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Apple is again accused of anti-competition practices! Know the details

As the Financial Times has advanced, Apple is on charges of anti-competition practices, again. This time, the charge is at Tile, a company that creates Bluetooth tracking devices. Tile claims that Apple favors its own localization app on iOS.More specifically, on iOS 13.5, Apple puts "off" as a default option on third-party [...]

Google will leave thousands of people unemployed! Understand how

According to The New York Times, Google has terminated its contract with more than 2000 employees on temporary work. This move was motivated by the outbreak of COVID-19, which has severely damaged Google's revenues.Google's CFO (chief financial officer), Ruth Porat, had already mentioned last month that new hires by Google were going [...]

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Google launches application that will help you stay safe in times of pandemic

The Coivid-19 pandemic is a reality that we will have to live with for some time. Therefore, health authorities have recommended several security measures to prevent the spread of the disease. One is the distance of at least two meters between people.For those who may have more difficulties in calculating this distance, [...]

Zynn is like TikTok, but she pays you to watch videos

Zynn, the «Tik Tok» that you pay to use TikTok is a real phenomenon within the world of social networks. Its popularity has skyrocketed and that has translated into a great growth in the number of users. So it stands to reason that other networks, established or new, will copy some of [...]

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Google Chrome will have “zero tolerance” for sites that deceive users!

During the past few years, what at first seemed like an excellent idea for different types of sites has become a real plague, pop-ups asking for permission for notifications. Basically, nowadays it has become just another banal pop-up that is part of the "cleaning cycle" whenever a website is opened.Over the past [...]

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This is what the almost completed Super Nintendo World looks like

First leaked photos of the Nintendo amusement park Thanks to photos apparently taken from a helicopter (or perhaps a drone) by the Instagram user imaiko02, Today we can see the appearance of the new section that will arrive at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. As we can see, the evolution of the [...]

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Google Maps greatly simplifies the way to share locations

Google Maps is a reference in your market and believes that you will not find a more complete location app than this one. This is because Google does not get tired of adding new features to a service that is already quite complete.The latest addition to the application will be a must [...]

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Youtube for Android receives functionality that will greatly facilitate your use

Youtube has millions of channels and many users are likely to follow dozens of them simultaneously. In cases like these, it can be tricky to be up to date with all the news in a simple and practical way.For such cases, Google has just launched new filters for the Subscriptions tab. These [...]

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Gmail will change, and you will love the news brought by Google

The web version of Gmail today has a very competent design and usability, but the same cannot be said of accessing its Quick Settings. With that in mind, Google is making changes to this menu.At this moment we are faced with a quick settings menu which is in the upper right corner, [...]

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Google is in trouble! Court case accuses her of following users without authorization

Despite the various measures implemented by Google over the past few years to resolve all privacy issues, the company is again in trouble. This time, the Arizona Attorney General is suing Google for collecting information about users' locations without their permission.Mark Brnovich says that Google has kept location tracking active, even when [...]

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Huawei already has an official YouTube replacement for its smartphones!

Huawei continues its mission impossible to find viable alternatives for all Google services and applications that can no longer be integrated into their smartphones. It has now been announced that they already have an official replacement for the YouTube app.As of now, the Huawei Video service has a strong partnership with Dailymotion, [...]

Google Maps: new update is infuriating users! Get ready for publicity!

Google Maps is more than an App that takes us to our destination. The Google App has long been a reference for places of interest. However, the new application update is not pleasing users.Some Google Maps users are encountering small "dots" of information on the map that they have never seen before. [...]

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Realme continues to follow the bad examples of Xiaomi! “New” smartphone on the way

Realme continues to solidify a prominent position in the competitive smartphone market, and much of its success has been the result of following Xiaomi's strategies. However, it seems that the manufacturer is determined to follow not only the good examples of its rival.Although the variety in the smartphone offer is positive for [...]

Beware, this scam uses Fortnite to sneak you into a subscription

Download Fortnite on any Android? It is well known that Fortnite is available on almost all existing platforms in the world, however, not all phones and tablets can handle the game due to its minimum requirements. This impediment makes many users keep looking for ways to play the game on their phone, [...]

Goodbye Google Home! Something new is coming!

Google Home is one of the gadgets that I like to have at home. In addition to controlling the music and a good part of the lights, it also serves to answer questions that I am simply too lazy to write.However, Google decided it was time to discontinue it. It was in [...]

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Huawei P30 and P30 Pro start receiving EMUI 10.1 in Europe

Huawei introduced the EMUI 10.1 when the P40 family was launched. These were the first models to feature the new version of the interface, but now it is time for some of their most important equipment to be updated as well.Holders of the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro have already started receiving [...]

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Google Play Store: update brings you exactly what you need before downloading a game!

The Google Play Store is full of apps and games. However, choosing the game to download is not always simple. For this reason, in many of our articles with lists of games we present some "gameplays" in order to show the potential of the game.The Google Play Store now plans to do [...]

Deal of the day: Xiaomi smart bulbs to a minimum

Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb Although we always comment that the most popular smart bulbs, among other things due to their great trajectory, are the Philips Hue, the truth is that there are alternatives to light our house that are equally interesting and, on many occasions, cheaper. This is the case of [...]

Google Chromecast may have its days numbered! Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is on the way!

At the beginning of the month, several rumors began to emerge that Xiaomi was preparing to launch a new gadget, which would present itself as a compact version of the popular Mi Box. Now, it was the manufacturer itself to confirm the existence of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick.During the launch event [...]

Xiaomi smart fan pre-ordered in Europe. But you won’t like the price

Xiaomi has finally put the Mi Smart Standing Fan 1C on sale in Europe. This is a smart fan that the Chinese manufacturer presented together with the Mi 10 Note Lite and Redmi Note 9 with a recommended price of 39.99 €.The fan is already in the pre-sale stage on Amazon Spain. [...]

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