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Apple will bring functionality to iOS 14 that Android has had for years! (and thankfully)

Apple seems determined to introduce new widgets on iOS 14. However, we are not talking about the widgets already in the corner of the iPhone's main screen.Apparently, widgets will behave identically to those we have on Android. That is, move the widgets to any location on the screen.Widgets is a long-standing feature on AndroidSince [...]

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Don’t run out of battery on your Apple Watch with these accessories

The best charging bases for Apple Watch The Apple Watch is for many, along with the AirPods, the best device in the company. It is true that it would be even better if it achieved total independence from the iPhone, but many things can already be done without resorting to it in its cellular [...]

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Spotify was the most used music platform in 2019

The report by market research firm Counterpoint reveals that Spotify maintained its leadership in 2019. The platform is the most used platform for music transmission in the world, with a 35% market share. By comparison, its biggest competitor, Apple Music, took 19%.Counterpoint chart showing the market share of the various platformsThe truth is that [...]

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Apple buys a company to make Siri smarter! See what you can do with the move

Siri, Apple's voice assistant, is far from competing with Google Assistant or even Alexa from Amazon. Siri is "unintelligent" and the commands will have to be precise so that you can get the best out of Apple's voice assistant.However, everything may be about to change. The cracked apple company bought a company called Voysis. [...]

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Facebook wanted to buy tool used to spy on iPhone users

Facebook has been involved in several security scandals and here is another report of the kind. This time, the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg wanted to buy the Pegasus tool used to hack iPhones.This revelation came as part of a lawsuit in which Facebook accuses NSO Group, responsible for Pegasus, of exploiting a security [...]

Redmi Band: how it competes against the Mi Band 4 and Realme Band

Color screen and a smashing price Redmi's proposal, Xiaomi's sub-brand, has not disappointed. A very competitive activity bracelet was expected and this has been the case. After its official launch, you are with features and details of this new option that stands out for its attractive price. The Redmi Band it is as we [...]

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These monitors are designed for demanding users

4K displays for demanding users When it comes to finding a screen for a demanding user profile, it's not enough to just look at the spec sheet. That is, it is important to know the characteristics to be used as the first filter, but then you have to investigate well and check to what [...]

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Free download ‘Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall’ on iOS and Android

Night is coming and your guard begins! At the end of June last year, Behavior Interactive announced that this 2020 we could enjoy a mobile game inspired by the fantastic television story of Game of Thrones. The series just ended not too long ago on HBO, so the promise of a title that would [...]

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iPad celebrated 10 years. Know a little about the history of the most influential tablet

The original iPad was launched on April 3, 2010, marking yet another revolution in technology, Apple's responsibility. Although it was not the first device of its kind, the iPad popularized the use of a device with a large screen and productivity functions.As much as Steve Jobs is criticized, the late Apple CEO knew how [...]

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Google Play Store and App Store: Know the most popular apps in the world right now!

Market research firm App Annie has revealed the list of the world's most popular apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The report corresponds to the first quarter of 2019, known in the industry as Q1 (January, February and March). These lists combine both app stores.The most downloaded appsTikTokWhatsApp MessengerFacebookInstagramLikeeFacebook MessengerSnapchatSHAREitNetflixSpotifyAs [...]

Samsung registers strong quarter in sales, despite COVID-19

The first quarter of the year (called Q1 in the industry) was positive for Samsung. The Korean company, like so many others, has revealed its results for the past 3 months, which shows a solid source of revenue. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, Samsung managed to obtain favorable results.According to The Yonhap News Agency, [...]

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Apple is designing an iOS to use underwater!

The iPhone, like many other smartphones, can take a dip. This type of gadget is perfect for filming or taking a photo on a summer vacation. Or even for those who have the smartphone wing always falling into the water.However, using your phone underwater is not easy. If you've tried, you know that the [...]

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These Marvel comics are less than 1 euro, run

Discounts on publishers non-stop The world of comic (as well as that of the written press in general) has it complicated at the moment: its paper editions cannot be sold because of the coronavirus pandemic. That is why the big publishers look for alternatives within the digital segment that allow them to continue moving [...]

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Reduce your electricity bill with these smart devices

How much does an average household consume per year? The average electricity consumption in most English homes is between 800 and 1,100 euros a year. Although everything will depend on details such as the number of people at home, habits, appliances, area of ​​residence and its climate in winter and summer, etc. But more [...]

Google Play Store and Apple App Store Record Record Revenue

As market research firm App Annie advances, both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store recorded record revenues in the first quarter (Q1) of the year. As such, combined app store revenues reached $ 2.3 billion, representing a mutual annual growth of 5%.Separately, the Apple App Store generated the most with $ [...]

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Play wirelessly with all of these console and mobile controls

Bluetooth or wired controls? If you are considering buying a game controller, you are asking yourself this question. The truth, there is no definitive answer to this since it depends on your own tastes. But, next, we tell you some advantages and disadvantages of each of them: Wired controls: Wired gamepads are intended for [...]

Successor of iPhone SE will finally be called iPhone SE. Here’s what to expect

The rumors have been contradictory, but it seems that the “low-cost” iPhone that Apple is preparing to launch will simply be called iPhone SE. 9to5Mac revealed the name, as well as some of its characteristics first hand.This is seen as the natural successor to the iPhone SE launched in 2016, and it seems that [...]

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Deals of the day: Xiaomi Mi Band 4, smart bulb at 6 euros, Switch Lite and more

The best deals of the day on Amazon Friday is presented with several interesting offers that you should not miss. Among them we have the Xiaomi bracelet, Mi Band 4, which drops the price again to the delight of all those who have not yet decided to buy it. In addition to several Corsair [...]

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Apple will not open its official stores until May

So far, Apple stores in the United States were expected to reopen in mid-April, as reported by the company. However, Apple recently said it will not open its stores in the United States until May, and may not even open at that time.The same applies to stores outside central China, which were due to [...]

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Xiaomi reaches unbelievable numbers in wearables! (Xiaomi Mi Band is a big responsible)

According to the latest report from IDC (market analysts), Xiaomi has achieved an impressive number in the sale of wearables with more than 100 million products sold in the last 5 years.It goes without saying that Xiaomi Mi Band is one of the most responsible for these big sales, however, it is not alone. [...]

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