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Streaming from your Xbox to your Android phone is now possible

Xbox and local streaming game

Project xCloud

When Microsoft announced its plans regarding the game via streaming we knew that there would be two ways to enjoy it. One through Microsoft’s own servers and the other using your own Xbox One as a server.

From xCloud, the option that connects directly to Microsoft’s servers, it goes without saying much more. The service works really well and all it requires is to have an internet connection fast enough and with the lowest possible ping to get the best experience. Although you should know that it has a small limitation, you can only play the titles within Xbox Game Pass. Something that seeing how its catalog progresses does not seem like it is going to be a big problem.

However, the second option does. Because now any user with an Android device can enjoy the local streaming. And this is interesting because there is no greater limitation than your own game catalog. So whatever title you have you can play through your phone or tablet if you decide to go to bed earlier or for some other reason you can’t do it on your usual TV.

An option that if you have a local network with good performance, something simple today, allows a quite satisfactory experience. And the best of all is that, if you resort to the use of a VPN, you could connect from anywhere as if you were doing it to the same home network. Something that is essential to use this function, that the console and mobile device are using the same network.

So, just for this option it is worth downloading the new Xbox Beta application for Android devices. Although if you have used it before, you will notice that it also changed at the design level to adapt to the changes that will come with the new generation consoles, but there is more.

Xbox beta
Xbox beta

More than streaming game

The new Xbox also not only adds as a novelty the function that allows you to connect to your Xbox One to do local streaming and play all your games from an Android device. It has also added this redesign and a series of improvements in everything related to the use of it as a system to chat by voice and text with our friends, also to receive and manage notifications about invitations to games and an additional series of functions such as the related with the new share button on the Xbox controller. Not forgetting that it will also allow you to configure the new consoles while they are applying or downloading new updates.

And now, surely you are wondering what happens with the version for iPhone and iPad. Well, Microsoft is working on it, but you already know that Apple is not very keen on providing applications that allow streaming games. Regardless, if you respect your own recent changes to your rules in the App Store, it shouldn’t take long. What’s more, a new Xbox app for iPhone and iPad that equates the experience between both platforms. For now if you have an Xbox and have iOS devices, you must be patient to take advantage of the local streaming game and other news, or use an Android device.

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