Get the most out of your Nvidia Shield TV with these tricks and apps

Nvidia Shield TV, a great complement to your television https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBm6SQ6jSZk The Nvidia Shield TV is one of the most interesting devices of the market, especially if you are going to make a certain economic investment (the Pro model costs 219 euros). Because to the advantages of Android TV as an operating system, we [...]

Alternatives to the Raspberry Pi 4 you should know

Alternatives to the Raspberry Pi The Raspberry Pi has positioned itself as one of the best (or the best) mini computers for all kinds of projects. Since networked storage systems, console emulators ancient and endless things have made many jump for one of these plates. And it is not surprising, to its multiple options [...]

Free VPN: The 8 Best Solutions in 2019

The best free VPN running in 2019 for safe surfing, gaming, work, viewing Netflix or accessing blocked content. Various services, some free and unlimited for PC, Android and iOS mobile. We now consider and highlight your key highlights so you can find the best VPN depending on your usage. TunnelBear - the best free [...]

Xiaomi is about to launch 3 new SmartTVs! Know some details!

Xiaomi is much more than a smartphone maker. Your SmartTVs are an example of that. At this time Xiaomi televisions have arrived in UK and are officially competing with the big fish.But Xiaomi doesn't slow down. If there is one thing I like about this brand is its dynamics and willingness to innovate. The [...]

Google wants to improve Android TV with new measure. But it will be worth little!

Google is about to implement new measures for devices running its Android TV system. In order to greatly improve the user experience, it will implement standardized minimums for the hardware performance of these devices. Over the last few years, the Android TV box market has been growing incredibly, with an incredible amount of offers [...]

Google Chromecast 3: An Essential But Little Improved Gadget

With my move there I had to buy another Google Chromecast. Since the second model was discontinued, I had to invest 40 € in a new Google Chromecast 3. Even though I had the solution of buying one of the earlier models on Ebay at a lower price, I decided to try the new [...]

Android TV Box – Take advantage of discount in European warehouses

Xiaomi's Android TV BoxNothing better than making our television a little smarter with an Android TV Box. This type of gadget is gaining in popularity and not surprisingly. SmartTVs are expensive and not that smart. Products like ChromeCast are good but limited, and an HDMI cable attached to the PC is unseemly to look [...]

Android TV Box – You have dozens of them on sale here

Android TV Boxes came to improve the old TVs we had at home. Over time this was the biggest purpose, however, since the Android OS had the possibilities increased. Since Android is an Open Source, there is no shortage of apps available for gadgets with this system. TV Boxes have begun to be able [...]

Qualify to win a Huawei P10 on EBox Patreon

The promised is due, and has just been fulfilled! The Huawei P10 is the first smartphone to draw on EBox Patreon! This new project is a new way for our patrons to win a new smartphone while supporting a project they identify with, I hope! ##### Update ##### The amount is debited on the [...]

Huawei Honor Note 9 will be a war machine!

Huawei Honor Note 9It's been a year since the Huawei subsidiary launched Honor Note 8. The time has come to unveil its successor - Honor Note 9 - and it's expected to be a smartphone that will hit the spotlight! To date Honor has not disclosed any events for the coming weeks. For this [...]

Kodi – IPTV Service Just Lost Another Popular Add-on

IPod service, Kodi just missed another popular add-onFirstly, what is this IPTV service about? Very succinctly, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) or translating to UK's, TVIP (IP Television) is a recent method for television signal transmission. To transmit this content services like Kodi use IP (Internet protocol) and is therefore not a streaming like Netflix. [...]

OnePlus prepares to launch new color for OnePlus 5 smartphone

Soon we will have a new color for the OnePlus 5 smartphoneIntroduced over a month ago the OnePlus 5 smartphone has been available for purchase for a few weeks now, either through the brand's official website or through various online stores. It is one of the best Android smartphone on the market and arguably [...]

UK without Tripod – Huawei Initiative Chooses Best Picture in UK

Over the course of two months, the UK's competed to be able to see their chosen photograph as the best photograph in UK. In the end, the choice came from the Algarve Vítor Aguiar, with a representation of Cape St. Vincent. This is the winner of Huawei's UK without Tripod initiative. See also: Kodi [...]

D € AL: Xiaomi Redmi 4A is now less than 80 €

Several times we bring you some promotions that are worth looking at carefully. This Xiaomi Redmi 4A is now part of a mega smartphone promotion that is worth a look. Xiaomi has been making smartphones for all tastes and shapes. Although not a practice I particularly like, I have to admit that in most [...]

YouTube: Tricks That Make You A Pro Google Service User

Google YouTube also has its tricksYouTube is a tool, a service, whatever you want to call it. However, although used daily by many people, there are little tricks that make the Google platform so interesting. Well, that's why this little article comes out that, in fact, it's just a little script that can be [...]

No Longer: Two Weeks with Spotify Premium and Netflix

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm one of those types that besides geek I am an incurable "forret", especially when I know that what I want to buy or subscribe to could also be obtained by more "dark" ways and somehow cheaper or even free. I am not really referring to "piracy" but [...]

Dirt Rally will also be released for Linux

If you are a gamer using the Linux operating system and you like rally games, we have good news. Dirt Rally will be released for Linux on March 2 this year. The price will be the same as already set in the Windows version on Steam. Although Dirt Rally was released in 2015, it [...]

Xiaomi Mi 5C should feature a Xiaomi processor

supposed Xiaomi Mi 5CWhen we talk about processors for smartphones immediately comes to mind two main brands: Qualcoom and its Snapdragon and even MediaTek. But there are other players in this powerhouse, namely Samsung and its Exynos or Huawei and its Kirin processors. See also: New Xiaomi Mi 5C screenshots showcase your entire design [...]

"Naruto Shippuden: UNS4 Road to Boruto" Now Available for Xbox

Naruto Shippuden is, for many, the best anime ever. From the first episode of the Classic, the boy with yellow hair and blue eyes has conquered all who see him through the screen. See also: PS4 Will Support External Disks After Upgrade Its story is totally thrilling, just like console games about it. After [...]

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Kodi 17 Krypton is now available for download on standard platforms.

Kodi is the best known multimedia service in the entire technology world. With this small program you can convert your PC, smarphone or tablet into a true media center, with access to a huge array of TV channels, series, movies and more. See also: First images of the supposed Windows 10 Cloud appear Like [...]