Surprise: Moto RAZR is not unbreakable, what did you expect?

Surprise: Moto RAZR is not unbreakable, what did you expect?

The Motorola RAZR test

Motorola RAZR 2019

In the last hours the Motorola RAZR A delicate moment is happening. In CNET They have decided to send a peculiar battery of tests to the phone, which consists of placing it in an automated mechanism that will be continuously opening and closing the folding mechanism of the terminal without interruption. The intention of this idea is to check if the device will withstand the action of opening and closing over the years, and of course, what had to happen has happened.

It is an identical test to the one performed at Galaxy Fold original, which ended up starting at 100,000 folded, however, the problem that has happened with Motorola is that the device has failed very soon: at 27,000 folded. Why this big resistance difference? The reasons could be many, but the thing to keep in mind is that the terminal has been under unusual stress.

This has been said by Motorola itself, who has stepped out after the controversial tests of CNET, ensuring that the device used to test the folding capabilities of the terminal was not adequate, since it did not allow a complete folding of the device, leading to incorrect closure and opening. The statement arrives accompanied in addition to a video in which it shows exactly the battery of tests that the phone passes before the stores arrive, so yes, you can be calm, Motorola has not forgotten to do this type of tests.

After the 27,000 folds of CNET, the hinge was locked at one point, and the phone stopped being able to close completely. Does this mean that the phone will stop working correctly after several months of use?

Dust, sand and scratches

The thing is not over here. In the channel of JerryRigEveything (known for its hard resistance tests), they have not hesitated to test the terminal with several durability tests to each more aggressive. On the one hand, they began with the classic scratch test with which to check the resistance of the screen and, finally, tested the resistance to dust and sand. What do you think could happen?

The subject of scratches is something to expect. Today folding screens have managed to be flexible, however, they fail to live up to traditional screens in terms of resistance. The panels do not have any protection, and things like a simple brush with the nail is enough to damage the screen. Scratch it with a sharp object? Total destruction.

Another of the tests to which the RAZR is subjected is that of the sand. In the channel they have done it in an exaggerated and gross way, however, it serves to make us see the great weakness of today’s folding. The Motorola RAZR It has a large number of holes and holes where dust can enter, and the worst part is that they would have access to areas as delicate as the back of the screen. This would cause internal damage to the panel that would directly affect the image of the screen and the closure of the screen, so use the phone in areas where it could get dirty (those that have been on the beaches of Cádiz on days of wind will know what I’m talking about) would be tempting too much luck. In addition, the hinges are completely visible, so a minimum speck of hard and resistant dust would be able to damage the internal folding mechanism.

Patience with folding

Motorola RAZR 2019

Seeing all these cases, the only thing we have to keep in mind is that current technology still has its limits, and we should probably get used to seeing more fragile account phones in the coming months. The challenge of the folding screen has been overcome, but its success entails a more complex context that manufacturers must know how to deal with it, in addition to the users themselves.


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