Starfinder, an interactive story for Alexa and the Amazon Echo

Starfinder, an interactive story for Alexa and the Amazon Echo

Starfinder, the role-playing game for Alexa

If something cannot be blamed on Amazon it is their desire to expand the capabilities of Alexa. The company is constantly looking for new features that enhance or offer ever richer experiences.

One of these last proposals is Starfinder Skill for Alexa, an interactive role-playing game where the user will always have the last word. Thus, thanks to the use of voice commands you can make decisions that will affect the course of the story and its own ending.

Starfinder, for those who do not know it, is a science fiction RPG set in the space created by Pazio and put up for sale in 2017. Now, this entire universe comes to Alexa thanks to the joint work between Pazio and Audible herself.

Both companies have recorded a total of 745 pages of material resulting in a total of six episodes with one duration of approximately 90 minutes for each one from them. This implies that the game in total would need an investment of 13 hours to be finalized, although here it will always depend on the user himself who may take more or less according to his decisions.

Of the six episodes, the last three will not be available until October. The others and the pilot are already available to anyone interested in it. Although, yes, for now only in English. So you will have to handle the language well and change the language on your Amazon Echo or Alexa compatible device to play it.

Regarding the price, the pilot and first episode are free. So you can assess whether or not the interactive gaming experience convinces you. If so, the rest will cost $ 2 per episode or $ 10 for the full pack. And as a curiosity, Laura Bailey and Nathan Fillion have participated in the Starfinder recordings for Alexa. The first can be recognized for his work in The Last of us II and Fillion for his work in the Castle or Firefly series.

Alexa and the games

Starfinder is not the first proposal within the video games sector or games in general that makes use of the Amazon assistant. We have already talked about how it is being used for leisure purposes, we have even shown the most attractive games for Alexa.

However, it is currently one of the most interesting bets with the greatest projection. Especially if it manages to attract the attention of many users and makes the investment in time and money worthwhile.

We hope so. These types of interactive stories in audio only can have much greater potential and penetration than their counterparts in video format such as the popular Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. An interesting proposal, but due to the fact that it involves a video recording, it involves much more work and a greater number of professionals necessary for its creation.

Still, the work done with Starfinder, which has taken 125 hours of study to record all the material, should not be undermined.


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