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Our best selling Android TV powered box of 2016 so far …

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best Android TV powered box

Best Android TV powered Box 2016.

What Is our best selling Android TV powered box in 2016 so far …




If you are looking at purchasing a new Android TV powered box then our customers are simply going crazy for the T8-AML-V3-S. This powerful Android 5.1.1 Lollipop TV Box is our Flagship device and it’s very easy to see why.

With premium quality components both inside and out the T8 V3S (as it’s also known) can handle full 1080p HD, 4K UHD and 3D playback and streaming.

We sell the T8 V3 S in a variety of combo deals that include our recommended premium accessories.

These accessories simply make navigating the box at lot easier compared to the standard stock remotes that you get with the device.

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EBox T8 V3s Latest TV Box, Fastest TV Box, 16GB, S812, Gigabit Ethernet, Dual Band WIFI, 4K, This is the Best TV Box ever


Simply click the link above to take you to the product page for the T8-AML-V3-S. Then from the drop down menu simply choose which deal you want. The T8 V3s is available on it’s own as a solo deal (this comes with a standard stock remote) or as various deals which include accessories like.


i8 Wireless Keyboard:

I8 KEYBOARD EBox T8 AML V3 S Smart Kodi TV Box Best Android TV Box 2016

The i8 wireless airmouse keyboard with touchpad can accomplish all the functions of a traditional keyboard in such a tiny form.

You can see the full specifications of the i8 keyboard here.



iPega Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad:

IPEGA GAMEPAD EBox T8 AML V3 S Smart Kodi TV Box Best Android TV Box 2016

If you want to play games on your device then this is on of the best game controllers on the market. Compatible with Windows 10/ 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, Android TV Boxes, Android TV, Android Phones/Tablets and more.

You can see the full specifications of the iPega Wireless Gamepad here.



Rii i12 Keyboard:

RII I12 KEYBOARD EBox T8 AML V3 S Smart Kodi TV Box Best Android TV Box 2016

The Rii i12 is the world’s most ultra-thin 2.4GHz wireless keyboard with touchpad. Due to its size of 26 inches and a trackpad whopping 3.5 inches, it is ideal for use on your TV Box. With high-quality brushed stainless steel housing, this is one of our recommended accessories. Can also be used for any PC, but is optimized for Android.

You can see the full specifications of the Rii i12 Keyboard here.



S77 Pro Remote:

S77 PRO REMOTE EBox T8 AML V3 S Smart Kodi TV Box Best Android TV Box 2016

Our best selling accessory and one of the best remotes money can buy.  With a 38 key Qwerty keyboard and fully functional TV remote in one unit. But, it doesn’t stop there as it also an air mouse. This remote has it all.

You can see the full specifications of the S77 Pro Remote here.


Western Digital 1Tb Internal Sata Hard Drive:

WD SATA HDD Western Digital Sata Hard Drive 1Tb EBox T8 AML V3 S Smart Kodi TV Box Best Android TV Box 2016

If you are looking for more storage for your T8-AML-V3-S. The Western Digital 1TB SATA Internal Hard Drive has been specially configured for the T8-AML-V3-S. Ready to go out the box. Plug and Play. No configuration needed. Simply connect this to the SATA connection on your T8-AML-V3-S and hey presto! An extra 1Tb of storage.

You can see the full specifications of the WD 1Tb Internal Sata Hard Drive here.




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