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Centralize your gadgets and get ready for PS5 with these AV receivers

What is an AV receiver? A AV receiver or AV amplifier is a device that centralizes all the audio and video signals in your living room to control what you are going to see on the television or projector and offer the best possible sound with the help of external speakers. Its main function [...]

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This could be Huawei’s next smartwatch / smartband with HarmonyOS

Huawei has been working more and more on its smartwatches and smartbands. With the impediment of installing Google services on their smartphones, wearables are giving manufacturers important sales to remain relevant.The new patent of the brand shows us how it will be one of Huawei's next smartwatches (or smartband). We have a simple, small [...]

Without Google services, Huawei may well leave the Android system

We can say that the situation of Huawei smartphones is ungrateful. The manufacturer has given us smartphones with tremendous quality, however, with the impossibility of giving us the best user experience. That is, it is becoming more and more complicated to convince your purchase.Now that the brand's mobile phones cannot have Google service installed, [...]

Huawei Mate X2: next foldable will follow in the footsteps of Samsung

Huawei was the first to introduce a foldable smartphone, the Huawei Mate X. This device, like its successor, folds out, meaning that the screen remains exposed even when folded, which raises several questions regarding its resistance .For the next folding model, it looks like Huawei will take a different approach. According to what was [...]

Successor to Google Home is about to be introduced. Know your price

There is no doubt that Google is preparing a new smart column to succeed the acclaimed Google Home. Many people expected this gadget to be revealed at the end of July, but it ended up not happening.Now, the well-known Roland Quandt advances with some information regarding the new Nest column. Perhaps the most important [...]

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Watch the Samsung event and Galaxy Note 20 reveal live

The time has come to see what Samsung has been up to. There are no more secrets about what we will have officially. Or at least, we believe not.If the rumors are right, we will have the new Galaxy Note 20, new foldable smartphone, a tablet and some wireless earphones. Still, there are those [...]

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Put music to your summer with these aquatic speakers

How to choose the best speaker to use in the pool Choosing one of these accessories may seem like an easy task, but the truth is that depending on your specific needs, there are different details that you should consider: IP certification: is the most important feature in this particular case as it directly [...]

Apple bought a company that made its iPhones a totally different gadget!

Mobeewave was a company that transformed Apple iPhones into payment terminals. Well, it seems that Apple liked the idea so much that it just bought the company for 100 million dollars (85 million euros).In other words, the iPhone was no longer a typical iPhone, but an authentic card payment point. The difference is that [...]

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Apple Watch Series 6 will have a new asset to help save lives

The Apple Watch has long been considered much more than a simple smartwatch. Over the years, a specific set of features have allowed this gadget to save many lives.For its sixth generation, another important addition is promised in this field. It is almost certain that the Apple Watch Series 6 will come with a [...]

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It’s official! Oppo launches “Apple Watch” with WearOS!

Oppo has finally made its Oppo Watch official, a smart watch with the WearOS operating system. The similarities to the Apple Watch are undeniable, it is obvious where Oppo took its inspiration for this gadget. The watch is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 Wear processor.Oppo Watch, the Apple Watch cloneAs is normal with [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: video shows EVERYTHING about Samsung’s new smartwatch

After this video went online, we can say that Samsung is no longer as good at keeping secrets. The video shows us the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in detail.YouTuber "The Mobile Central" managed, in some way, to get their hands on the new smartwatch before its official reveal which is scheduled for August 5th. [...]

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Huawei Talkband B6 is official! The smartband with curved screen (and much more) that you will want to have!

The new Huawei Talkband B6 has arrived. As expected, Huaweri's new smartband was officially unveiled today and is no different from what we saw in the rumors.However, this is a smartband totally different from the others. A small gadget that I've been a fan since the second generation. This is because it gives us [...]

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Nubia presented the most irreverent smartwatch of recent times

Today Nubia presented its new gaming smartphone Nubia Red Magic 5S. Not stopping there, the company also presented its latest smartwatch that promises to stand out in the market for its design.The Nubia Watch will not leave anyone indifferent thanks to its peculiar curved screen that extends over the watch strap. A concept that [...]

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This concept of Apple Glasses will wish you to have some! (video)

The Apple Glasses rumors are not new. Everything indicates, even because we have already had patents indicating that Apple is working on the technology, will present some Augmented Reality glasses.We still have no concrete idea of ​​what the glasses will look like, however, in the past, Tim Cook said that the technology will pass [...]

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Podcast 278: OnePlus Nord, Galaxy Note 20, Mi Band 5 and more

It's time for the latest EBox Podcast. The Podcast that meets every fortnight to talk about technological news. This week we look at the OnePlus Nord, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Xiaomi Mi Band 5.Daniel Pinto joined the crowd, so don't forget to also take a leap to his YouTube channel and say you [...]

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Samsung video reveals all the gadgets that will be presented at the Galaxy Note 20 event

Samsung has a new presentation in the pipeline. On the 5th of August we will get to know the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20. However, it seems, it will not arrive alone.The new smartphone will be accompanied by other gadgets and Samsung just told us which ones in the latest promotional video for the [...]

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The most irreverent smartband in the world will be revealed on July 30 by Huawei

Just yesterday we talked about some images of the alleged Huawei Talkband B6. A smartband that always promises a quality and possibilities totally different from its competitors.The Huawei Talkband B6 is like a Galaxy Note in the smartphone segment. It is a smartphone, however, it gives you such a Spen that makes it much [...]

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Xiaomi: this patent for a smartphone is the most revolutionary ever!

Xiaomi has already reached a point where it is very difficult to be able to surprise us, having already launched gadgets and smartphones on the market that defy everything that we believed to be impossible. But, the Chinese giant seems to have another card up its sleeve, allegedly preparing a smartphone with a unique [...]

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Huawei Talkband B6: the smartband you’ll want to have! (not even the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 beats it)

If you like smartbands, you better watch out for the new Huawei Talkband B6. The new smartband reaches a market that is delighted with the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and with good reason for doing so.However, Huawei's Talkband ideology has always been different from the rest. That was certainly what won me over in [...]

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Samsung confirms the most desired functionality for Galaxy Buds Live

The third generation of earbuds Samsung is preparing to be launched with the designation Galaxy Buds Live. A few days before its official disclosure, an error on the part of the South Korean revealed some of the main details of this gadget.An early update to the companion Galaxy Buds app for iOS confirms the [...]

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