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Google finally launches Nearby Share! Know the alternative to AirDrop

After several weeks of intensive testing, behold, one of the most anticipated features of Android has finally arrived. Google today announced the launch of Nearby Share, a feature similar to the acclaimed AirDrop.As with the Apple service, Nearby Share allows for quick and simple file sharing between devices. With just a few clicks, it [...]

Microsoft xCloud, Google Stadia’s great rival, already has a release date in UK

Companies have been betting heavily on streaming gaming services in recent times. After the launch of Stadia or Nvidia GeForce Now, it's time for Microsoft to join the lot.The American company announced today that its streaming service xCloud will be officially launched on Android on September 15th. Fortunately, UK will be one of the [...]

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Goodbye to the laptop: the best tablets and how to take advantage of them

Beyond its tablet function When the tablets arrived on the market, we all knew that they were devices that expanded and improved certain uses offered by mobile phones. After all, back then, these were just "phones" with a bigger screen. With the passage of time, the phones increased their diagonal and the tablet was [...]

Project xCloud comes to Android officially on September 15

Project xCloud for Android Project xCloud will be launched officially and exclusively for Android devices next September 15. This has been announced by Microsoft itself which is super plugged in recent days. The video game service via streaming from Microsoft logically will not come alone. Along with its presentation and launch for devices with [...]

Looking forward to the Xiaomi Mi A4? Then we have bad news for you!

If you are one of those who was worried by the lack of news regarding the Xiaomi Mi A4, then you must be waiting for what has been confirmed today. Xiaomi has officially announced that it has given up on the Android One initiative.The immediate consequence of this decision by the Chinese company is [...]

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WhatsApp has a new feature that you will love. Say goodbye to Fake News!

WhatsApp has been developing new tools and features to combat the spread of Fake News on its platform for a long time, having presented itself almost as an impossible mission. Although they are unable to stop this "new plague", the application provides users with crucial tools to ensure their safety.Through a publication on its [...]

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Nokia C3 has been officially presented! Meet the new budget smartphone priced below € 100

Nokia continues to fail to gain a prominent place in the high-end smartphone market, but that is not why it is no longer relevant in the smartphone market. As expected, today they presented a new budget smartphone that has a base price of less than 100 euros.It is important to note that in this [...]

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Survey: Google Pixel 4a or OnePlus Nord?

The Google Pixel 4a has been officially introduced and there are several users in the smartphone community making comparisons with the OnePlus Nord. Since both equipments are the bet of medium-high range of each company, it is normal for this type of comparison to be made.So we ask you the question: which of the [...]

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Google Gboard keyboard will get even better! Find out what’s new

The Google Gboard keyboard is one of the most used in the world for one reason: constant updates. According to the latest, Google is adding smart responses and recommendation for GIFs and Stickers, according to the context of user conversations.These functions appeared in some users with experimental versions installed. In any case, it shouldn't [...]

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Huawei Mate 40: high quality images reveal its design

Huawei is preparing to present its new tops. If the rumors are correct, this year we will see four models unveiled at the end of October.With the reveal of the Huawei Mate 40 still about three months away, the well-known @OnLeaks, in partnership with the publication HandsetExpert, reveal the design of the smartphone. And [...]

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Google Pixel 4a is official! Possibly the best camera in a mid range

After several postponements, today Google officially introduced the Pixel 4a. Far from the pomp and circumstance that a presentation at Google I / O offers, the new mid-range of the American company no longer raises doubts.The new Google Pixel 4a comes to relaunch Google in a market that is increasingly fierce. The launches of [...]

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The 10 best indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras!

Wireless or wired surveillance cameras are a good way to enhance the security of the home. With this in mind, we selected the best, with the most functions and the cheapest for those looking for an indoor or outdoor surveillance camera.Then we show you the best security camera for each type of user and [...]

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Android and iOS lose Cortana! Microsoft has other plans

Microsoft has long since developed its assistant Cortana. A quality assistant that is not only available on the PC, but also on the Android and iOS phone. Or at least it was.This is because Microsoft has decided to remove application support on these two operating systems. Initially it will stop updating third-party skills and [...]

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That’s the price of the new Google Pixel 4a! A competitor to OnePlus Nord?

Google Pixel 4a is about to be launched by Google. At a time when we have a OnePlus Nord on the market for just € 419, the new smartphone from Google will have to give us justifications for choosing this new phone.Although in UK we should not receive it officially, it will not be [...]

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Huawei Mate 40 Pro: this will be the complete design of the new smartphone

The Huawei Mate 40 Pro is the next smartphone of the brand to be unveiled officially. Huawei may not even be in the best phase of its history, however, it is a manufacturer that continues to mark its presence in the market.Incidentally, the brand even surpassed Samsung in sales for the first time. Although [...]

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Google Maps: new functionality can also make you an “influencer”! Do you know how

Google continues to invest heavily in implementing and improving Google Maps. The application is getting better and better and the new feature will make you a local celebrity.For that to happen, you don't need much. You just need to leave your review at the raisin locations and keep your profile public. That way, local [...]

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This could be the Xbox move to take the PlayStation off the console throne

Xbox and PlayStation are the consoles that battle on the front line when it comes to consoles. Microsoft does not have a PlayStation background, however, Microsoft has a line of loyal and quality followers. Microsoft's next move could finally be a stab in the back of PlayStation. This is because rumors indicate that Microsoft [...]

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One of the most desired features of Android 11 will be compatible with Windows

After many requests from users, Google will finally add a file sharing feature, similar to AirDrop, on Android 11. Known as Nearby Sharing, this has been tested by several users in recent weeks.In the imminence of its official release, here comes the confirmation that all Windows users wanted so much. Nearby Sharing will be [...]

Google Pixel 4a has not yet been revealed, but Google is already working on its successor

Apparently, Google will finally present the Pixel 4a next Monday. After several postponements, it seems that everything is ready to officially meet the new technology intermediary.But even before that presentation, we learned that the Google Pixel 5a is already being worked on. A conclusion drawn from a code change on the Android Open Source [...]

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Google Play Store: 9 free offline games that you have to try on your Android!

Today we have a list of offline games for you. These are games that will not consume data or need an internet connection so you can play them in full. They are also games with good ratings on the Google Play Store and completely free.9 free offline games on the Google Play Store2 Images [...]