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Google Voice Assistant running on Android Kodi TV box

EBox offers users same experience as Google Home at low-end price with the Q-Box You may be aware of how here at EBox we like to give our users first-hand knowledge of how to get the best use of their device. Today we will tell you that you can have the same home [...]

Create a custom Google Assistant IFTTT recipe, applet for Google Home, Android TV Box,

In this post, we are going to show you how to create a custom IFTTT applet or as some people call them IFTTT recipes. We live in an age where you can automate anything in your digital life. And things have now got a whole lot more interesting, with advancements in voice assistant Speakers and [...]

Could this be better than an Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Or Apple HomePod?

Entertainment Box Device Can Match Any Smart Home Speaker's Performance and Beat Price by A 3rd Wow!! could An EBox be better than an Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Or Apple HomePod? Here at EBox, we have been working tirelessly to bring you all we can about voice interaction with your EBox smart home [...]

Voice Control a Smart TV box, use voice commands, Android OK Google voice activation.

  In this post, we will look at the new Voice Control Feature Entertainment Box are pushing to our customer's TV boxes. Entertainment Box is always striving to keep our TV boxes at the front line when it comes to update and support, today is no different. We are going to be covering controlling your [...]