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Nokia 9.3 PureView: new flagship is postponed again

There has long been talk of launching a successor to the Nokia 9 PureView. This equipment was initially planned for the last quarter of 2019, but to date there is still no sign of it.According to the latest information, we will not see this mythical equipment any time soon on the market. The launch [...]

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Do you want to see 3D animals in Google Search? You must have one of these smartphones!

Google search yesterday revealed the possibility of seeing 3D animals on your smartphone. This technology is supported by Augmented Reality in order to "transport" the animal directly to your living room.However, not all smartphones are able to see this new possibility. For that, you need to have an equipment with ARCore. Google's Augmented Reality [...]

Google, Nokia and LG want to escape the Snapdragon 865. Know why

There are several manufacturers that want to escape Qualcomm's flagship processor for 2020 - the Snapdragon 865. But after all, why don't they want Nokia, LG or Google to use the processor in their equipment? The problem seems to be the high price of the processor that has the X55 5G modem integrated.Manufacturers want [...]

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ZTE Axon 11 5G is official: the Redmi K30 5G rival has arrived

ZTE announced this Monday the Axon 11 5G. This is a mid-high-end equipment from the brand, and comes to the market with the same processor and main camera as the Redmi K30 5G or Nokia 8.3 5G.We can therefore look at it as a rival to the Redmi K30 5G, although taking into account [...]

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Nokia 5.3 is official and comes with attractive price! A mid-range to consider

During an online presentation, HMD Global presented the new smartphones that will soon integrate its portfolio. Among them is the Nokia 5.3, which presented itself in an impressive way, offering very interesting specifications with a very competitive price.Nokia may not have been able to make a huge impact on the market recently, but it [...]

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The new Nokia 5310 is here! The rebirth of a Finnish classic

Since HMD Global acquired Nokia brand rights, we are used to seeing the revival of some Finnish company classics. The latest victim of this predisposition is one of the mythical members of the brand's XpressMusic segment.Along with the company's new smartphones, HMD Global introduced the new Nokia 5310. Reusing the design of the original [...]

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Do you have an Android Go phone? Google created a camera app for you

After revealing that there are 100 million active Android Go phones worldwide, Google has announced that it will launch Google Camera Go, a camera app inspired by the ideology of Android Go, which will debut on the recent Nokia 1.3.Camera Go will essentially be a more "Lite" version of the existing camera app. Like [...]

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Nokia 1.3 is the new Android Go you need to know! It costs less than € 100

HMD Global decided to invest heavily in the launch of new smartphones during today's event, attacking virtually all market segments. During the event, a mid-range smartphone (Nokia 8.3), a mid-range smartphone (Nokia 5.3), a classic (Nokia 5310) and a budget smartphone were presented.The budget smartphone is the Nokia 1.3, which presents itself as the [...]

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This is the new Nokia 8.3 5G! A € 600 smartphone that could be a little better!

Nokia today unveiled Nokia 8.3. The new smartphone from HMD Global is a quality device, however, with a price slightly higher than expected. Mainly given the features it offers.The smartphone is elegant and its specifications are decent. We also have 4 rear cameras that Nokia tells us that deserve to be highlighted. However, the [...]

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Bring your mobile to life with these fun games

The best games for Android and iOS Rebel racing Rebel Racing is a racing game with quite realistic graphics, many customization options and a good assortment of cars from real manufacturers such as BMW Ford or Mercedes. With our car we will travel the roads of North America through all kinds of competitions. To [...]

Nokia to launch James Bond-inspired “bulletproof” case

Leaker Roland Quandt shared on Twitter one of the accessories that HMD is launching for Nokia, in conjunction with the James Bond franchise. The first accessory will be a cover for Nokia 6.2, the material used for which is Kevlar, the same material with which bulletproof vests are made.Despite having Kevlar material, this cover [...]

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Nokia will revitalize its mythical XpressMusic!

The era of key cell phones is not over yet, as there is still a market for this type of equipment. Such is the case with Nokia XpressMusic, which will have a new version released by Nokia soon. The equipment has already received the necessary certifications to be sold in several markets.However, this will [...]

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HMD Global forced to delay the arrival of Android 10 to Nokia smartphones! See the list

HMD Global had already published an official infographic where it revealed when its users could expect the arrival of Android 10 on their smartphones. However, with the great Coronavirus outbreak that was already considered a pandemic by the World Health Organization, they were forced to publish an updated chart.As you can see in the [...]

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Nokia 5.3 will make a statement! Here are your specifications and price

Nokia is preparing to launch new models to the market. The new equipment of the Finnish company should not be long before it reaches our shelves and, as you would expect, some smartphones are going to talk.Nokia 5.3 will be one of them. The new device is a clear mid-range, however, its price could [...]

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Nokia 5.3: its specifications revealed before its launch

Nokia had a confirmed presence at MWC 2020, but after the event was canceled, we do not know when the Finnish company will reveal its new products. One of the smartphones to be presented on that occasion is Nokia 5.3.The publication NokiaPowerUser is exclusively advancing the main information about this new mid range. We [...]

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Nokia 8.2 5G spotted in new James Bond movie

Due to the cancellation of MWC 2020 because of the Coronavirus, HMD Global (Nokia) had to find other ways to promote and present its products. In this case, its first 5G phone, Nokia 8.2, will appear in the new James Bond film: No Time To Die.Some users on Reddit have managed to access images [...]

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HMD reveals possible collaboration with the film James Bond at the next Nokia event!

HMD Global has revealed that it will hold its next Nokia event on March 19 in London. The revelation was made by the usual Juho Sarvikas through his Twitter account. This event had to be organized after MWC 2020 was canceled thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak.Although this event promises to bring several news regarding [...]

Vulnerability in MediaTek processors affects multiple devices. Know if yours is on the list

As is being advanced in the XDA Developers forum, some MediaTek processors have a critical vulnerability. This is because it manages to gain root privileges on your smartphone.This means that by exploiting this vulnerability, it is possible to access all data on your equipment. This is possible because root privileges mean having full control [...]

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Nokia 9.2: alleged smartphone image makes us excited!

Nokia delayed the launch of its top of the range in order to create a more competitive smartphone on the market. Well, if this image is really of the company's next mobile phone, it promises to be something to talk about.The equipment follows the ideology of the predecessor. That is, simple lines with a [...]

Microsoft Surface Duo could be “perfect”, but it will end up disappointing!

Microsoft has been working on its first "foldable" Surface Duo smartphone for some time, and its launch is expected during the holiday season this year. I say "foldable" because, although it can close like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it will come with two individual screens separated by extremely thin borders.Now, according to a new [...]

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