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Download Quake II for free and keep it forever

A legend among shooters The arrival of Quake was a dramatic change in the world of shooter. Elevated scenes and first-person perspective with vertical axis changes allowed the experience to be taken to a new level, especially after introducing native OpenGL support for the first time. Quake II is free on Bethesda launcher by [...]

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Hyper Scape, GeForce Now and their formula to attract users

Hyper Scape and GeForce Now Hyper Scape, Ubisoft's new Battle Royale We already talked to you about it not long ago, it has started its first season and with it new challenges that to access it will be necessary to get a battle pass that costs 10 euros. But if the game interests you, [...]

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Halo Infinite is yet another game to be delayed because of the pandemic!

Halo Infinite is one of the most anticipated games for the upcoming Xbox Series X. However, the expected game will be delayed until 2021, according to the development team Team 343, which posted the bad news on Twitter.According to the statements of Team 343, the global pandemic of COVID-19 made the development of the [...]

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Xiaomi Redmi G promises to be the next low-cost gaming notebook

Since Redmi became an independent brand, not only have we seen its smartphone portfolio grow, but we have also witnessed its entry into other market segments. One is the computer segment, with very desirable notebooks.Now, the Xiaomi sub-brand is preparing to enter the market focused on gaming. For this, the company will present the [...]

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SNK wants you to have an arcade at home no matter what

NEBoxGEBox's perfect arcade Thanks to the immediate romance that these types of games produce, the manufacturers have decided to exploit the potential of the old platforms to launch all kinds of miniature consoles with which to play the classics of before. We have already seen Nintendo NES, Mega-Drive and a mini arcade of NEBoxGEBox, [...]

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PlayStation 5: DualSense controller has more details revealed!

Twitter user Galaxy666 shared some images and details about the PlayStation 5 controller, DualSense. The user works in a company that manufactures console accessories, having early access to its peripherals.First, Galaxy666 confirmed that the battery capacity of the DualSense controller will be greater than the DualShock 4 on PlayStation 4. The DualSense will then [...]

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Matrix 4: all about the expected return of the saga

Matrix, the original trilogy Before seeing what Matrix 4 has in store for us, let's talk about the original trilogy. Because almost twenty years since the last installment there are those who had not been born yet and today they are beginning to be interested in it. Matrix is ​​a trilogy of films with [...]

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Xbox Series X will arrive in November without the new Halo

Xbox Series X release date When Microsoft shared the first Xbox Series X data, it commented that it would come out sometime in the 2020 holiday period. At that time it was already suspected that this would be at the end of years, but of course, at what time exactly? Well, we already know [...]

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Samsung’s refresh rate technology may appear on more smartphones!

Samsung recently announced that it will start selling the screen technology found on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Given the increase in the launch of equipment with refresh rates above 60Hz, this decision makes perfect sense.The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra stands out for its refresh rate that adapts to the content shown on the [...]

Control and check what the little ones play on Xbox One and PC

Xbox parental controls The Microsoft console offers a complete parental control system that will allow you to configure a perfectly safe and controlled environment for minors. The best thing is that its administration is quite simple, since we will only have to perform a few simple steps to have everything configured. This is all [...]

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New Smart TV? Basic settings to improve your experience

Initial setup for your Smart TV First things first, you have to do the initial setup of the TV so that everything is correct from the beginning. Among these settings you will find several important elements of which we now tell you everything you need to know. WiFi or LAN connection At the beginning, [...]

This Star Wars book is a new must-have in your library

The Lightsaber Collection, all about lightsabers There are quite a few Star Wars books out there already, but who said they were enough? Daniel Wallace certainly does not believe it, so he has not thought twice and has decided to launch Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection. Behind this title there is an important compilation [...]

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Twitch Prime says goodbye, say hello to Prime Gaming

Twitch Prime is now Prime Gaming Before we answer the question of what is Prime Gaming, let's talk about Amazon and Twitch. In August 2014 Amazon acquired Twitch, the popular video game streaming platform (among other content). A bet with which the online shopping giant wanted to get into a business with a great [...]

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xCloud opens its doors to everyone with its latest beta

xCloud beta for everyone Many are waiting for it to arrive on September 15 to be able to test the final version of xCloud, a service that aims high and may be the best option for all those users who seek to play triple A titles without having to invest in a console or [...]

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is coming and these are the minimum requirements!

Even though World of Warcraft (WoW) is far from its golden age, it remains the most popular MMORPG ever, with large millions of active users every month. Its longevity has been guaranteed by constant content launches, both through constant updates and the launch of new expansions.The next expansion - Shadowlands - is already officially [...]

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Android TV gets new features that will be very useful

Android TV is present in more and more homes, as evidenced by the 80% growth that the platform registered in the last year. This is also an added responsibility for Google in trying to satisfy the needs of its users.A new step to improve the experience of using Android TV has now been taken [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 2 have a secret on the screen!

Samsung finally unveiled the Galaxy Note 20 and the long-awaited Galaxy Z Fold 2 at the Unpacked event last week. However, there is a feature of the Note 20 Ultra and Fold 2 that went unnoticed, until it was picked up at XDA Developers and shared on Twitter.This is the adaptive update rate, where [...]

Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s second new console takes shape

Xbox Series S So far Microsoft has only officially presented a new next-generation console: the Xbox Series X. A machine that we already know a lot about thanks to the information that the company itself has shown. This will be its most powerful and best-prepared model to offer a next-generation gaming experience capable of [...]

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PlayStation will cost more than Xbox Series X and may have less performance

The gaming industry leaker named Dusk Golem said that the PlayStation 5 will inevitably be more expensive than the Xbox Series X. This is because according to the leaker, Microsoft has more capacity to absorb costs than Sony, managing to lower the price of Xbox Series X.These statements corroborate the various rumors or even [...]

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Apple wants to enter the gaming world but to “plot” other companies

Let's face it: no one sees Apple as a gaming company. Despite the Apple Arcade, Apple is not seen in the same way as a Sony or Microsoft, with PlayStation and Xbox, respectively. However, the apple company wants to change that.However, Apple is doing so in a way that may not be the most [...]

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