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This could be the design of Xiaomi’s future foldable smartphone. And it’s an authentic copy

Xiaomi was one of the first manufacturers to show its folding smartphone ideology to the world. However, Samsung, Huawei or Motorola have already effectively launched models to the market.It is not yet known what the first folding smartphone from Xiaomi will reach consumers, but a new patent gives us a good idea [...]

The offer of the day: TP-Link smart plugs at 9 euros

TP-Link Smart Plugs When we talk about smart bulbs, we always say that Philips bulbs are without a doubt a benchmark in the sector. With the topic of "smart" plugs, we could say that TP-Link has a similar reputation. The firm has a long history in everything that has to do with [...]

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Xiaomi Redmi 9: prices and official design revealed before launch

Xiaomi recently launched three mid-range smartphones in the Redmi Note 9 line recently: we are talking about the Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 9S and Redmi Note 9 Pro. Now it will be the time to launch new devices in the entry range.According to the website Gizmochina revealed exclusively, the launch of [...]

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Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro is at a discount you can’t miss

The new Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro is one of the cheapest smartphones that you can buy today with the Snapdragon 865 processor. This is a device that offers you a high quality experience, and has a screen without any notch or hole.The smartphone was presented in May with a very inviting price [...]

Apple increases iPhone sales in UK. Xiaomi is overtaken by TCL. Know the numbers

Apple turned out to be one of the brands most benefited by the Covid-19 pandemic, with regard to sales in UK. The apple company went from 10.8% market share in early 2019, to 13.7% in the first quarter of 2020. However, it remains behind Samsung and Huawei.In the opposite direction is Xiaomi, [...]

Renewing your citizen card will become simpler

In a time of pandemic, the Ministry of Justice decided to simplify the renewal of the citizen card. The 300 thousand citizen cards for people aged 25 or over (residing in UK), can be renewed through a simple SMS.This is a simplified renewal that can be made from this Saturday, June 6, [...]

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Google and Samsung are preparing to fix the “cursed” wallpaper!

Recently, a wallpaper started to circulate that once defined, causes a "crash" on Android, causing the equipment to shut down. This problem affects all types of devices, although the majority of reported cases are in Samsung.The situation escalated to such an extent that even the famous leaker IceUniverse issued a warning, asking [...]

Lenovo Legion will launch smartphone gaming soon!

Geekbench is a smartphone testing platform that usually gives us a forecast of future equipment. The most recent device to be detected by the platform was a smartphone from Lenovo Legion, with model number L79031.The smartphone was tested on the platform, obtaining scores of 914 in the single-core tests and 3370 in [...]

Prototype of the iPhone 13 shows us a technology that everyone wants

It is not the first time that the iPhone 13 is mentioned, even though the iPhone 12 has not yet been introduced. After some speculation around your cameras, now it's time to look at your design.The Macotakara publication shared a video with an alleged prototype of the iPhone 13. It reveals a [...]

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LG is thinking of a completely revolutionary new product. Know the details

We are constantly faced with patents from various companies and their vision for the future of technology. Now it was LG's turn to fill one of these documents with something truly irreverent.As the Asian publication advances Asia Time, LG submitted a patent for a device that will be a smartphone, a tablet [...]

Panasonic launches wireless headsets to combat AirPods Pro

Panasonic has just launched its alternative to Apple's AirPods Pro. They are the company's first fully wireless headsets, and they name the Panasonic RZ-S500W.These stand out for their ability to bring active noise cancellation, which promises to be at the level of "market leaders". They promise an audio experience without unwanted noise, [...]

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Samsung may be preparing a big surprise on the Galaxy Note 20

This summer, as usual, we will see a new Note line from Samsung. And judging by the latest certification, the South Korean company is preparing a big surprise - an Ultra model.It is good to remember that the latest rumors have realized that Samsung would only launch two versions of the equipment [...]

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HTC Desire 20 Pro has some specs revealed! The last hope?

Through Google Play Console, the platform for companies and developers, some information about the HTC Desire 20 Pro was discovered. This is HTC's upcoming smartphone and its next bet in the mobile industry. HTC currently needs no introduction, known to have become irrelevant in recent years.HTC Desire 20 Pro specificationsThe specifications found [...]

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OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro: update will improve the cameras!

According to information detected by XDA Developers, OnePlus has released an update of OxygenOS that aims to make the usual corrections and software improvements. However, the update brings several interesting news to improve your cameras.One is the H.265 video codec, an encoding protocol that helps reduce the size of recorded videos with [...]

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Control your visits from the mobile with these smart doorbells

Why use a smart doorbell? It may be that on more than one occasion someone has stopped by to say hello or deliver a package and you may not have known about it when you were not home. Well, this type of situation will not happen again with an intelligent bell, since [...]

Xiaomi has a new smartwatch with an unbeatable price

After being introduced in April, Xiaomi has now launched the Haylou LS04 Solar Smartwatch on its crowdfunding platform Youpin. This is a smart watch that reaches the Chinese market at a truly unbeatable price of € 22.For this price, consumers will have access to a product with a very classic look, but [...]

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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will surprise with these five news

Xiaomi is preparing to present the new Mi Band 5 as early as next June 11th. The novelties of the new smart bracelet should be mostly internal, and there will be emphasis on five new sports modes.If, like me, you have a Mi Band 4, you know that it only let you [...]

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Nokia has a new 4K Smart TV with Android

Nokia and its new 4K TV At the beginning of December 2019 - how far and how close it sounds at the same time with the 2020 that we have - the Nokia firm gave us surprise by venturing into a segment in which until now we had not seen it work. [...]

The true wireless headphones from Panasonic: go for Apple and Sony

Panasonic RZ-S300W and RZ-S500W The first two True Wireless headphones that Panasonic launches under its own brand are the RZ-S300W and RZ-S500W. They both share the same button-type design and with an in-ear pad system. What is most striking is that they are not one of these proposals that stick to the [...]

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Realme X3: smartphone specifications will leave you impressed

After launching the Realme X3 SuperZoom, the Chinese manufacturer Realme is preparing to launch more versions of this equipment. And the most modest - Realme X3 - promises to surprise you with its specifications.The renowned leaker Mukul Sharma shared the alleged specifications of this smartphone. And judging by the list, it keeps [...]

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