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Rii i12 keyboard

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Rii i12 keyboard Review Rii i2 Keyboard great accessory for any Kodi/smart TV box will make navigating your system a breeze this device will make typing in those repo's or sending your daily emails easy work. Rii i12 keyboard is another quality product that entertainment box feels no Android user should be without. be whatever your needs [...]

Whats the best keyboard Pro remote for TV boxes

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What is the best Wireless keyboard or Pro remote for your Smart TV box? In this post, we look at what is the best Pro remote or wireless keyboard for your Smart TV box. When it comes to choosing the correct control for your TV box It all comes down to your personal preference, this [...]

I8 Portable Air Mouse and Keyboard

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I8 PORTABLE AIR MOUSE AND TOUCHPAD WIRELESS KEYBOARD FOR SMART TV BOX If you want a portable practical device, then I8 Portable Air Mouse and Keyboard is your best choice. It is best for all the smart tv boxes as it functions as a traditional mouse and keyboard. It is fast, easy to use [...]

Top Oculus Rift gadgets accessories of the future

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Top Oculus Rift gadgets accessories of the future. Categories: News, VR With the future going VR, the possibilities of what you can do with the technology is amazing. Some will just stay as concepts due to cost or production. Some will hopefully break through and hit the market. The Oculus technology will provide users with a completely [...]