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New EBox Air i & s Best Mini Projectors for 2017 Powered By Android with Kodi

We would like to introduce the brand new Ebox Air Mini Projector. The new standard of entertainment projected into your living room.

Best Mini Projectors for 2017 Powered By Android with Kodi EBox Air i Hand-held Mini Projector DLP Smart Android, 32GB Storage, HDMI Input, Auto Keystone Correction

The new Ebox Air Mini Projector is available in two different versions. The Ebox Air S, and the Ebox Air I. The Ebox Air S comes with an HDMI OUTPUT, to connect to your television or monitor; it also comes with 16 gigabytes of on-board storage. The Ebox Air I has 32 gigabytes of on-board storage, and an HDMI INPUT, allowing a video game console, or any other media source to be connected to the Ebox Air I, and projected onto any wall or screen in your home. SHOP HERE

Watch the video demo below of the new Best Mini Projectors for 2017 Powered By Android with Kodi


Best Mini Projectors for 2017

The Ebox Air Mini Projector comes with auto keystone correction, ensuring a perfect image, no matter what angle the Ebox Air Mini Projector is titled at.

It comes beautifully packaged, with the utmost attention to keeping it safe and secure. You can see the Ebox Air Mini Projector I has 2 USB ports on the side of it. It has a headphone jack for private listening, and a HDMI port. It also comes with manual focus, for the times when you want to make sure the image is crystal clear to your liking. There is also an SD card slot, for adding additional memory capacity. On the bottom, you can see a ¼ inch thread hole, to connect to any standard tripod. The top has all of the menu buttons for easy navigation.

In the Box

Included is an instruction manual, a power box with a 2 meter cable, also a USB charging cable for when you are on the go, a HDMI connection cord, and of course a remote, to control the Ebox Air Mini Projector. We also offer a variety of remotes including the the S77, or our custom designed game pad that allows you to play video games through your projector.  All of our remotes can be used with the Ebox Air Mini Projector, and connect wireless through dongles. A small mini projector tripod is also included in the package, great for placing your projector on any table or surface.

EBox Air i, Ebox Air s

Here are the two versions of the Ebox Air Mini Projector, the Ebox Air Mini Projector I, and the Ebox Air Mini Projector S. Remember, they are identical, except the S version has an HDMI output with 16 gigabytes of on-board storage, and the I version has an HDMI input with 32 gigabytes of on-board storage.

The projector operates perfectly with just the internal battery running it. A great feature of the projector is that you can use any surface as your screen.

The versatility of the Ebox Air Mini Projector means you have unlimited entertainment options. You can stream media from an SD card, an HDMI cable input, through Bluetooth connection, or mirror casting from a computer. There is also the Kodi system for Android, and the custom designed Entertainment Box Media Center, or EBMC. And since the Ebox Air Mini Projector is built on top of the Android system, any Android app can be downloaded from the web browser on your projector and used directly through the Ebox Air Mini Projector.

Playing games on a Projector

The Ebox Air Mini Project truly offers endless possibilities. Please check our other videos to see how easy it is to play video games like Grand Theft Auto right through your projector. On the main screen is a manual, simply written and convenient to reference for any issue you might come across.

The Ebox Air Mini Projector comes preloaded with apps we think you’ll love, such as YouTube, or our custom designed Ebox Media Center, the EBMC. EBMC is a streaming software which allows you to download and play all sorts of media.

Using Kodi on this mini projector

When you play movies in Kodi, you can see for yourself the quality image the Ebox Air Mini Projector provides. Because EBMC is custom designed to play media files efficiently, you won’t get the usual lag or buffering you’re used to seeing on video sites online. The image itself is super high quality high definition.

The Ebox Air Mini Projector is super portable, and you can take it with you anywhere you go. You can have it set up and playing on any wall you want in seconds. Going on a camping trip? Bring the Ebox Air Mini Projector with you and watch any movie you want right on the side wall of your tent. Have a presentation to do? Don’t lug around a massive projector, use the Ebox Air Mini Projector and be up in running in no time. True freedom of entertainment in the palm of your hand.

Built in Android Miracast and Apple Air Play

Miracast is another great feature of your Ebox Air Mini Projector. Since the projector is built on the Android operating system, you can use any other Android device to simultaneously project what is currently shown on your device. In this case, I have an Android tablet. You can see as I scroll through my tablet, the same image pops up on the projector. If you don’t have Android devices, but instead use Apple’s iOS, the Ebox Air Mini Projector will work just as well with the Air Play feature by Apple. And if you have a PC and a Wi-FI connection, you can use that Wi-Fi network to stream anything from your PC, directly to the projector.

Download 1000s of apps

The Google Play Store is pre-loaded onto the Ebox Air Mini Projector. The Google Play Store is where you’ll find thousands upon thousands of apps ready to be downloaded and used on your projector. We also pre-loaded our own custom Ebox App Store, which has apps we highly recommend and hand picked for every Ebox user to download.

Auto keystone correction projector

Let’s take a look at the auto keystone correction function on this projector. As I aggressively move the projector, the image itself stays stable. Quickly the auto keystone correction kicks into action, providing a perfect image no matter how much I move the projector around. With auto keystone correction, you can be sure to have crystal clarity every time you use your Ebox Air Mini Projector.


