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Streamer "Shroud" Loses Most Followers Switching from Twitch to Mixer

Streamer "Shroud" Loses Most Followers Switching from Twitch to Mixer

Popular streamer Michael Grzesiek, known as Shroud, may have made a mistake in switching to Twitch's competing Mixer platform. Since streaming to Mixer, streamer has lost 85% of its views because most followers haven't followed the change.

Stream Metrics streaming data analysis site shared the relevant numbers. The truth is that before leaving Twitch, Shroud had more views than the entire Mixer platform in the United States, a pretty impressive feat considering we're talking about one streamer. Upon his arrival at the Mixer, Shroud witnessed a small spike in popularity but did not last long.

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Shroud only brought 15% of his followers to the Mixer

In October, Shroud had 718,000 viewers on Twitch. Once you made the transition to Mixer, that number dropped to 231,000 in November. Of these 231,000, 127,000 were new Mixer users, who joined the platform to continue following their favorite streamer.

This is not surprising, after all, Mixer has a much smaller audience than Twitch and less traffic. That being said, Shroud's earnings will go down a lot and potentially his partnerships will be damaged as well. Only with the growth of the platform will the streamer have a chance to match earnings with Twitch.

However, it is important to note: Shroud signed a contract with the Mixer, whose value was not specified. However, the Ninja streamer has signed a $ 50 million contract. Shroud certainly achieved a similar value by ensuring that regardless of the platform, the value of his contract just guarantees him a lot of stability.

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