be [...]

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Alleged OnePlus 8T goes through benchmark! I don’t think you like the news!

After we saw the OnePlus Nord being officially revealed, it's time to wait for the T models. More specifically, the OnePlus 8T and OnePlus 8T Pro.It is not yet certain when OnePlus will reveal the new models, however, if we look at last year, the Model T was officially revealed in September. In other [...]

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Google: secret code reveals release date of the next smartphone! (learns to unravel)

Google is about to unveil its new smartphone. Everything indicates that the company will unveil the Google Pixel 4a. A budget smartphone but with interesting features.The disclosure information was not exactly normal. Manufacturers usually post a photo on the Internet with the date of development of the new product and it's done.Google Pixel 4a [...]

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