T8 V Fastest TV box 2017 Kodi, Android 6, HDR, updates, apps, Octa-core

The all new fastest TV box 2017
The all new fastest TV box 2017

T8 V Fastest TV box 2017 Kodi, Android 6, HDR, updates, apps, Octa-core

The Brand New T8 V Smart TV Box by EntertainmentBox is the powerhouse of entertainment boxes this is by far the fastest TV box 2017. It features a 10 bit HDR, a top of the line, super-fast 8 core A53 processor chip, a Gigabit Ethernet connection, an HDMI output and input, and even Bluetooth connection.

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The entire T8 V Smart TV Entertainment Box runs on the Android Operating system, offering flexibility and endless customization. It comes standard with 2 gigabytes of ram, and 16 gigabytes of onboard storage, to keep your files stored securely and accessed quickly. The T8 V comes in a gorgeous all black design, to add a sleek, sophisticated look to your entertainment centre.

Hi-speed connections

On the side of the T8 V, you have an SD card slot, 2 USB inputs, and a reset push pin. On the back side is another USB port, an OTG slot, an optical cable output, your standard video output, an HDMI connection port, an Ethernet connection, and the power connection cable input. The bottom features an area where you can connect an additional internal hard drive, to expand the storage as you see fit.

We do offer one terabyte hard drives which are preconfigured to work perfectly with your T8 V Smart TV Entertainment Box. And are simply plug and play, and ready for you to use right away. The sleek design of the T8 V also includes a raised footing, improving the cooling of the device significantly. You can also see the T8 V featured in the best Kodi boxes reviewed by Kodi VPN. In the box comes included a power cord, a custom designed remote, an HDMI cord, along with the user manual.  The user manual is very thorough, and you can answer most any setup question with it.


The T8 V Entertainment Box is revolutionizing entertainment in your home.

The T8 V supports stunning 4K definition. Allowing you to enjoy the highest possible quality entertainment on your television. You can see from my settings on this television, that the output is currently at 4K. Once we go into the settings window of the T8 V, we can see the various options for displaying on our 4K television. The ability for the T8 V to display in a variety of resolutions adds an unbelievable amount of flexibility to operate on virtually any television.

Deep Colour is a brand new setting on the T8 V we highly recommend enabling, giving the picture more clarity and contrast. HDR is another setting that will change the way you watch your media. HDR is short for High Dynamic Range and can be turned on here in the settings window. When you have HDR enabled it helps to pop the colours, even more, allowing for a greater range of colour and luminescent clarity.

Plug and play

The T8 V is a plug and play entertainment box, simply connect the T8 V to a power connection, then through HDMI to your television, and finally set up an internet connection, either through Ethernet cable connection, or Wi-Fi. Once fully connected, the T8 V Entertainment Box becomes your window into a world of endless Android applications and media sources. Because the T8 V is built on top of the Android operating system, any Android application is available for download. This includes television, movie, and even game apps.

Endless possibility

The T8 V does come pre-installed with a variety of apps we think are absolutely essential to getting the most out of your entertainment box. Including the Google Play Store, Aptoid, and even our own custom designed Entertainment Box App store. Best of all, if you can’t find the app you’re looking for in any one of those stores, you can always simply use the built-in web browser to access and download any app on the internet.

Some apps we install help to keep the T8 V running at its best. By providing free and quick updates from us here at Entertainment Box our EBox OTA (over-the-air) update application will download and install the newest and best version of the Ebox software for your T8 V instantly.

Custom EntertainmentBox Apps

Our own custom designed EBox Store includes a huge variety of apps to download, including Media Players, TV Box Tools, Games, Video and TV, and even Music apps, all available for you to download and install instantly. One of those apps is the Happy Chick Game Stores, which has an exhaustive collection of old-school retro video games that will bring you that good old feeling of nostalgia.

The iTV player allows you stream live television through your T8 V. It’s the best way to stay up to date with the latest in TV and movies. The great thing about entertainment boxes is the ability to access entertainment from anywhere in the world. The T8 V functions the same wherever you are.

Few services are more popular than Netflix, which comes pre-installed on the T8 V. Simply log into Netflix with your account information, and you’ll have access to all the TV shows and movies offered by Netflix.

You truly have unlimited access to entertainment, especially through the Google Play Store, the single largest app store in the world. Type in TV into the Google Play Store search bar, and countless television apps are ready for download at your fingertips.

Ultra connectivity

The EBox Media Centre is the ultimate media player. Allow you to play 4K Files directly from your hard drive, a USB flash drive, an SD card, or any other file you might have access to. In this case, I have a USB flash drive with a few 4K movie files. Once I start the file, you can see what stunning 4K resolution truly means. Clarity, colourful, sharpness, 4K is the resolution of the future, and your T8 V Entertainment Box provides 4K media flawlessly.

Mirror Cast is another great application, which allows you to connect your Android phone or tablet directly to the T8 V. Mirror Cast will broadcast whatever files, photos, or videos you’re currently watching on your tablet or phone. The Apple iOS version is AirPlay, which gives the ability to connect your T8 V to your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or any other Apple product.

Ready for gaming

Let’s open The Happy Chick Game Store, here you can see countless video games from days past. You can play emulators from systems like the PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, Sega Genesis, and any other old school system you can think of. I already have a couple games downloaded from The Happy Chick Game Store, including a classic favourite: Street Fighter. It plays flawlessly, exactly like you remember it. And the colours and resolution in 4K are truly stunning. Of course, video games are meant to be played with a controller, and we offer our own custom designed, super high-quality Bluetooth connected controller so check out the great deals we offer on our controller so you can play all your retro favourites properly.

(Unlocked) install any app with APK installer

The T8 V Entertainment Box comes installed with a web browser. It’s so easy it is to install an app straight from your web browser. If you type into a Google search, “Best movie apps android TV box”, and immediately you’ll get countless results for you to download and install. Once you click a link and download the app, head over to the APK Installer.

From here, click on local disk, or wherever you might have downloaded your app to. As you can see, all these apps pop up showing what’s installed and not installed. The apps with the gold stars are already installed, while the grey stars represent an app waiting to be installed. TV Player, for example, has a grey star, so I’m going to click on it, and it will take me to an install window. Done, it was that quick and simple. Now I can open and use the TV Player app immediately. Another great app store is Aptoid. Aptoid, like the Google Play Store, has countless popular apps that you can download to your T8 V and use directly on your television.

Android 6.0 has no support for Amcodec in kodi or EBox MC

Ebox Media Centre is our own custom designed media centre. Which has been built on top of Kodi, one of the most popular media centres? The Ebox Media Centre allows you to play media from all sorts of files, and allows add-ons, expanding its already amazing flexibility and usefulness. Because the T8 V is operating on Android 6.0, you will need to adjust the settings a bit. Let’s go into settings, then click on Video, go to the bottom and change the Settings Level to Expert. Now go to the Acceleration Tab, then over to Allow Hardware Acceleration – Amcodec, and turn it off. You need to do this, because, with the introduction of the new Android 6.0, Amcodec is no longer being supported, which can cause issues with the EBox Media Center.

Pre-loaded kodi add-ons

Now let’s take a look at our pre-installed Ebox Media Centre add-ons, YouTube, and our Ebox Help Guide Videos. While these are pre-installed, you can install any add-on by simply clicking “Add Source” and typing in the URL. You can also do what I have done, and download add-ons onto a USB flash drive, then simply access that flash drive from this window.

Kodi / EBox MC will play at 60 frames per second

Here’s a sample video I have on the USB Flash Drive, you can see it’s playing in gorgeous 4K resolution. With no lag or stutter, at an impressive 60 frames per second. Because the T8 V is so powerful, you will never experience any sort of hiccups, buffering, or anything to distract you from enjoying the beautiful clarity and amazing colours of 4K.


AnTuTu Benchmark 41079

One last thing for all of you technical geeks. Let’s take a look at the AnTuTu Benchmark rating of the T8 V Entertainment Box. After running the benchmark, you can see our score is a very impressive 41079. You can take a look at the breakdown below. The score to see all the details of how that score was calculated.


The T8 V TV box is the fastest T8 TV box to date. If you're looking for a stylish new T8 TV box this is the best TV money can buy. Thank you for reading this post on the T8 V Entertainment Box!


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