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Star Wars, Rogue One: A Must Disappointment (No Spoilers)

Since December 15th I have been avoiding spoilers like those who run from ass to syringe. The new Star Wars is in theaters and, as always, I waited there for the perfect night to move to the giant screen.

After looking forward to "Star Wars, Rogue One" and being glued to the screen for two hours and anything, my face of disappointment expressed my anguish at the end of the movie.

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This is literally, in my opinion, the worst Star Wars movie I have ever seen. The story of this is before the first Star Wars "Episode IV – The New Hope " launched in 1977 and there is a huge production effort to maintain the same idea of ​​hi-tech that 40 years ago we imagined.

Star Wars Rogue One Cast

This article is not a review, as I am not an expert, however, as a huge Star Wars fan I had to show my sadness about Gareth Edwards' new production.

It's hard to explain in detail without doing any spoilers, but if you're a fan of this saga and go to the movie enthusiast, you're likely to leave the room as disappointed as I am.

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I consider this Star Wars Rogue One a "must have disappointment" because it gives us the detail of how it was possible to achieve plans for the destruction of Death Star, and better than that, why does the Death Star have such a "flaw"? that allows it to be destroyed by Luke.

The characters that appeared here on Rogue One are unlikely to be seen again and it's a story that gets a little "lost" in the plot. This was, in my opinion, a movie that Walt Disney decided to take advantage of the huge name that the Star Wars franchise bears.

In short, Star Wars Rogue One is a must-see disappointment that I advise you to see if you are a fan.

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