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Instagram removes IGTV button because (almost) nobody uses it

As Tech Crunch advances, Facebook is removing the IGTV button from Instagram. This button allowed quick access to the video feed on Instagram as well as allowing users to create or upload videos. Due to the low use of the button, the company decided to remove it completely.Instagram interface with and without the buttonThis [...]

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Update of AirPods Pro continues to cause complaints. Understand why

A few days ago Apple's AirPods Pro received a firmware update. These updates are typical and can often fix minor problems like battery life and lack of connectivity. However, the effect was the opposite as several users are expressing dissatisfaction.On Reddit, several users are complaining about a dedicated topic of various problems after the [...]

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Android “R” caught running on Google Pixel 4

On the Geekbench test platform, an image was published that suggests the next Google operating system to run on a Google Pixel 4. Entitled Android R, this would be the 11th version of Android, since Google decided to abandon the names of sweets and put numbers only.It is unlikely that this version will remain [...]

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9 free action games on the Google Play Store that you have to try!

It's time to take a look at a few more games. This time we have a list full of action that you cannot miss. From fighting games to zombie adventures and shots, we have a little bit of everything on this list. As always, they are free games with good ratings on the Google [...]

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Huawei P30 lite starts receiving EMUI 10 based on Android 10

After the high-end models, it is time for one of Huawei's most interesting mid-range of 2019 to receive Android 10. As the GSMArena advances, the Huawei P30 Lite is already receiving the EMUI 10.The update in question is 3.82GB in size and will bring several new features to the P30 Lite. Therefore, it should [...]

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26 thousand dollars for which you migrate your app to the Huawei store

A US veto to Huawei that still stands Many of us had the hope that the veto to Huawei imposed by the US It will not last so many months, however, we are in mid-January 2020 and the firm is still subject to the decision of Donald Trump. It is true that the United [...]

Samsung Galaxy Fold. Foldable smartphone arrives in Brazil at a hefty price

Samsung remains committed to taking its first foldable smartphone to more markets, almost a year after its official announcement. The device arrives this week in Brazil, but the price is even higher than you would expect: 12,999 reais - about 2800 euros.From this Thursday (17), users who wish to do so can pre-register to [...]

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Google Stadia makes big promises for 2020!

Google Stadia presented itself as the first service of game streaming to be officially released, but its debut ended up being surrounded by controversy. In addition to the various initial limitations, the weak offer of games left many of its users disappointed.In 2020, Google promises to revolutionize this innovative service, bringing more than 100 [...]

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120Hz screens on mobile phones: innovation or just a “fashion”? (opinion)

Little by little more details appear on the OnePlus 8, where attention is very much focused on your screen. The company's CEO, Pete Lau, recently announced that OnePlus screens will have a 120Hz refresh rate. Other companies like Xiaomi and Samsung are moving towards the same.In addition, OnePlus screens in the future will make [...]

Samsung Galaxy S20: here are the specifications of smartphones

This week has been packed with news about Samsung’s upcoming tops and today we have perhaps the biggest leak of information in recent days. Thanks to the renowned Ishan Agarwal, we know the specifications of all Samsung Galaxy S20.This information was shared in partnership with the MySmartPrice website and leaves little to the imagination. [...]

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Google works to take Steam to Chrome OS

Google wants Steam to work on Chrome OS The news from Google working on Steam support for Chrome OS comes through Android Police. During the last CES fair, they were able to chat with Kan Liu, product manager of Chrome OS, and confirmed what they were doing. Unfortunately, he did not give many details [...]

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Free Fire announces its first official tournament with 45,000 euros in prizes!

Despite the smash hit of games like Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile for smartphones, there is one game that continues to win millions of players worldwide. Now, Free Fire has announced that it will hold its first official tournament.Your first adventure in the world of e-sports will take place in India, and [...]

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Facebook still can’t find a way to put ads on WhastApp without bothering you

WhatsApp advertising Yes, it is completely true. A vice president of the company confirmed that the idea of ​​introducing advertising in the states (in the same way that happens on Instagram) was within the service plans, however, as the Wall Street JournalIt seems that everything has stopped until further notice. Everything comes thanks to [...]

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Samsung Galaxy A51 officially hits stores in UK

Samsung introduced the new models for the Galaxy A line of smartphones a few weeks ago, leaving fans of the brand very enthusiastic about the news. After being launched in several Asian markets, the Samsung Galaxy A51 was finally available in various stores in UK.The arrival of the smartphone in Europe is not exclusive [...]

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The best technological offers of the day selected for you, to buy!

Then we leave you with the best technological offers of the day. Some of them will not be available all day, so we advise you, as always, to catch them as soon as possible so as not to miss it. All yours. Happy shopping Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite Looking for an Android tablet? This [...]

Realme 3 Pro is the first to receive the desired Realme UI with Android 10

Recently, Realme officially announced the arrival of its own interface, nicknamed Realme UI. As expected, the interface arrives based on Android 10, offering a variety of cool features that try to keep users from using external launchers.It has now been revealed that the new interface is already being launched for Realme 3 Pro, the [...]

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Xiaomi Mi 10 has presentation date revealed in new image!

Xiaomi is already making the latest preparations for the introduction of its new high-end smartphones, the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. Until now, besides being due during February, little more has been confirmed.However, a new promotional image has "crashed" on the Internet and revealed that it will be presented on February 11 [...]

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Microsoft expands the list of countries that can already access Xbox Console streaming

Microsof expands the list of countries with access to Xbox Console Streaming Before you start, you have to be clear that this is not Project xCloud. That is, the video game streaming service that began its tests at the end of 2019 in the United States and the United Kingdom is something completely different. [...]

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Huawei P40 Pro: Know all the colors of the new high-end!

As Huawei's new flagship release date approaches, leaks are increasingly popping up. After yesterday's design was revealed through new renders, today we had access to new images that revealed to us all the colors in which they will be available.According to information posted by 91Mobiles, both the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro will be [...]

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Finally Receives Update for Android 10

After a long wait, users of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S finally started receiving the desired Android 10 update. I remember that the smartphone had already received MIUI 11 in October last year, however, this version was still based on the Android Pie.Also during October 2019, the first Android 10-based MIUI 11 beta for [...]

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