EBox Air i (with HDMI in)

The Ebox Air Mini Projector I has an HDMI input, so let’s take a look at how it works when I connect an Xbox One via HDMI to the Ebox Air Mini Projector. Now you can play video games in super high quality high definition on any wall in your home. Not only does the Ebox Air Mini Projector have access to countless options of entertainment on it, but you can connect any console or other HDMI connected source of media to be able to enjoy on your wall.


Portability, Clarity, Function, and Limitless Options, all delivered to you by the Ebox Air Mini Projector I and the Ebox Air Mini Projector S. Entertainment Box is revolutionizing media, If you are looking for an Android powered projector then you have found it. SHOP HERE

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Ebox Air Smart Mini Projector Android 4.4



Is it possible to have a Smart Mini Projector and a Smart TV Box in one? Now with Ebox Air Smart Mini Projector Android 4.4 you can!

EBox brings you an amazing device that allows you to enjoy your favourite TV shows, movies and games. It is fairly easy to use and it is portable due to its small and delicate size. It also has a great quality projector image and you can connect your bluetooth speaker in order to experience a greater cinema like experience.

In addition, you can combine it with many amazing accessories we have on our store.

Make it yours now for only £154.99- 199.99 incl VAT. 

What Ebox Air Smart Mini Projector can do

With this amazing TV Box you can stream live TV and stream movies via Apps you can download. Also, you can stream movies from your home network or a SD Card/ HDD to the device. In addition to that, you can play video games. By using an emulator you can play your downloaded Roms straight on this device. Now you have the chance to play games straight on your TV, with any game that you download from the Google Playstore.

There are many Roms and Games available. The best part is that they are all for free. If you want to know more about Retro Games visit our website. You can also use this device not only in UK but internationaly too. The Ebox Air Smart Mini Projector has Airplay and Miracast support. This means that you can stream your movies and photos from your Apple device or other supported devices.

Apart from all these, you can use EBMC Kodi. On this note we need to inform you that a blank version of EBMC Kodi is pre-installed on this box. The manufacturer or ourselves do not install any pre loaded configurations, wizards or  builds. By using this TV Box you can also enjoy WWE Network, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. A subscription fee will be required to do so. This TV Box also offers you the opportunity to catch up on all your missing TV with TV Catch- Up and othe catch up applications. You can also use the internet and surf with the built in web browser. Last but not least you can use the Google Play Store.

Device specifications of Ebox Air Smart Mini Projector

Operating System: Android 4.4.2

CPU: RK3218

Memory: 16GB eMMc on board memory

Storage: Supports Micro SD/ TF Card (up to 32GB)


Projection Technology: DLP

HDMI in/out: HDMI out

USB: 2 High Speed Ports

Bluetooth: Yes 4.0

Kodi: EBMC 16.1 Installed

Brightness: Up to 100 lumens

Resolution: 854*480 (FWGVA)

Optical Resolution: 854*480 dpi.

Imaging: USA TX DLP50 Technology: 0.30DMD + RGB LED

Lamp Type: RGB three-color LED light source, 3000 hours lamp life

Aspect Ratio: 4:3/ 16:9/ 16:10

Contrast Ratio: 2000:1

Throw Ratio: 1.19:1 (76 inch @ 2M)

Projection Cover Size: 30-120 inches

Projection Distance:1-5 M

Operating Model: Touchkey- Press

Lens: Manual Lens* Auto focus immediately, move forward or backward, it is always clear. (There is a manual focus roll too for small adjusting.)

HDMI Output: Support HDMI 1.4 output up to 1080p @60 Hz

Audio Frequency Out: Support Audio Frequency Out

I/O (input/ output) Port: 1* HDMI Output Port 2* USB 2.0 Input Port (Support USB Flash Disk, Mobile Hard Disk, etc. ) 1*3.5 mm Audio Output Port ( for Earphone, Loudspeaker), 1* Micro SD/ TF Card Slot (up to 32GB), 1* Power Input Port

Built-In Battery: Built-In 4000mAh Battery* Built-In Rechargable Battery

Power Parameters: DC 5V/ 2.5 A

Its Power Consumption: 5W

Power: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

Colour: Silver Grey

Item Size: Approx. 14.5* 8 * 1.5cm/ 5.71* 3.15* 0,59in

Item Weight: Approx. 212g/ 20.32oz.

Package size: Approx. 18.3* 15.3* 6.2cm./ 7.20* 2.44in.

Package weight: Approx. 576g/ 20.32oz.

After Sales Support

After buying this amazing product from us you will get constant support from us. Our UK based company has a great Brand name that you can trust. We offer you a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee on any purchase. So, if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, we do our best to make you happy.

We offer a full 12 month guarantee on our products. Most sellers offer only 6 months on these kind of devices, however we are that confident that these devices are the best, we offer 12 months.

We are getting such a good name ourselves compared to other sellers is our after sales support. Not only do we constantly support the actual devices we are also here to support you if you have any problems in the future.


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