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MIUI 11 is ruining the autonomy of Xiaomi smartphones (Mi 9T is one of them)

Xiaomi MIUI 11 is damaging the autonomy of some Xiaomi smartphones. At least that's the information that users are reporting on the Xiaomi Mi 9T page on Reddit.However, the bad news does not end there. Other users, on the same discussion page, reported that the Redmi Note 7 is experiencing the same difficulties. Therefore, [...]

If you use Avast, you should consider changing antivirus

Avast and the disclosure of user data Applications and services that collect user data and then sell anonymous packages with such information to third parties are nothing new. Basically one could say that it is the essence of the internet for many and the business model they follow. Of course, on some occasions, limits [...]

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IPhone or iPad backups: options and tips

How to make a copy of the iPhone or iPad on Mac iCloud is the option that Apple wants you to consider in order to have a backup copy of the data stored on your iOS device. First of all, because of the security it offers against local copies, since, like other cloud storage [...]

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Google Camera (GCam): improvements on the way to the popular Android app

The Google Camera application, also known as GCam, is mostly available on Google Pixel smartphones and on everyone using Android One as an operating system. However, it is not very complicated to install the application on another smartphone. (Below you can find out how).The new update, which is still in the development stage, shows [...]

Amazon Photos: a great option to store your photos without limits, if you are a Prime user

Amazon Photos, what it is and what exactly it offers Amazon Photos It is an Amazon photo storage service. And as a customer (aka registered user) they offer you 5GB of free space for you to save your photos and, taking advantage of Amazon Drive, any other type of file you want as long [...]

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Byte, the return of Vine (more or less) and the six-second videos

Byte and the return of 6-second videos Created by Dom Hofmann (co-founder of Vine) and Rus Yusupov, after a development of several years and a few months in the closed beta phase, Byte It has already arrived officially. A new social platform that recovers the essence of Vine, or whatever: short videos. The application [...]

Cell phones sold in Russia will have to promote “traditional values”. You see

As Reuters advances, the Russian antimonopoly authority issued guidelines for companies to create software mobile that highlights and promotes Russian moral and spiritual values. These guides were issued following a law signed by President Putin that requires all mobile phones, computers and Smart TVs to have software Russian preinstalled.The goal is for all mobile [...]

Gboard: Google keyboard will mix emojis with stickers

In order to stay current with competing trends and keyboards, Google is constantly changing Gboard, its keyboard for Android. The latest tests show that the company is experiencing something different: mixing emojis with stickersAs you can see from the examples, the results are quite funny. To make use of this novelty, the user must [...]

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Motorola may be preparing competitor to the Galaxy Note! You see

The famous leakster and leak supplier Evan Blass says that Motorola will launch a device called Edge +, en route to the American operator Verizon. Additionally, Blass published a render image, showing the alleged mobile phone.The most notable feature of this image is certainly the stylus, suggesting that Motorola will bet on such a [...]

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Trojan horse has been hiding inside Android since 2015! You see

As a research report by cybersecurity company Dr. Web reveals, there has been a Trojan horse present in the Android operating system since 2015. The malware is called Xiny and is extremely difficult to remove after entering the equipment.The malware became more notorious in 2016, when Dr Web found it under the name Android.Xiny.5260 [...]

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Audi e-Tron: 100% electric car full of technology!

The Audi e-Tron 55 quattro is the big bet of the brand of rings for the public in UK. With a base price of € 86 255 the large SUV is full of technology, as EBox had the opportunity to test in a recent contact.It is a 100% electric car of the superior range, [...]

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Apple bet strongly on privacy on iOS 13 and is already bearing fruit

IOS 13 has provided all iPhone users with a very useful privacy measure. Often, users receive an alert that a particular application is using location in the background.This type of practice on iOS has already resulted in a 68% decrease in location data collected by applications when they are in the background. In addition, [...]

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Do you really need a password manager?

Password manager, what are they? Password managers are applications capable of storing and organizing all your keys of access to different services. To do this, and to facilitate your work, these keys are stored securely in what is known as a vault and protected by encryption. To access you will use a unique password. [...]

United Nations forbid all officers from using WhatsApp due to lack of security!

After it was reported that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had his smartphone hacked via WhatsApp, it didn't take long for the United Nations (UN) to accuse Saudi Arabia of being responsible for the act. In addition, a UN representative said that "they do not consider WhatsApp as a secure platform".The same representative also said [...]

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See how Android will work on Microsoft’s Surface Duo (video)

So that developers can start developing applications for the Surface Duo, Microsoft has already made the first Android emulator available for the device. Windows Central editor Zac Bowden has tried it out and shared some of his experience with the world.In a video of almost two minutes, shared on Twitter, you can get a [...]

Review Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: the ultimate Android tablet!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 certainly came to “shake up” the tablet market and bring eyes to this segment again. This review will tell you why the Galaxy Tab S6 is probably the only Android tablet to consider when making a purchase. This can be purchased in large stores for a price of € 749.99, [...]

Choose the best microSD card: tips and tricks

Which microSD card you should buy: know its parameters When choosing one of these small storage systems, several details must be taken into account: type of card, the class, maximum speed of writing, if we want this card to record video or run applications from it (with the corresponding specification for this specific task). [...]

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Facebook with Dark Mode reaches more Android users. See how it looks

After Messenger implemented Dark Mode in the last year, Facebook seems to be finally extending this mode to its other applications on Android smartphones.This week we saw the arrival of Dark Mode in the last beta of WhatsApp, and today we have new information that shows that this mode has reached more Facebook users.Dark [...]

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This is how Android works double-screen on Microsoft’s Surface Duo

A new way to work with Android The images that you can see next arrive thanks to the fact that Microsoft has launched an emulator so that developers can go messing with their ideas and future applications. Thus, they will be able to understand how the new double-screen interface works and responds, allowing them [...]

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You can now add reactions to private Twitter messages

So you can add reactions on Twitter The reactions in social networks They have become commonplace in most of them. What Facebook started liked, or many got used to using them and that caused its rapid expansion. Twitter has been one of the last important platforms to welcome it. sliding into your DMs like [...]

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