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Google Chrome prepares to receive new look that makes users furious

It has become almost a tradition, the dozens of tests performed by Google on the interface of the mobile version of Google Chrome. During the last few times we have seen several visual changes being implemented, making the entire interface simpler, more practical and more productive.However, new changes to the bottom bar that are [...]

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Google Duo: new feature gives you a new way to “talk” with your friends

The Google Duo continues, for many, to remain the best application ever for making video calls. In addition to being available for Android, iOS and also with Web version, this application already offers a wide variety of tools that guarantee an extremely rich user experience.Now, Google has launched a new feature called "Notes", which [...]

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Google Translate will be able to do translations in real time

Google has announced that its Translator for Android application will be able to translate audio in real time. A feature that quickly reminds us of the Pixel 4 and its ability to transcribe, in real time, what someone is saying.In the case of Google Translate, the idea will be to translate audio files from [...]

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Huawei P40 will hit the market at lower than expected prices

O leaker @ RODENT950, which has proven itself several times in the past, used your Twitter account to give us new information about the Huawei P40. According to him, the Chinese will lower the prices of its next tops of range.If Huawei is prevented from using Google services, this could be the strategy defined [...]

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iPhone 11 lags behind Xiaomi Mi 9 and OnePlus 7 Pro in camera quality!

Apple has failed to convince DxOMark experts with the iPhone 11 cameras. In the latest test from the independent body, Apple's mobile phone lagged behind smartphones with the Xiaomi Mi 9 or even OnePlus 7 Pro.We all know that Xiaomi and OnePlus can be excellent in many attributes, however, the cameras always fall short [...]

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Xiaomi MIUI finally brings the “application drawer” to smartphones!

Xiaomi MIUI is one of the most successful User Interfaces (UI) in the world. In fact, it was this system that made what Xiaomi is today. I remember that the Asian manufacturer initially started by creating an UI and only then decided to launch smartphones.In the next updates, Xiaomi MIUI will finally have the [...]

Huawei P40 Pro Premium. Video shows possible smartphone design

As we get closer to its launch, the rumors regarding the new Huawei P40 become increasingly clear. In addition to the P40 and P40 Pro, Huawei will add a Premium version to its line, which promises to be the highlight in terms of features.The YouTube channel Waqar Khan took all the rumors that already [...]

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Google will answer your questions about Android on Twitter. Do you know how

Have you run into any problems on Android and you don't know who to ask for help? How about Google being the one to answer your question? From today, you can do it through Twitter.The announcement was made on the official Android page on this popular social network. The American company promises to clarify [...]

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite receives support for Google Fit

Niantic has just released an update for the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game that adds support for syncing with the Google Fit app. With this new feature, Niantic launched Adventure Sync, a fitness feature.Adventure Sync was created to interact with users' fitness goals, so that the experience is not just a game. Therefore, the [...]

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Gcam: how to install on any Android smartphone without Root

The Gcam or G cam, short for Google Camera is a modified version of the application (app) found on the Pixel line smartphones. As a rule, it manages to significantly improve the photographic quality of Xiaomi, Huawei and other smartphones.The premise is simple. Gcam has an excellent image processing, highlighting the HDR mode, night [...]

If you use Avast, you should consider changing antivirus

Avast and the disclosure of user data Applications and services that collect user data and then sell anonymous packages with such information to third parties are nothing new. Basically one could say that it is the essence of the internet for many and the business model they follow. Of course, on some occasions, limits [...]

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Avast may be the most popular free anti-virus, but it is selling your data!

Avast is one of the most popular anti-viruses available for computers using the Windows operating system and is also available for Android smartphones. With a user base that exceeds 400 million, it is not difficult to imagine how valuable the information managed by the company is.According to an investigation by PCMag and Motherboard, Avast [...]

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A crazy theory relates the Wuham virus with Resident Evil and a Chinese company

Umbrella Corporation and the Wuham virus The coronavirus, also known as Wuham virus (because it was the city where it originated), it has been covering and covers for several days now. Its expansion has claimed the lives of several people in Asian territory and although WHO has not decreed the emergency International, the truth [...]

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Google Camera (GCam): improvements on the way to the popular Android app

The Google Camera application, also known as GCam, is mostly available on Google Pixel smartphones and on everyone using Android One as an operating system. However, it is not very complicated to install the application on another smartphone. (Below you can find out how).The new update, which is still in the development stage, shows [...]

Amazon Photos: a great option to store your photos without limits, if you are a Prime user

Amazon Photos, what it is and what exactly it offers Amazon Photos It is an Amazon photo storage service. And as a customer (aka registered user) they offer you 5GB of free space for you to save your photos and, taking advantage of Amazon Drive, any other type of file you want as long [...]

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Android 11: we already know when the new Google system will arrive! Here’s what to expect!

Google has revealed that its annual conference, Google I / O, will take place between May 12th to 14th. This means that it is on these dates that we will officially have the new Android 11.However, it is expected that before the conference Google releases the beta version to developers. This usually happens a [...]

Only on YouTube: Google keeps the Overwatch and Call of Duty leagues

The cloud business and the importance for Google The business of Google cloud services It's not how big they want or what many users would imagine. Here, Amazon with AWS and Microsoft with Azure are the ones that dominate and quite differently from the rest. Google Cloud is the third service on the list [...]

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Google Pixel 4a will have a feature that the top of the range do not have!

It has not yet been officially confirmed, but it seems that Google will follow the same strategy as last year and present the new Google Pixel 4a and 4a XL during the Google I / O that will take place in the second week of May.So far, there has not been much information about [...]

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9 free games on the Google Play Store that you have to try!

Let's take a look at another fantastic game list. These are varied games from adventure to research that will keep you glued to your phone, in a good way. As always they are free games with good ratings on the Google Play Store.Sonic ForcesIt is a Sonic racing game. Play as the blue hedgehog [...]

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Take advantage of these Sunday offers: Xiaomi Mi TV BOX, Harry Potter and more

The best deals of the day on Amazon Below you have a selection with the best technological offers available on Amazon of the day. Some of them, as we always warn you, will not be available all day, so we advise that if you like something, buy it before it is too late. Ahead. [...]

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