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Spotify receives news that you will thank every day


Spotify continues to enrich the experience of those who listen to podcasts on the platform. And the latest news is a blessing that you will thank every day, if you follow podcasts diligently.

The streaming service today launched push notifications for new podcast episodes. You can basically start receiving notifications from your favorite podcast whenever a new episode is released.

How to enable podcast notifications on Spotify:

  • Go to the page of your favorite podcast and click on “Follow” (Follow)
  • Enable the option to “be notified of new episodes”
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This means that, from there, you will receive a notification whenever that podcast launches a new episode. And to disable the functionality, just do the reverse process.

If you like technology, and follow the EBox podcast, this is a golden opportunity to always be on top of the event. With this new feature, you receive a notification whenever a new episode of the most ‘pika' podcast is released.

The feature has now been announced by Spotify, and will arrive on your Android and iOS over the next few days. As of the writing of this article, it is not yet active on the equipment we tested.

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