Surprise? Wonder Woman 1984 delayed once again

Surprise? Wonder Woman 1984 delayed once again

Wonder Woman straight to December

A few days ago we warned you to build up: Ann Sarnoff, CEBox of Warner Bros., had dropped in an interview that the possibility of delaying again Wonder Woman 1984 it was still on the table.

The film had already undergone a repositioning on the bill due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused its release date, scheduled for early June and then mid-August, to finally be set in early October. Any of these months, however, are already a matter of past, since your distributor has decided to delay it once again.

wonder woman 1984

The new date set for the sequel to Wonder Woman is, neither more nor less than, the December 25th, with which the distributor will try to make cash based on the Christmas holidays. In this way, he hopes to compensate for this mismatch that brings all companies upside down, trusting that this time is the perfect time to convince people of all ages to go to movie theaters.

And what will happen to Dune?

After the rush we’ve all experienced with the trailer for Dune, now the news of the delay of Wonder Woman 1984 makes fans of Frank Hebert’s epic story fear the worst. Why? Because Warner Bros. is also responsible and so far it has not commented on a possible change in its release date, set for December 18.

Dune trailer

What clues do we have to think about a change? On the one hand, two films so important in terms of investment and audience do not usually coincide on the billboard because in the end they can overshadow, and more sensible space them out. On the other, that precisely the trailer released just three days ago did not show a date at the end of the video (as is usual when there is already a day on the agenda so clear) and only read a «Soon in cinemas«.

Dune- Teaser

Remember that with Tenet Something similar happened with his trailer: he had been announcing his release date with great fanfare and in one of his latest video trailers, the promised day disappeared, leading to “Coming Soon to Theaters.” Shortly after, the distributor announced a new delay.

Tenet trailer briefcase

And what reasons are there to think that we will not get any bad surprise? Well what Dune is set in a very sweet moment: the time of Christmas, a perfect time for big premieres. Warner could want to monopolize the billboard and be clear that one film will not cannibalize the other – for that he has plenty of experience in the field.

And what do you think? Are we doing body for more delays or not?


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