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White Screen Kodi Apple Fix, Bypass 7 day restriction

White Screen Kodi Apple Fix, Bypass 7 day restriction

White Screen Kodi Apple

Recent reports of Kodi opening to a white screen is a result of the Apple signing certificates being revoked, ether by the the person that installed it for you or by Apple. This is why It’s not a good idea to go buying Kodi installs on apple devices or pre-installed Apple TV 4 with Kodi through eBay or other online marketplaces. In the end they will expire and you will be left without a working version of Kodi on your Apple iDevice. We on the other hand will insure you get at least “1 years use out of your Kodi app” before you will need to reinstall it again. In this post we are going to show you how to fix the issue with your kodi opening to a white screen. We hope you find this guide useful and would also like to point out we have a page dedicated for Apple Help Guides, this page will be constantly updated with new content when new posts are created, so bookmark it.


Apple free developer account now restricted to 7 days

Apple have previously policy aloud its customers to create a free developer account then use this account to sign Apple certificates this would normally allow you to use the Kodi for 90 days before you would be forced to resign your apps then install them again. This has now been reduced to 7 days, so now every 7 days the apps that have been installed using the free developer account will expire!. You can tell if this has happened if your Apple apps only open up to a white screen.


White Screen Kodi Apple Fix

You have two option available if you want to fix the white screen issue in kodi both has their pros and cons.

Option 1: Resign the Apple apps that are not opening

We have a detailed guide on how to install Kodi on your Apple TV 4 or your iPad, iPhone.. its very easy to follow but you will need to have:

The pros: 

1/ This is totally free to do, If you have a lot of time on your hands and don’t mind adding Kodi addons and signing Apple apps every 7 days then this would definitely be a option you could consider.

The cons:

1/ You can only use the above method if you have an Apple Mac.

2/ The apps will only last 7 day’s before you will have to reinstall them again,

3/ You will lose any addons or kodi extensions you have added, every time you sign your apps it will be with a new Apple bundle identifier.

3/ Takes time learning how to sign apps and bundle identifiers.


Option 2: Get an Apple service and bypass 7 day restriction

With an Apple service we add your device to our developer account, this will allow you to easily install any apple app that we have signed. The good thing about this is your apple apps will stay on your Apple device for at least 1 year allowing you to bypassing the 7 day restrictions. you can also easily update your apps to the latest version if and when they are released by us. You can get all the information on our services from here 

The pros:

1/ You will not have to reinstall apps every 7 days they will last at least one year.

2/ Your not restricted to only using an Apple Mac, you can use a Windows or Apple Mac.

3/ No need sign apps or use bundle identifiers.

4/ Easily update the apps when new versions are released.

The cons

1/ It will set you back £25 for this service.


How to stop your Kodi from opening up to a white screen

The first thing you need to do is never buy an Apple iDevice with Kodi pre installed unless your certain that your apps will last at lease one year. We have seen many people buying services or devices loaded with kodi then in a few months, after the refund period has ended you find your device will no longer opens your Kodi app. Here at EntertainmentBox all our services and our Apple TV 4’s comes with at least a one year warranty. If you do run into any difficulty our instant chat is available Mon-fri 10am-10pm & 4pm-10pm sat-sun. We hope you find this guide helpful, until next time.

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