Super Fiction is the perfect mix of Mario and Pulp Fiction made doll

Super Fiction is the perfect mix of Mario and Pulp Fiction made doll

Mario and Peach at Pulp Fiction

You may or may not agree that Pulp Fiction it’s the best movie of Quentin Tarantino -the filmmaker has other great proposals in his career that always rival this 90’s film-, but what is indisputable is that it is one of the great jewels of our cinema. His way of telling the story, the characters created and that original script … the film has a myriad of ingredients that make it a real must and make it one of the most important titles in film history.

Such is the case that surely by just seeing the image that illustrates this article you have already recognized the scene. Yes, this is the iconic dance that two of its protagonists, Mia and Vincent, are marked to the rhythm of “You Never Can Tell” (played by Chuck Berry) on the central court of a restaurant. And there will also be another thing you have recognized: the faces of the figures. Instead of having the faces of Uma Thurman and John Travolta, the actors that gave life to the characters, this recreation has the participation neither more nor less than of Mario and Peach from Nintendo.

Super fiction

The person in charge of this particular crossover is the Japanese collection shop Fool Paradise, which already has this special edition of Mario and the princess on sale. And be careful because they are not small figures at all. While the plumber, in the skin of Vincent Vega, has a size of 31 cm, Peach, with the clothes of Mia Wallace, reaches 37 cm high.

The figures, created in vinyl and PVC, are not only perfectly dressed (in the case of Vincent wears the earring in his right ear), they also adopt a very characteristic posture, similar to when they dance in the film that helps to recognize them even more if it fits.

Super fiction

Super Fiction, in limited edition and for sale today

Fool Paradise has prepared 498 couples limited edition figures (not sold separately), so once sold out, you will not have the opportunity to get this couple baptized by the way as Super fiction.

Super fiction

As for the price, it is high, but we believe that according to the detailed work behind something like that, especially considering that it is a collection piece: $ 378 with shipping included, or what it is the same, some 340 euros To the change. Fool Paradise are in Japan and sends to virtually everyone.

Super fiction

The purchase of the product is already enabled, although Super Fiction will begin shipping until the period between the months of July and September, always being an indicative date that could be extended, warn on the official website. If that doesn’t matter to you, you’re already taking your reservation.


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