Eleven’s Funkos

Since we could say that Eleven is the central protagonist of the plot, the character certainly deserved a section for herself. It is also the case that our Funko absolute favorite (yes, of all the Stranger Things) is in honor of her: we mean Eleven & Demogorgon (number 727), in which we see Eleven facing the feared creature. It represents one of the key moments of the first season, when our protagonist decides to value her and use her powers against Demogorgon at the Hawkins Institute.

There are many Eleven Funkos alone, as you can imagine, but if you have to keep another special, we choose this limited edition of Eleven with Eggos (number 421 from the Pop collection!). In it we see her with her favorite food in hand (the Eggos waffles) and wearing the blonde wig that she got to wear so as not to attract so much attention during the first season. Be careful, because there is another Eleven with Eggos no. 421 no wig (regular production), but the difficult (and therefore special) to find is this:

Finally, among the many options that exist of Funkos in honor of Eleven, we are going to stay with another little popular figure: it is Eleven Underwater (No. 422), another special edition, in this case from a specific distribution store, Hot Topic. In it we see Eleven with that kind of diving helmet that they used to do experiments with her. The problem with this figure is that Amazon is too expensive (distributors take advantage and speculate on prices) … but we also leave it to you to take a look.

The inseparable friends: Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas

Many fans of Stranger Things prefer to make a collection with the four quintessential friends of this adventure. Will, Dustin, Mike and Lucas also have their own figures, of which perhaps the most representative are those that exist with them dressed as ghostbusters (it was one of the most published promotional images of the second season). A pity that there is no pack to get all four at once.

Out of this sympathetic wink they had with the mythical movie, we were left with two more Funkos that we love (again there are many to choose from): the one from Dustin with his “pet” -Ahem- Dart (no. 593) and, above all, that of Upside Down Will (number 437 of the collection and which was also created to be distributed in the ThinkGeek store). Unfortunately, both reach quite high prices on Amazon because they are again non-regular editions and more difficult to find.

Other characters you should have in your collection

For the series of Stranger things Many characters have already passed, some with more charisma than others. Among them there is one very, very, very special that no one will ever forget: Barb. Nancy’s friend disappeared in the first season and since then many have asked for her return.

If you are one of those who came to participate in the collection of signatures for the character to be resurrected -hey, To each his own theme– that you know that you have its corresponding Funko to pay tribute (no. 427).

In addition to the regular collection figure, there is a very special one that we wanted to show you: it is also about Barb but the Pop collection! 8-Bit (No. 28). This is a special edition created for last year’s brand spring convention, but you can get it at a reasonable price right now on Amazon. Take advantage before it flies.

And another who left too soon for fan complaint: Alexei. The converted Russian scientist and lover of strawberry slush is in Funko format for your delight. You have to have it and you know it.

Billy He was always one of the most hated characters in the Netflix series, but in the end we even felt sorry for how it ended in the end. Stranger Things 3. If you feel the same way, chances are the Flayed Billy (number 844) from the Pop! Television is just what you are looking for.

We look again at the characters that have most marked us in this third season and our Suzie could not be missing. The duo that was marked with Dustin singing to the rhythm of The Endless Story is saying that they make at least one Funko as cool as the one that exists on it. Once again, yes, this figure (no. 881) is a limited edition (it was created for the brand’s winter convention) and its price goes through the roof because of some distributors.

We are going to close the list with one of the best discoveries that season 3 has given us (and that we know is coming back in the fourth installment): Robin. Steve’s eternal “enemy” has carved a niche among fans of the series and deserved to be around with his Funko, “You rule / you suck” board in hand. The the number 922 from the Pop! TV. We love.

You like Stranger things? Do you have any Funko that you think should be on this list? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments.