SwiftKey Keyboard exceeds 500 million downloads on Google Play Store

SwiftKey Keyboard exceeds 500 million downloads on Google Play Store

If many users stick to Google’s (Gboard) keyboard on their smartphones, many others like to explore other available solutions. And among non-native keyboard solutions, SwiftKey is clearly the most consistent.

The confidence of Android users on this keyboard is so great that it already records over 500 million installs from the Google Play Store. However, these numbers are inflated by the fact that brands like Samsung and Huawei have brought it pre-installed on their devices over the years.


SwiftKey was purchased by Microsoft in 2016

Given their quality, it is not surprising that many of these facilities are even intentional. SwiftKey was initially launched in 2010, and purchased by Microsoft in 2016.

SwiftKey word prediction is very consistent

The truth is that SwiftKey is one of the applications I consider essential whenever I have a new smartphone. This is the keyboard I usually use, mainly because your word prediction is above average compared to your competitors.

This word prediction is very important when you want to write long text. And if you have a time-saving keyboard, you certainly don’t want to swap it for another one, if it just works.

Remember that SwiftKey was probably responsible for popularizing slip writing (also known as swipe tiping). While Google’s Gboard is leading the way today, its word prediction continues to keep many users.

Download SwiftKey Keyboard from Google Play Store

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