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Android 11 has arrived for developers! What does it means?

Android 11 was officially launched by Google for its developers. In other words, we have an operating system that is still very "raw" and working to give us the quality we are used to.Google usually reveals Android 11 at its Google I / O conference. The same will happen this year, however, before that, [...]

Sony Xperia 9 “caught” on information leak. Know the details.

Through SlashLeaks, an image was published that very possibly will be the next Sony Xperia 9. This will be the next mobile phone of the brand, which fits in the mid-range. The image was taken from Sony's Chinese website, admittedly by mistake, as the phone has no release date yet.Therefore, we can expect equipment [...]

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The best gaming smartphone of 2020 has its launch postponed

About a week ago we reported that Nubia was preparing for the arrival of the market that has everything to be the best gaming smartphone of 2020. The Nubia Red Magic 5G had a launch scheduled for the Mobile World Congress, but this will not happen.After the GSMA canceled the event, some brands that [...]

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MWC 2020: here are the mobile phones affected by the cancellation of the event

The cancellation of MWC 2020 due to the Coronavirus will certainly have a negative impact on the mobile phone industry. Although it was an event more focused on investments than the consumer, it is a relevant event where many brands take advantage of the exhibition to promote their products.The event having been canceled, there [...]

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MWC 2020 has been canceled due to the Coronavirus threat!

After many rumors and trying to keep her plans intact at all costs, the organizer of Mobile World Congress was unable to avoid canceling the technology fair.Through an official statement published today, John Hoffman - CEO of the GSMA - confirmed that they were obliged to cancel the MWC 2020 to be held in [...]

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These are the most famous ringtones in history

The best ringtones ever Throughout these years we have seen countless creations, but only some have managed to penetrate the public. Next, we are going to review some of the most famous creations of the era of modern telephony, sounds that you probably recognize immediately after hearing a slight fraction of a second. Nokia [...]

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The MWC 2020 falls ill and is canceled, but why has it taken so long?

A situation in extremis and an obvious outcome Although the GSMA has called for calm during all this time, the current situation has ended up taking him against it. The organization, in charge of managing, possibly, the most important event of the year at the technological level, has just canceled the Mobile World Congress [...]

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Another weight drop! Nokia confirms it will not participate in MWC

The holding of the Mobile World Congress has been in doubt lately and one of today's news does not pay anything in its favor. Nokia / HMD Global is the latest company to announce that it will not participate in this year's MWC.The Nokia name may no longer be one of the strongest in [...]

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The mythical Nokia N9 may return in 2020. Is this its design?

When Nokia launched the N9 in September 2011, its decline was already quite evident, after dominating the first decade of the 2000s in the mobile segment.This model was marked by being the first of the manufacturer to abandon the Symbian OS. The date arrived with the Meego operating system, developed in conjunction with Intel. [...]

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Huawei P20 and 12 more Huawei smartphones receive Android 10 and EMUI 10! See which

Huawei may not be on top, however, it wants to continue to satisfy its customers. This is certainly why 13 more smartphones are preparing to receive the EMUI 10 with Android 10 later this month.The Huawei P20 line is obviously the most relevant. The brand's smartphones, (P20, P20 Pro and P20 Lite) captured the [...]

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Realme will launch its first Smart TV later this month

During a question and answer session on Twitter, a Realme executive gave a very interesting news. It will be at the Mobile World Congress fair that the brand will unveil its first Smart TV.Francis Wang did not elaborate, but said that this television will be destined for India. In addition, it has been said [...]

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BlackBerry’s future in the smartphone market is more uncertain than ever. Understand why

BlackBerry was once one of the leading telecommunications companies in the world, but that status has long since been lost. To make matters worse, the Canadian company today made an announcement that could jeopardize its future in the smartphone market.After two years of partnership, BlackBerry announced that China's TCL will lose all rights it [...]

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Gcam: how to install on any Android smartphone without Root

The Gcam or G cam, short for Google Camera is a modified version of the application (app) found on the Pixel line smartphones. As a rule, it manages to significantly improve the photographic quality of Xiaomi, Huawei and other smartphones.The premise is simple. Gcam has an excellent image processing, highlighting the HDR mode, night [...]

Nokia may launch its first foldable smartphone in 2020

According to the Nokiamob publication, the Finnish company may present a foldable smartphone later this year. From what has been said, this could happen in late 2020 or early 2021.Should this rumor materialize, Nokia will face fierce competition from brands such as Samsung, Motorola and Huawei. These three have already launched a device of [...]

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Nokia may finally launch a flagship that you will want to have!

Nokia's main goal was to revolutionize the smartphone market with the Nokia 9 PureView, being the first smartphone to feature 5 rear cameras. However, it ended up giving "a shot in the foot", by constantly postponing its launch, making it practically irrelevant at the time of launch.After several rumors and leaks about a possible [...]

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Android 11: we already know when the new Google system will arrive! Here’s what to expect!

Google has revealed that its annual conference, Google I / O, will take place between May 12th to 14th. This means that it is on these dates that we will officially have the new Android 11.However, it is expected that before the conference Google releases the beta version to developers. This usually happens a [...]

New Nokia is certified indicating the brand’s next bet

A Nokia code name "TA-1207" appeared in a Bluetooth certification database. Although the documents do not give us any indication of specifications other than an anonymous Snapdragon processor, the name "4.2" appears, suggesting a successor to the entry-level mobile phone.Therefore, Nokia may be preparing a Nokia 4.3, one of its mobile phones budget-friendly more [...]

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Alternatives to Apple Airpods: the best True Wireless headphones

Airpods-like headphones That is possibly the phrase that summarizes your need. Earphones similar to Airpods from Apple. Well, the first thing you should know is that these types of tiny headphones that move separately are called True Wireless headphones. The quick translation, as you can imagine, says "real wireless" and there is no type [...]

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Android “R” caught running on Google Pixel 4

On the Geekbench test platform, an image was published that suggests the next Google operating system to run on a Google Pixel 4. Entitled Android R, this would be the 11th version of Android, since Google decided to abandon the names of sweets and put numbers only.It is unlikely that this version will remain [...]

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Nokia may launch a new “retro” model soon

Through Twitter, HMD's CPO (Chief Product Officer) has suggested that Nokia will launch another handset inspired by older models. HMD owns Nokia and CPO Juho Sarvikas has published a photograph of limited edition Adidas sneakers.From there, the CPO made the suggestion that "Nokia should launch a new original model", indicating that the company will [...]

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