Latest Android 7.1.2 update T8 V box

We are pleased to announce our much loved T8 V is getting a makeover. Today we release the 7.1.2 Android update for the T8 V.  If you would like to upgrade an EBox T8 V, you will need. A Windows PC and a USB to USB cable. At this time we are unable to use the OTA (over the air updates) to upgrade to 7.1.2 due to all the changes, we have had to make with the OS. You do not need to upgrade to 7.1 this is optional. You could quite happily stay on Android 6.1 and the EBox T8 v will continue to work and receive OTA updates as normal. Any T8 V TV boxes that are ordered will be shipped with the Android 7.1.2 update from today.

EBox T8 V TV box 7.1.2

EBox T8 V TV box 7.1.2

How to update T8 V TV box from Android 6.1 to Android 7.1.2


  • Download the T8 V 7.1.2 firmware image from here
  • Download the NEW
  • Connect the T8 V to the PC using A USB to USB cable (use the OTG USB port on the back of the T8 V)
  • Open the .zip that you downloaded and move the USB_Burning_Tool folder, to the PC desktop
  • Open the folder “WorldCup_Device” and click “InstallDriver.exe”
  • Now click on the USB_Burning_Tool.exe file to start the burning tool
  • Click the second tab in the top left-hand corner. To change the language to English
  • Now click on File and import
  • Use the file browser to locate the T8 V firmware image downloaded in step 1
  • Once the image has finished importing, click start
  • The update will now start once compleated disconnect from the PC
  • Finished the T8 V will be running Android 7.1.2

Full detailed instructions

Click here to download the Amlogic USB burning tool.

Once you download the, extract the USB_Burning_Tool folder to your PC’s desktop.

Connect your T8 V box to your PC

Before installing the USB burning tool, make sure your T8 V is connected to your PC using a USB to USB cable. The USB burning tool will install the drivers that your PC will need to have in order to communicate with the T8 V box.

Install drivers for your T8 V

If you open the folder WorldCup_Device, you will see the InstallDriver.exe. This will install the required drivers for the T8 V. First, connect your device to the PC then click the Driver Installation wizard, your TV box needs to be connected to the tool to know what drivers your TV box needs.

Install the Amlogic USB Burning Tool on your PC

Open the folder “USB_Burning_Tool” then click the “USB_Burning_Tool.exe” to start the USB burning tool.

Once the setup wizard opens click yes to all the options.

Change the language on the Amlogic burning tool

Click the second icon on the top bar to reveal the option for changing the language.


Import the T8 V 7.1.2 firmware image

Locate the T8 V Firmware you downloaded using the file tab/ Import images on the top left-hand side.

Untick the overwrite key

It is important that you untick the overwrite key box on the right-hand side of the screen as in the image below

Click start to update The T8 V

Click start and the upgrade process will start.

 Click stop when it shows 100% burning successfully. The T8 V box has finished updating.


This is an easy tutorial that shows you where to download the USB burning tool and how to use it. You can use the Burning tool to upgrade or update an Amlogic TV box. If your TV box has any issues you can always follow this guide that will show you how to fix a TV box the easy way.