Study: iOS users are more severely criticized than Android users


Have you ever wondered why you have an iPhone and your friend’s Android (or vice versa)? The point is not only in appearance or advertising.

According to the results of many studies, the choice of a smartphone largely depends on the personality of a person, which is why certain people often choose some appropriate option. iOS users are usually better off financially and more often are extroverts, while Android users are usually more modest and prefer the uniqueness that is characteristic of devices running Android OS.

How does this affect app ratings?

Interestingly, among other things, this is also manifested in-app ratings from the App Store and Google Play.

We studied the best applications from the App Store and Google Play, compared their feedback and ratings and made conclusions.

For this study, various applications were chosen – social networking clients, file-sharing programs, VPNs, browsers and more. The applications we tested are available for both OSs; their versions are equally functional. In fact, the only difference was in the device itself … and, of course, in the user.

After evaluating the ratings and reviews received by the applications, we came to the unequivocal conclusion that iOS users judge and evaluate applications much more stringently than Android users. An interesting exception: Google apps (Gmail and Google Drive) were better rated on the App Store than on Google Play.

Android vs iPhone infographic

The Opera Mini browser had the biggest difference in scores – almost 2 points, and Android users like and value this application, and iOS users barely tolerate it. Some applications, in turn, received roughly the same rating – for example, ExpressVPN.

More about some applications

Opera Mini Browser

As we already said, Opera browser ratings differed by almost 2 points – by almost 47%!

opera android rating

Opera Mini browser rating by Android users

Opera Mini Browser iTunes Rating

Opera Mini Browser Ranking in iTunes

So, what caused such a gap in the ratings of two versions of the same application? Do you see the difference in design in these two screenshots?

Opera Mini Browser's Android and iPhone App

Opera Mini browser apps for Android and iPhone

Unfortunately, Opera stopped supporting apps for iOS and Android in early 2018. If you want to use an application with similar functionality, read the detailed guide from our experts about the 5 best free analogues of Opera.

NordVPN for iOS users

NordVPN is one of the best VPN services for macOS and iOS.

Let’s see how it turned out that on Google Play the rating of this application is almost 10% higher than in iTunes.

As you can see, the application looks the same in all OSs, and the number of available servers does not differ.

NordVPN's Android and iPhone App

NordVPN app for Android and iPhone

Both applications use the same servers to hide user IP addresses and ensure their anonymity. So why is the iOS app rated 10% lower?


Surprisingly, the application of Facebook, the most popular social network, received less than 3 points in the App Store and 4.1 points in the Google Store.

Facebook Google Play Rating

Facebook Ranking on Google Play

Facebook iPhone rating

Facebook app rating for iPhone

As of January 2018, 95.1% of all Facebook users accessed this network from mobile devices, and only 31.8% of users entered Facebook via a desktop computer.

Facebook applications for Android and iOS are almost identical, offer the same features and are equally convenient. The only difference between the two screenshots below is the top of the profile. The iPhone has a blue bar, and Android has a search field on the top of the profile photo. The font is still a little different, but how can such minimal differences explain the difference of 17% in ratings?

Facebook Android and iPhone apps

Facebook apps for Android and iPhone

Of course, one could simply call iPhone users ” snobs ” – the conclusions are at that. The truth, oddly enough, lies a little deeper.

What does all this mean (iOS users vs Android users)

The study showed that iPhone users are richer and more educated, and also belong to higher social classes than Android users.

Perhaps the thing is the sky-high cost of the iPhone. Smartphones of this brand are too expensive for residents of countries such as Russia, Iran, South Africa, Argentina or Brazil. Not surprisingly, Android devices are much more popular there. In turn, in the USA, Canada and Australia iPhone reigns in the markets.

Many iPhone users really look down on people with less expensive smartphones who have to grab discounts or use frankly cheap and not very high-quality services.

Of course, such an “arrogant” attitude is a kind of consequence of the expectation of the ideality of the purchased smartphone. And this is logical because paying that kind of money for something that does not exceed conventional Android smartphones would be at least strange. Everything must comply with the highest standards that Steve Jobs set when promoting the iPhone.

So, if you were once criticized by a loved one, then first look at which phone he or she is using. Perhaps you should not even be offended – it is quite possible that this criticism can only be a manifestation of the complacency of the owner of the iPhone.


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