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Mozilla launches VPN service for your smartphone or computer

Mozilla is mostly known for the Firefox browser, but has now launched a new service that will spark a lot of interest. This is a VPN that you can use on Android, Windows or Chormebook.A VPN can be a key ally if you want to remain anonymous when surfing the internet. In addition to [...]

Your OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, 7T and 7T Pro just got better with the new update

If you have a OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7Pro, 7T or 7T Pro it's time to rub your hands because OnePlus just released an update that will make your device even more fluid.According to the changelog of the update, the OnePlus smartphones mentioned above will have better RAM management. I remember that RAM is one [...]

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iPhone 9 reveals its design in short ‘hands-on’ video

Apple is expected to introduce a successor to the iPhone SE in March. This economical model will be known as iPhone 9 and will have a design strongly inspired by the iPhone 8.If there were any doubts about the last fact, today we have the first video hands-on the device. This was published by [...]

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Google will bring one of the promised features to Android 11

After Android 10 was launched last year, many users have highlighted the absence of a very useful feature, "elongated" or full-screen screenshots. Instead of adding that feature in one of its updates, Google promised users that it would introduce that feature in Android 11.Now that the first Developer Preview of Android 11, the team [...]

Google Play: soon your location will be much safer on Android!

In addition to developing the new Android 11, Google is also committed to improving its Google Play operating rules and policies. Considering the numerous controversies and controversies that involved security breaches of dozens of applications for Android smartphones, security and privacy is one of the most important points for the company.To try to ensure [...]

Xiaomi launches a 5-blade razor that you will want to have!

Xiaomi surprised again by launching a new shaver (MIJIA Electric Shaver) on its crowdfunding website, Youpin. This is not the first shaver that Xiaomi has in its portfolio, however, this one will speak for its quality.The machine is slightly more expensive than the others of the brand, at around 65 €, however, it gives [...]

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Android 11 will bring functionality that Samsung’s One UI has had for years!

With the arrival of Android 10, Google brought to its millions of users one of the most desired features, Dark Mode in its entire interface. After a long period in which we saw several Apps from the company receiving this new "color palette", it was finally the turn of the operating system interface. However, [...]

Unthinkable! This smartphone uses AI so you don’t take nudes!

The smartphone is called "Tone e20" and is manufactured by a Japanese company. At first glance it is a normal smartphone, however, the company decided to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the smartphone so that its users do not take nudes. (nude photos)This is the first time that a smartphone introduces such technology and [...]

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We are offering a Xiaomi Amazfit T-REX! Know how to participate in the hobby!

Xiaomi MiStore UK and EBox have teamed up to offer you one of the best gadgets of the moment. The Xiaomi Amazfit T-REX watch has already shown in our review (which you can see below) that it is a watch to consider. And now it can be yours, you just have to let your [...]

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Galaxy Note 20 may feature Mate 30 Pro. Do you understand which

Samsung recently registered a patent at the United States office. According to the images, Samsung may be preparing an equipment with an extremely curved "waterfall" screen. The patent also describes the possibility of using the side of the screen as a button.The phone likely to make use of this design is the Samsung Galaxy [...]

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OnePlus 7T is currently € 100 off! Take advantage of the super promotion!

If you're looking at a smartphone, this could be the opportunity you've been waiting for. The latest OnePlus 7T is currently offering a discount of 100 €.The smartphone is the model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. That is, you will not have full memory problems for a long time.Know more [...]

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Video shows how the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is inside

It is no longer the first time that we see a beautiful smartphone on the outside and poorly organized inside. However, this is not the case for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro.Xiaomi is already making quality smartphones. Both outside and inside. This video that shows us the equipment inside proves that.Here's the interior of [...]

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Google Stadia gets bigger with the new list of compatible phones

Play Stadia from your Samsung Galaxy S20 Fortunately in Google have been working to bring Stadia to many more phones, so the giant has published a complete list with all the terminals in which from now on we can play the service without problems. The list includes a large number of terminals Samsung, although [...]

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Realme X50 Pro will “embarrass” the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro! At least in selfies

Despite being a very recent manufacturer, Realme continues to increasingly present itself as a rival capable of threatening Xiaomi's success. After "attacking" strongly in the mid-range segment, the brand is now preparing the smartphone that will hit the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro.The Realme X50 Pro will be the second high-end smartphone from the manufacturer, [...]

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The 15 best free Android apps in 2020

To those looking for the best Android apps, we present the selection that will help you get more out of your phone. They are productivity applications, communication tools, photography and entertainment that you can install from the Play Store.The selection was made based on the users' evaluation, classification tables and personal experience, with applications [...]

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a masterpiece of construction! This video proves it

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung's latest "shell" smartphone. The first of the brand to bring the foldable ideology in this sense.It is true that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was not the first shell smartphone with a foldable screen to hit the market, however, I believe that fans of the brand will [...]

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Oppo Find X2 will overcome the zoom of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

Oppo is preparing to launch its latest flagship, the Oppo Find X2. Due to all the leaks that have appeared, this is already one of the most interesting devices on the market in the near future and this news proves it.According to what is being advanced by the leaker Chinese Digital Chat Station, the [...]

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Honor 9C: ‘budget’ mobile phone may have imminent launch

As 91Mobiles progresses, the Honor 9C should be on its way to be announced. Huawei's sub-brand launched the Honor 8C last year to attack the market budget and will probably launch in 2020.The phone was "picked up" from a listing on a Russian certification site, codenamed Honor ASK-L29. However, certification is just a formality [...]

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Xiaomi Mi MIX 2020: alleged patent shows second rear screen

Through SlashLeaks, an image of the alleged patent of the next Xiaomi Mi MIX family mobile phone, entitled Mi MIX 2020, was published. The alleged equipment has a very alternative design, as it has a secondary screen on the rear, under the dual camera configuration.Alleged Xiaomi Mi MIX 2020 patentThis secondary screen will allegedly [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: not even the € 1,500 will save you from advertising!

Samsung is receiving some criticism regarding the foldable Galaxy Z Flip, as a Twitter user discovered that the phone shows third-party ads. The ads are displayed in the calling app, on the Places tab, a kind of list of suggestions for the user.In response, several users are complaining about the situation, saying that paying [...]

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