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Stories Junkies: How to Post Stories on Pinterest

What are Pinterest Story Pins

The Pinterest Story Pins they are a new way of creating content within the platform. A tool with which, in addition to joining the current trend of adding stories to everything, improving both the visibility of many profiles and enhancing the conversation between network users.

In this way, if it manages to settle as it has happened on Instagram, the truth is that many users of the platform can find in them an interesting way to share other content that may not even have a place on their current boards or that could help them reach more users to them. Although the best of all will obviously be the possibility of maintaining a closer contact with your most faithful community.

However, for now it is important that you know that this is a recently released option. That means that it is not yet available to each and every user of the platform. Therefore, if you are interested, you have to wait for it to be launched globally and for everyone or request early access through this link.

So are the new Pinterest stories

At the interface level, Pinterest stories display differently on mobile and desktop. In the former, the appearance is very similar to that of Instagram stories, while if you access them from a desktop browser, you will see them as a carousel of images.

For the rest, just by looking at the images it is easy to understand that they will allow you to display both still images and videos. Which can be customized using the different tools that it incorporates to add texts, backgrounds, resize the content, etc.

And then, as a user who consumes them, you can interact with them by leaving a comment, reacting with an icon, sharing them or saving them on a board that you have created.

How to create new stories on Pinterest

Now that you know what and how Pinterest stories are, let’s see how to publish them if you have access to the new tool, which is only available for business accounts (Business). If you want to change from a personal account to a business account, it is as easy as entering the settings and doing it without any additional charge. The only thing is that you can access tools and options that may or may not interest you.

Once you have the option to publish stories on Pinterest, the process would be practically the same as we have already seen on other platforms. Still, these are the Steps to take to take advantage of Pinterest Story Pins:

  1. Log in with your business profile on Pinterest
  2. Once inside, click on the option to Create a new Story Pin
  3. Select the images you want to share (up to a maximum of 20) or a video. If you are on the computer, upload the content or drag it over the window that opens
  4. Give it the style you want with the tools available on the right side. With them you can change the background, resize and adjust the position of the content and add texts that you can also edit in size, color, alignment, typography, etc.
  5. If you want to add more images or video, click the + icon that you will also see on the screen
  6. Once you have everything as you want, click next
  7. Add additional information such as the title of the Pin, if you want to add it to a board and the tags to make it even easier to find or recommend it by the Pinterest algorithms
  8. Ready, you just have to hit publish

A useful tool or the opposite, something that will quickly fall into oblivion? Well, we assume that you will not have a great


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