Spotify Premium Family gets resources to bring families closer

Spotify Premium Family gets resources to bring families closer

Spotify Premium Family gives you and five other people access to the streaming service for just € 10.99 a month. The company has just brought long-requested updates to this plan, with a parental control feature at its head that will allow you to filter out music with explicit content.

Parents who have subscribed to the service may, if they wish, control the songs with explicit content in the other accounts subscribed to the plan. This was a long requested feature, and it is added without any changes to the price of this plan.

Update arrives in UK in the fall

The update is now available in Ireland and will reach other markets in the fall, including UK. Below, find out all that comes new in the streaming service update:

Family mix: Families will have exclusive access to a personalized playlist of music that the whole family enjoys. Family Mix will be updated regularly, and you can control who is in each session to optimize your shared listening moments;

Family Mix Spotify

Family hub: The paying user will have access to Family settings in one place. There you can add or remove family members, keep the address updated, and adjust those parental controls;

Six bills: The plan will continue to provide six completely individual accounts. That is, your saved music and playlists will only be yours.

This is a very interesting plan for anyone who has several family or friends interested in Spotify. The normal premium plan costs € 6.99, so if you split the family plan with at least one person you'll already be saving money. The new updates only make the plan even more attractive.

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