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Apple will bring functionality to iOS 14 that Android has had for years! (and thankfully)

Apple seems determined to introduce new widgets on iOS 14. However, we are not talking about the widgets already in the corner of the iPhone's main screen.Apparently, widgets will behave identically to those we have on Android. That is, move the widgets to any location on the screen.Widgets is a long-standing feature on AndroidSince [...]

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Download the 23 Huawei P40 Pro wallpapers to your smartphone here!

The Huawei P40 Pro is the latest flagship unveiled by the brand. Together with the Huawei P40, these smartphones seek the difficult task of making a difference in an increasingly competitive market.Together with these smartphones, a set of wallpapers that are worth downloading and that work on any smartphone were also launched.How to download [...]

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G receives new certification and is closer to being presented!

Even in quarantine times, Samsung seems to be willing to not change its plans to launch new smartphones, preparing to launch several new models on the market. Despite not being able to hold traditional launch events, the brand has chosen to make new devices official through publications on its official website.Now, new information points [...]

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Offers for less than 26 euros: Xiaomi, Funko, Philips, Sony and more

The best deals of the day on Amazon Our offers today have a denominator common: all have a label of less than 30 euros. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet has gone down again (and it is a product sold and shipped by Amazon, with the advantages that this implies), there is a Philips [...]

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Huawei Honor Play 4T and Play 4T Pro have design confirmed in new images!

Huawei's subsidiary is already making the final preparations to officially present two new smartphones, the Honor Play 4T and Honor Play 4T Pro. These two devices will arrive to integrate the company's mid-range offering, presenting a modern design with more modest specifications .Now, after being certified by TENAA, the first (allegedly official) images of [...]

Google Maps adds fantastic functionality for those who are quarantined!

Google Maps continues to present itself as the most complete navigation application available for smartphones (Android and iOS), but it is also essential for those who are "closed at home". With the vast majority of the population quarantined due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many end up resorting to home delivery for many of their [...]

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Samsung Galaxy A21s may debut the new Exynos 850 processor

As has been the case over the past few months, Samsung continues to prepare to launch several new smartphones for its mid-range lines. Although they haven't officially introduced the Galaxy A21, the Samsung Galaxy A21s is already starting to show up.After information about its colors and memory options has been revealed, the smartphone has [...]

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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 can be yours for less than € 390 with this promotion! (limited time)

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 was one of the most popular smartphones launched by the manufacturer at the end of last year, and is still one of those that have more to offer, especially in the photographic segment. The Mi Note 10 was the first smartphone to be launched with Sasmung's 108MP sensor.In addition [...]

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Facebook wanted to buy tool used to spy on iPhone users

Facebook has been involved in several security scandals and here is another report of the kind. This time, the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg wanted to buy the Pegasus tool used to hack iPhones.This revelation came as part of a lawsuit in which Facebook accuses NSO Group, responsible for Pegasus, of exploiting a security [...]

Redmi Band: how it competes against the Mi Band 4 and Realme Band

Color screen and a smashing price Redmi's proposal, Xiaomi's sub-brand, has not disappointed. A very competitive activity bracelet was expected and this has been the case. After its official launch, you are with features and details of this new option that stands out for its attractive price. The Redmi Band it is as we [...]

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Google Play Store: 7 paid games now free to try! (limited time)

Today we have a list of games for you very special. These games were paid for, but are temporarily free on the Google Play Store. This way, enjoy these games for your phone.Beast Towers TDEnjoy the full game in this board simulation with monsters and heroes. Prepare a strategy and fight against opponents.SCV Miner [...]

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Free download ‘Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall’ on iOS and Android

Night is coming and your guard begins! At the end of June last year, Behavior Interactive announced that this 2020 we could enjoy a mobile game inspired by the fantastic television story of Game of Thrones. The series just ended not too long ago on HBO, so the promise of a title that would [...]

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Google Play Store and App Store: Know the most popular apps in the world right now!

Market research firm App Annie has revealed the list of the world's most popular apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The report corresponds to the first quarter of 2019, known in the industry as Q1 (January, February and March). These lists combine both app stores.The most downloaded appsTikTokWhatsApp MessengerFacebookInstagramLikeeFacebook MessengerSnapchatSHAREitNetflixSpotifyAs [...]

Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite is official: super battery, but out of date specifications

After several rumors, Motorola presented the Moto G8 Power Lite this Friday. The equipment hits the market for a price of 169 €, and its only highlight is probably the 5000mAh “super battery”.We are talking about equipment that will certainly not shake your competitors in this segment. This is because it comes with an [...]

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Google Play Store: 10 free casual games you have to try!

It's time to take a look at 10 games completely free and with a common theme: they are casual. Forget about big adventures and complicated "bosses", these games are meant to pass the time and not demand too much of you. They also have good ratings on the Google Play Store.Cry! - Get to [...]

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Xiaomi reveals two TVs with prices that will surprise you!

Xiaomi decided to unveil a good number of new products today (you can see some below), in these products we have two new smart TVs, or as they are called, SmartTVs.It is important to bear in mind that the launch of these two new TVs is made only for China, however, Xiaomi is expected [...]

Google Play Games becomes more social! Know the details

As AndroidPolice advances, Google is implementing some social functions in Play Games, the app that manages the games and progress in them. In this way, a new section for friends list will be added, where they can compare the objectives achieved in the games.Left: old layout Right: new layoutThe tab previously called Profile is [...]

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Somos Cine is the perfect video club for lovers of English cinema

The best free English cinema The number of platforms through which you can view content of all kinds has grown significantly in recent years. In particular, all those related to the world of series and movies. It doesn't take a lot of thinking for various options to come to mind. Still, if they seem [...]

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Google Play Store and Apple App Store Record Record Revenue

As market research firm App Annie advances, both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store recorded record revenues in the first quarter (Q1) of the year. As such, combined app store revenues reached $ 2.3 billion, representing a mutual annual growth of 5%.Separately, the Apple App Store generated the most with $ [...]

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Play wirelessly with all of these console and mobile controls

Bluetooth or wired controls? If you are considering buying a game controller, you are asking yourself this question. The truth, there is no definitive answer to this since it depends on your own tastes. But, next, we tell you some advantages and disadvantages of each of them: Wired controls: Wired gamepads are intended for [...]