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New Google Chormecast with Android TV is the dream come true (opinion)

Yesterday we had the first look at the new Google Chromecast that will arrive with Android TV and I can't be happier with Google's decision.Google Chromecast is easily one of my favorite gadgets and the one that stands out most in my smart home ecosystem.Google Chromecast is limited, that was your problemWith [...]

Loopable: 9 movies we never tire of watching

The 12 best films for «The Output» In the history of cinema there are thousands of good movies that you can see and enjoy. But, we all have few titles that we enjoy whenever we see them again. For this reason, and so that you too can get to know us a [...]

Clean your Facebook fingerprint without deleting your account

Facebook It has included a new function that will allow you to delete with greater precision all those publications that you made over the last years, so that you can further refine your privacy, delete comments or opinions with which you now disagree and, In short, do not leave a trace of [...]

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This would be the new Chromecast with Android TV and remote control

A Chromecast with Android TV The secret is in the interface. This new device, which would respond to the name of Sabrina, would offer Android TV as an operating system, and would be marketed within the Google Nest family. Next to it, a remote control would arrive that previously we had already [...]

Application to remove Chinese Apps is viral on Google Play Store with over 5M downloads

The application to remove Chinese Apps on the Android smartphone first reached the Google Play Store on May 17 and quickly went viral. Incidentally, the application went directly to the first place in the Free Apps table in the second largest market in the world, India.The application is simple and intuitive. It [...]

YouTube Kids, how to see and enjoy the best YouTube for children

What is YouTube Kids Created virtually from scratch and with a user-friendly interface for children of any age, YouTube Kids is the company's response to the numerous criticisms suffered by the content hosted by YouTube. And it is completely understandable, because although the online video platform can be a wonderful place, it [...]

Google screwed up! Android 11 Beta update begins to reach Google Pixel!

Google had scheduled the Android 11 Beta presentation event for June 1, but was eventually canceled due to the various incidents taking place in the United States. However, even with the event canceled, Google ended up screwing up and accidentally released the update for some Google Pixel.The confirmation was posted on Twitter [...]

CAUTION: remove these popular Apps that are on the Google Play Store and have Spyware now!

Another week and more Apps on the Google Play Store with possible weaknesses for the user. The Apps in question were mentioned by the company "VPN PRO" that have spyware and unnecessary permissions for good use.In total, these applications have more than 100 million downloads. So, we can assume that some of [...]

The 10 best NFC smartwatch to buy in 2020

Smart watches bring convenience to the wearer's wrist and these allow payments to be made. With that in mind, we selected the best smartwatches with NFC, the technology needed to mediate payments contactless.We highlight the main qualities of each smart watch, as well as the respective price and where to buy. Then [...]

This button solves a big problem of smart lights

Traditional switches and smart lighting After reading hundreds of articles, comparisons and opinions about intelligent lighting systems, you decided to go for Philips Hue. An interesting proposal, although somewhat expensive compared to other options. But if you are looking for something that you can scale and expand, it is one of the [...]

“6G will be ready in 2030” says the founder of Huawei

In an interview with the South China Morning Post, Huawei's founder and president made some bold statements regarding the future of mobile data technology. Ren Zhengfei says that 6G has not yet left the theoretical phase but that it will be ready for use in 2030.When it comes to infrastructure, Huawei is [...]

iPad Pro is giving users huge headaches! Know the reason

Several users are "filling up" the Apple support page, reporting problems with their iPad Pro 10.5. After updating the iPadOS 13.4.1 and iPadOS 13.5, several devices are turning on and off, being in an infinite restart cycle. It is obvious that this problem makes the iPad Pro useless.More specifically, there are users [...]

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Huawei may be preparing historic change for 2021

Huawei stands out for being one of the manufacturers that has its own processors. But according to analyst John Vihn, the company may make a historic change for Qualcomm in 2021.Analyst says P50 and Mate 50 may have Qualcomm processorsAccording to this source from KeyBanc Capital Markets, Qualcomm will end up being [...]

Apple is again accused of anti-competition practices! Know the details

As the Financial Times has advanced, Apple is on charges of anti-competition practices, again. This time, the charge is at Tile, a company that creates Bluetooth tracking devices. Tile claims that Apple favors its own localization app on iOS.More specifically, on iOS 13.5, Apple puts "off" as a default option on third-party [...]

Schedule your tweets on Twitter without the need for other applications

Twitter and tweet scheduling Users who make much more intensive use of Twitter have long known each and every one of the different Services as Buffer, HootSuite or Later they have become practically essential. Although they are not the only options, other third-party applications or Tweetdeck itself (owned by Twitter) also allow [...]

Huawei already has an official YouTube replacement for its smartphones!

Huawei continues its mission impossible to find viable alternatives for all Google services and applications that can no longer be integrated into their smartphones. It has now been announced that they already have an official replacement for the YouTube app.As of now, the Huawei Video service has a strong partnership with Dailymotion, [...]

Google Chromecast may have its days numbered! Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is on the way!

At the beginning of the month, several rumors began to emerge that Xiaomi was preparing to launch a new gadget, which would present itself as a compact version of the popular Mi Box. Now, it was the manufacturer itself to confirm the existence of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick.During the launch event [...]

Facebook decides to launch a new App that nobody asked for and few need it!

The new experimental product development team at Facebook (NPE) has now launched a new application inspired by Messenger Rooms, but only for voice calls. This application, called CatchUp, will be able to join up to 8 friends and family in a group voice call.Although this application seems to be completely unnecessary, considering [...]

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Android has a bug that can lead to the installation of malware

Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world and the most appealing to hackers to develop malware. However, the most recent discovery explains how the operating system itself is promoting the spread of malicious software.The discovery was made by Norwegian security company Promon. According to their findings, there is [...]

Google Maps is being used for piracy (GTA V game is the most sought after)! Understand how

Google Maps may even be one of my favorite applications, however, Google is having serious problems to end piracy within its map application.GTA V, for example, seems to be among the games that are most pirated through Google Maps. The "pirates" place links within the Maps application and in a Google search, [...]