Statistics on VPN usage and data protection in 2020


At one time, we did an overview of network trends in a previous article. We hope you find it useful! Now we are here with statistics on VPN.

We want our readers to keep abreast of the latest trends in the use of VPN and the protection of personal data. This article presents the results of research on these topics.

Information Privacy Protection

In 2017, the public focused on data protection.

Personal data protection and national security

Most Americans believe that Apple should have unlocked the terrorist’s iPhone from San Bernardino.
VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor

This reflects a general trend. Americans are worried and believe that in the cyber-sphere their government is not fighting terrorism effectively enough.
VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor

Concerns over how companies use customer data increase

More than 95% of Americans report being concerned or very concerned about how companies use the data they receive from them.
VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor

The use of ad blockers is growing

Internet giants Apple and Google note that they register user data to offer them contextual advertising. However, polls show that people do not like this approach, as a result, the use of ad blockers is increasing.
VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor

Conclusions on personal data protection statistics

Together, all these data show that the need for data protection on the network is constantly increasing, both for individuals and for legal entities.

However, everything is complicated by the polarization of the political environment in the United States and other countries of the world.

After all, legislation to protect the personal data of users is the business of the government. At the same time, many of the governments are trying to find legal ways to circumvent the protection of confidential information.

Statistics on VPN usage

Of course, data protection and VPN usage are closely related. With a VPN, you get access to the Internet through a dedicated server, so it becomes much harder for hackers or third-party companies to track your online activities. The diagrams show the use of VPNs around the world.

Largest VPN Markets

Asia and the Middle East still dominate the VPN market.
VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor

VPN usage frequency

Most of those who use VPN resort to the services of providers at least once a week.

VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor

Anonymous browsing on the web

Network anonymity is one of the main reasons for using a VPN, especially in Saudi Arabia, India, and Vietnam.
VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor

Netflix Access

Another reason for connecting a VPN is online broadcasting. For example, nearly 30% of all VPN users watch Netflix.
VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor

Summary of statistics on VPN Usage 

The market for the protection of confidential information continues to grow, the same regions as in recent years are leading. Also, access to broadcasts remains one of the main motives for using a VPN, despite Netflix claiming that VPN users make up a small fraction of their customers.


Cyber-crime is constantly evolving. As can be seen from the following diagrams, the total number of crimes does not decrease, and the security problems of private and legal entities remain.

Data leaks

Here are statistics on data leaks around the world.
VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor

Online privacy threats

According to the US government, the most common cybercrime is identity theft.

VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor

Cybercrime and household appliances

The number of devices in private clients is increasing and with it the number of crimes.
VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor

Fear of cybercrime leads to a change in user behaviour.

Fear of identity theft has led to the fact that almost 30% of users in the United States refused to conduct financial transactions on the network in 2015.
VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor

Cybercrimes against organizations and businesses

Speaking of companies, the dangers and potential cybercrime far exceed their willingness to counter attacks. About 63% of companies do not have any procedures or action plans in case of their occurrence.
VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor

Problems in protecting personal data on the network

There are many reasons why you cannot protect data on the network:
VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor


Zero-day vulnerability

The danger due to zero-day vulnerability has grown by 125% since 2013. In this case, hackers detect a vulnerability, launch an attack and complete it on the same day, so that security systems do not have time to respond.

VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor

Blackmail programs are constantly evolving

In recent years, hackers often launch attacks with blackmail programs, but the principle has changed. These were confusing programs in 2008. In 2015, the main method is encryption.

An attack of this type includes:

  • Spamming
  • Direct download
  • Malicious Ads
  • Malicious programs and botnets

VPN Use and Data Privacy Stats - vpnMentor

Conclusions on cybercrime statistics

With threats such as blackmail and zero-day vulnerabilities that are becoming more difficult day by day, the behaviour of users on the network is changing. In addition, the more devices appear in the house, the higher the risks.

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