A few days ago we questioned our followers on their method of choosing to listen to music daily. There are several options from subscribing to services like Spotify to using the “old” MP3 or even putting songs on your phone for later playback.


Most of our followers use subscriptions (56%)

According to the responses, the most popular way to listen to music among our followers is through subscriptions. These include services like Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. Eventually, we will ask which platform is the most used for streaming music and podcasts.

Currently, subscriptions are a very popular method of selling content. Just look at subscriptions to movies and series like Netflix, HBO, Apple TV + and many others. So much so that UK’s operators sometimes include subscriptions in their service packages.

Putting music on the phone is still a habit (30%)

Although the subscription age has won over many users, there are still several users using MP3 / MP4 or even iPods. In addition, there are still users putting music on the phone to play later. The disadvantage of this method is that it is restricted to the songs you brought from home, and you cannot explore or search directly for specific songs.

A minority prefers the best of both worlds (14%)

We still have a small percentage of our followers who use both methods. For those who exercise for example, bringing your phone with you may not be practical in the gym or during runs. Therefore, it is sometimes better to opt for a device that plays music (iPod / MP3) or earphones that support a memory card.

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