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Stop looking like a bot on Twitter and change your username

I am not a bot, I am a real user

If you created your Twitter profile several years ago, all this may take you a bit by surprise, although it is logical that it happens that way. Did you know that the platform does not allow you to choose the username when you register for the first time? Well yes, it is something they have been doing since 2017 as published by Darius Kazemi. And the truth is, if they don’t tell you, surely more years go by and you don’t even know. Because you’re not creating profiles on a recurring basis, are you?

Even so, now that you do know what happens, you may start to see certain user accounts in a different way. And it is that, until now, many think that all those accounts of the type @ nombre12345678 belong to botnets who only seek to mess up the conversation by replicating comments or posting automated content.

Which can be a problem for users with less knowledge of the platform. Because if they did not change their username, they could be blocked by tools that consider them bots by repeating certain patterns. One of them being the username scheme. But we already know that they don’t have to be this way, because Twitter generates usernames automatically when registering combining name + surname + digits randomly.

Therefore, what can you do so that no one believes that you are a bot and a real user. Well, the solution is very simple, change the username. Something that many already know how to do. But if you are new or have been around for a while but are not good at managing technology issues, social media, etc., and you joined the platform to also share your opinions or interact with others, this is how you can do it.

How to change username on Twitter

Now that you know why you might be interested in changing your username on Twitter, let’s see how it’s done. A process that is not complex at all, although Twitter should also specify how it is done to those who register for the first time on its platform.

  1. The first thing you need is access your Twitter profile. This is something that basically, from native applications as from the browser itself, is done by touching the three-dot icon that you will see in the column on the left. Once you have done it you will have to go to Settings and Privacy and then to Bill.
  2. Once you are inside you will see that the first option of all is to Username, Hit it and you will see two fields where your current name and the new one are displayed. In this field is where you must enter the username you want to use within the platform. If there is no problem and it is available (not used by another user on the network) then you can use it.
  3. So now you only have confirm the change and you’re done. Your username will have been modified and you will no longer look like a bot with that list of numbers in your username that is automatically generated when you register for the first time along with the combination of the given name and surname.

As an extra point, although this is surely easier to control, changing the image or adding one is another important point to stop looking like a bot on Twitter. It is true that not everyone likes to show themselves on networks. We are not saying that you put a real photo of yourself, but at least one with which you feel identified or has something that you have chosen yourself.

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