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Huawei patent shows smartphones we all want to see

Huawei has registered two patents for two devices that will be talked about. When looking at patents, we can easily see that one belongs to the "P" line and the other to the "Mate" line.But the most fascinating of these patents is not the equipment lines, not least because it does not [...]

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Who is Kevin Mayer, the executive who left Disney for TikTok

Kevin Mayer, head of Disney + After going through companies like iHeartMedia and LEK Consulting, where he held important positions of responsibility, the definitive leap for Mayer came in 2005. It was then when he signed for The Walt Disney Company, where he would end up working the next 15 years of [...]

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Honor Play4 Pro is coming. And it has a feature that you will want

The next generation of Honor Play is just around the corner. The equipment has already started to be certified, and it was revealed that the most powerful model will have a temperature sensor.This is a very rare feature currently on a smartphone, and it becomes even more relevant in the face of [...]

Honor Play 4 takes a photo that will surprise you

Huawei's sub-brand is preparing to announce a new generation of Honor Play. These are geared towards a more gaming audience, but they promise with regard to photography.Wei Xialong, product director for Honor Play, used the social network Weibo to show the photographic potential of the upcoming Honor Play 4. And the example [...]

Xiaomi MIUI 12: copying Huawei EMUI in this new feature is not a good solution

The Xiaomi MIUI 12 was officially revealed a few weeks ago (in the global version). The news is relevant, however, as expected, we are still getting to know new features and features that were not mentioned in the presentation.One is the new feature for screenshots, as we mentioned a few days ago. [...]

“6G will be ready in 2030” says the founder of Huawei

In an interview with the South China Morning Post, Huawei's founder and president made some bold statements regarding the future of mobile data technology. Ren Zhengfei says that 6G has not yet left the theoretical phase but that it will be ready for use in 2030.When it comes to infrastructure, Huawei is [...]

Huawei P30 Pro is at an unmissable price! And it’s still worth buying!

If you are looking for a new smartphone, perhaps this promotion of Huawei P30 Pro is the best opportunity you have to have a smartphone with impressive quality at a very attractive price.It is worth mentioning that the Huawei P30 Pro continues to offer installed Google services. That is, you will not [...]

Oppo Reno 4 and Reno 4 Pro captured in real images! It looks like a Huawei P40 Pro

The Oppo Reno 4 Pro and Reno 4 are the next smartphones from Oppo, a brand that recently entered UK. The equipment will be officially presented on June 4th. Prices are not yet known but its design was revealed, through images shared on the Chinese social network Weibo.Top: front and rear of [...]

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Huawei P40 Pro + is coming! There’s only one problem (the big ones)

We are not going to lie and, unfortunately, we have to "hit the same key". The Huawei P40 Pro + is a fascinating smartphone with just one problem. The lack of Google services. Like all new smartphones from the brand recently launched.The Huawei P40 Pro + was revealed when the P40 Pro, [...]

Huawei may be preparing historic change for 2021

Huawei stands out for being one of the manufacturers that has its own processors. But according to analyst John Vihn, the company may make a historic change for Qualcomm in 2021.Analyst says P50 and Mate 50 may have Qualcomm processorsAccording to this source from KeyBanc Capital Markets, Qualcomm will end up being [...]

Nokia joins MediaTek to launch a 5G smartphone accessible to everyone

Although the infrastructures are not properly developed, the brands have gone to great lengths to provide us with smartphones supporting 5G. Nokia will not want to stay out of this trend and is preparing something that will appeal to consumers with less purchasing power.According to the NokiaPowerUser publication, the Finnish woman is [...]

Huawei Honor Play 4 Pro will have a feature that we hope to see on the iPhone 12 Pro

Honor is preparing to reveal its next flagship to the world. We are talking about the Huawei Honor Play 4 Pro and which, according to what has now been released, will have something that no other smartphone has yet.In its latest publication on the social network Weibo, there is a hint that [...]

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Huawei has Children’s Day promotion you can’t miss

Huawei launched an exclusive campaign to celebrate Children's Day that you should consider. This gives you a discount when buying two Huawei Band 4e.The goal is that you can offer the newest members of your family Huawei smartbands. It will be possible to purchase two Huawei Band 4e for a special price [...]

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ZTE patents foldable smartphone inspired by Huawei Mate X

ZTE is a Chinese manufacturer that, although not as successful as Xiaomi or Huawei, remains dedicated to innovating in smartphones. Proof of this is its most recent patent, which indicates investment in a foldable smartphone.LetsGo Digital artists created smartphone images using patent documents. When looking at the design and its hinge, we [...]

These are the smartphones with the best selfie camera, according to DxOMark

It was in January 2019 that DxOMark began its testing of front cameras on smartphones. And almost a year and a half later, he looks back at the best selfie cameras on a smartphone.Although the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra receives an honorable mention, it was the Huawei P40 Pro to win across [...]

Huawei and Samsung on top! The best smartphones for each photography category, according to DxOMark

For about 10 years, DxOMark has been a reference when it comes to testing the capacity of cameras in smartphones. Recently, the lab even ventured to test audio on mobile phones. DxOMark created a publication that details the best smartphones for each photography category.6 different categories were created, from standard mode to [...]

Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei were not affected by Covid-19 in the wearable market

According to what was revealed by IDC analysts, the main manufacturers of wearables grew substantially in the first quarter of 2020. Both Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei saw their shipments and market share grow compared to the same period, even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.First of all, it is worth [...]

Huawei Watch GT 2 and GT 2E receive very useful camera function

Huawei is updating two of its latest smartwatches, the Watch GT and Watch GT 2E, with a welcome addition. Both wearables will have the function of a remote camera, where it is possible to take pictures over the clock. Incredibly, none of the gadgets had that function yet.Therefore, users of these two [...]

OnePlus may end up abandoning Qualcomm’s processors! See why

Oppo started hiring employees from MediaTek and Unisoc to start developing its own processors. Although no reference was made to OnePlus, I recall that both manufacturers belong to the BBK Electronics group and we have seen OnePlus follow in Oppo's footsteps several times.Contrary to what many might think, the United States' war [...]

Huawei Honor Play 4 Pro already has official release date!

Despite the many difficulties created by the "war" with the United States, Huawei continues with the launch of new smartphones at full speed. The next smartphones to be launched will be from its subsidiary - Honor Play 4 and Play 4 Pro - and promise to offer an excellent price / quality [...]

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